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Cheyenne Center, located in Houston, has provided residential treatment services for men suffering from chemical dependency since 2010. The rehab also offers transitional care for residents and provides co-ed outpatient substance abuse services. Criminal justice clients are accepted into inpatient treatment.

Accommodations and Food

The residential facility in Houston consists of two buildings. The east building serves as the main entrance and includes administrative offices, a large commercial kitchen, a dining room and a recreation room equipped with a TV, weights and board games. TV watching is limited to the news. A large morning room is used for meetings.

The north building has 120 living units, with a 287-bed capacity. Rooms are shared between four men and include two wooden bunk beds, a wall closet, dressers and a bathroom. Residents are responsible for making sure that their beds and personal areas are kept spic and span. Counselors perform a daily room check.

The dining hall includes large rectangular tables, country-style chairs, brick pillars and a colorful mural depicting an American Indian on horseback against a desert setting. Residents are served three meals and two snacks per day, cafeteria-style. New residents are assigned to help with meal prep and kitchen chores. Meals may include salads, sandwiches and entrees like pizza, grilled chicken or Tex-Mex cuisine. While the décor creates a relaxed setting, the rehab employs a strict seating procedure and residents are not allowed to converse during meals. Since Cheyenne Center encourages residents to seek employment and work, those who are out at an interview or job during mealtimes are provided with a brown bag meal.

Pay phone privileges are limited to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and usage is based on a resident’s behavioral level. Residents whose jobs require cell phones are allowed to use them while at work. Upon return to the facility, phones must be turned in. Cell phones for personal use are not allowed and will be confiscated if they are discovered.

In 2014, Cheyenne Center became a non-smoking facility and they strictly enforce the no-smoking policy.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment length is typically 28 days. Upon intake, residents receive full psychological evaluations and receive individualized treatment plans. Detox is not provided. A dual diagnosis program is offered and residents who suffer from depression, PTSD, ADHD and bi-polar disorder are offered supplementary services in addition to their substance abuse treatment plan. While services for most residents are state-funded, the rehab accepts private pay clients. Out-of-pocket cost is $165 per day, excluding a $50 assessment fee.

Cheyenne Center uses an evidence-based therapeutic community model during treatment. This is combined with behavior modification therapy and a behavioral level system that allows residents to progress or regress through four stages based on positive or negative conduct. Residents are subject to random urine toxicology screenings.

Residents start out with a 10-day orientation consisting of classes that are taught by peers. To progress to level one, they must successfully complete an exam and an AA step one workbook, have no room violations, be actively job hunting, as well as sponsor-searching, and submit a written essay for counselor approval.

Weekly treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, educational sessions and attendance at 12-step meetings both on and off the grounds. Group and educational topics include relapse prevention, 12-step study, the disease concept of addiction, a living sober group, a creative energy group, recreation and a group where peers discuss each other’s positive attributes.Therapeutic community lingo such as “selling wolf tickets” (verbally abusing a peer), “sense of entitlement,” (feeling superior to peers), and “Superman haircut” (a hideous haircut received from peers) are used.

Staff includes CEO, Catherine Santos, two licensed drug counselors, licensed chemical dependency counselors, recovery coaches and substance abuse technicians. All staff members are trained in the Therapeutic Community Texas Module.


Family program includes a multi-family group on Thursdays and Saturdays, except for the last Saturday of the month, which is a weekend-long family event. A 60-day transitional care program is available for residents who have successfully completed inpatient treatment. Out-of-pocket cost is $100 per day.

Outpatient treatment is at a local Houston facility. Clients attend two to four times per week, for 18 weeks. Treatment includes assessment, educational classes, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, 12-step orientation and attendance at 12-step meetings. Group topics include stress reduction, relapse prevention, substance education and 12-step study. Costs are $25 per hour for group therapy, $75 per hour for individual therapy, $25 per class and $50 for substance abuse assessments.

In Summary

While this is a strict program without many frills, former residents claim that the highly structured environment saved their lives. The population does include criminal justice clients, so Cheyenne Center might not be the right match for those seeking a more upscale or sophisticated treatment center. However, this rehab offers affordable, serious 12 step-based recovery.

Cheyenne Center Location

PO Box 11627
Houston, TX 77093

Cheyenne Center Cost

$5,000 (30 days). Reach Cheyenne Center by phone at (713) 691-4898 or by email

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  1. Carolyn Baker on

    My son was recently at your facility in Houston. He had an incident there and because he reported it to the police per protocol he was told to leave and his belongings were stolen by the staff there. We have been lied to and my son in presently in Jail because the staff lied and said he left on his own. I cannot find a source to file a complaint. Can you send that information to me. Thank you

  2. Checked grandson in the other day.Met Ms.Burk,andMs.Shephard.Both were polite,caring,and left me with no questions unanswered.I wanted to let the public know;and felt a good review of our experience should be shared.The facility itself was clean-top to bottom.We are thankful for him being here.

  3. Patrick Ghosh on

    I was released to this facility on April 3rd 2018, Cheyenne Center, Inc. provided the transportation from the TDCJ-CID Larry Gist unit to their facility at 10525 Eastex Frwy. Houston, TX 77093 (see their website for more complaint information) after being assigned a room to the 5 (parolees) all of us were told that we had to sign paperwork which is when I refused to sign their CONTRACT to become a patient I was brought to the counselors office(By staff member; Linda Jones) to see Counselor; Faye Johnson who told me I could sign the papers, or pack my property and get the f*** of their property at that point I politely asked if she would accept responsibility for that decision, which is when she called the Parole Officer Melanie Stephens. Before I was evicted from this facility I was coerced by the staff and the DPO Melanie Stephens, COO Cara Myles; Linda Jones; and Service supervisor; Tracy Johnson was ordered to remove my property from the room to the waiting area where I was then told that if I leave the facility my parole would be violated, I was left in the waiting area until I finally called my EX-Employer to come pick me up from this miserable excuse of a treatment center and halfway house.

    April 4th. I voluntarily reported to Parole Office located at 5400 E. Sam Houston Pkwy N. where I was told to wait for 4 hours while Parole Supervisor; Nitka Allen called for the Blue warrant to be issued without a case conference which violates parole protocol and I was arrested and sent to Harris County Jail at that time.

    Numerous Texas Penal code violations were committed by these conspiratorial suspects who acted knowingly and intentionally while committing felonies as follows: TX Penal Code(s) 39.02 Abuse of Official Capacity, under color of law. 39.03 Official Oppression; 37.09 & 37.10 Tampering with and Fabricating Physical Evidence; 32.53 Exploitation of an elderly individual for personal and or monetary gain.

    On or around April 24th 2018 I was released and my Parole continued after prevailing in the parole revocation hearing on April 22nd. 2018 TDCJ-PD Revocation Hearing #12267634; where I was in hand cuffs and shackles, prevailing after 2 hours and 45 minutes of self-representation, the Hearing Officer; Jackie Allen the Parole Officer; Melanie Stephens were present and violated all of my due process rights, in accordance with Texas Administrative Codes title 37 (Parole Law) TAC Parole Revocation Procedures, subpoenas, witnesses, and documentation were all denied as well as attorney representation, to cover up for the Cheyenne Center, Inc. staffs actions who are part of the conspiracy which is ongoing as is my investigation.
    Therefore conspiring with a state Gov’t. agency which violates numerous State law and civil rights violations as well as TDCJ policies and procedures Government codes. Texas Gov’t. Code 501.0931 IPTC The law does not require in any way, shape, size or, form that I sign any binding consent form, waiver or CONTRACT to voluntarily become a patient into any Therapeutic Community or any other Treatment Program.

    Misappropriation of hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from state and federal resources for fraudulent treatment programs which show no supporting evidence of any success rate whatsoever, as they continue to do so.
    My investigation “From the inside out” proves that inmates ,and or clients to these programs have gone through such programs; up to 5 times with no sign of improvement since the programs are based on, doing drugs and alcohol; “What is your Drug of Choice” instead of what should be a futuristic outlook of what do I want to do to with my life to change the insanity of these forced programs and or ADDICTION and possibly death.

    Legal Notice with Certificate of Service was executed on August 2nd. 2018 on Cheyenne Center, Inc. CEO Cathy Santos they chose to refuse to respond to said NOTICE.

  4. Patrick Ghosh on

    I have filed a legal notice with the HPD chief Acevado as well as the CEO of the Cheyenne Center, Inc. They have committed crimes and civil rights violations while under contract with TDCJ-PD and the BPP which have and continue to conspire with this treatment center, you may have your name added on a legal petition for a class action suit to be filed on this and other so called treatment centers where the State does nothing about the grievances and complaints filed. contact [email protected]

  5. Mr. Sullivan on

    Stacy Kelly is absolutely pure trailer park trash and needs to be fired ASAP! You can tell by talking to her over the phone that her breath wreaks of cigarette smoke and she most likely has some type of incurable STD. She’s very condescending and belittling in the way she speaks to people and best bet a complaint will be filed and constant reviews given until someone at Cheyenne Center does something to address her unprofessional conduct and demeanor point blank!

  6. I agree with all of you! I have never been treated so badly in my life, as I was treated at Cheyenne Center (10525 Eastex Freeway). Racism runs rampant in this ghetto dump! I was not allowed to see my son after driving 1 hour and being stuck in traffic. I could not get in the front door because there was a woman standing there, blocking my way while a man was fixing the door. I finally got in and walked up to the counter to check in. There was a woman in line before me. By the time it was my turn, it was 4 minutes, yes 4 minutes after 1:00. I was told that I was late and would not be allowed in to the Family Group Therapy nor have access to my son. I explained in detail why I was running late. There was a black woman in line behind me. She arrive at the same time as I did. She was allowed to go in. I asked to speak to the person in charge. While I was waiting I told the guy at the front desk that I had had enough. I was tired of being racially discriminated against. This was not the first time that I felt discriminated against at Cheyenne Center. I have no racial issues with anyone and I will not accept this type of behavior from anyone. I visited this shit hole 5 times and every single time I was discriminated against in one way or another. I was told one time that I needed to buy clothes for my son, because he was obviously not “indigent,” according to the individual at the front desk. He had no right to make such a statement to me. He has no idea of my son’s or my financial situation. So, please tell me why he thinks he has the right to judge. I could go on and on with horror stories about this place. I am there to support my son, and I should not be treated as a criminal. These ignorant individuals seem to have no social skills, and much less counseling skills. From what I have heard from my son, the patients that are there for help are treated like they are prisoners. In fact, my son told me that he was treated better when he was in jail. The patients need to be treated with fairness, compassion and understanding. They certainly are not treated this way at Cheyenne Center. I came home yesterday and filed a formal complaint against the State of Texas for allowing this kind of behavior to take place. I doubt if anything will be done to change anything at this place, but I felt I had to report such unprofessional and downright rudeness.

  7. I’ve read some of the reviews on the Cheyenne Center, and I can’t believe that as far back as 2015, their front desk staff is still just as rude. they need to train the staff on how to answer phones, and how to speak to Guest that come thru their front doors.
    My boyfriend R. Jacobs was sent there after doing 8 months up in Winnsborro.
    I prayed and spoke with my sponsor about what had happened and how angry I was feeling.
    From the first phone conversation I had with a staff member who could not speak clearly to the last phone conversation which was on Thursday January 4, 2017. to which i was told very rudely that he didn’t have time to answer my questions.
    You see these people not only are they rude but they keep property that do not belong to them.
    My understanding of A.A. is You help those who can’t help themselves you don’t kick them when their down, and here’s another one “We don’t shoot our wounded” And to me that means anyone who has relapsed, or may relapse. We don’t all agree with same things.
    Here’s my issue and this is where they crossed my boundaries, I’m sure they will disagree. I went to leave off Jacob’s clothes, shoes, pretty much everything he would need for his stay there. I had a big rolling bag that I use for out of town trips R. Jacobs has small bags. I didn’t want to have to take 4 small bags. I had to stand there while they joked around. Very rude front desk staff. Long story short After my 15 minute visit with R. Jacobs. I went back to the front desk to retrieve my bag. I asked for my bag. Different male staff employee. He could not or would not answer me about my bag. he went to use the phone to call someone and ask and the phone didn’t even work.
    He needed to leave the things in my bag so Jacobs could take his belongings back to his room.
    Never in my life did i think that I would never get my Bag back. They have this thing that if you leave before your time then they have the right to keep your clothes and anything you have there.Talk about taking it to give to someone else that may need it.
    HELLO what some people have there when they get out of TDC is all they have so your actually sending clients out in the streets with nothing. For what ?? to teach them a lesson??
    Whoever your front desk staffer was that day new that was MY bag I wanted it back I asked for it.
    I checked myself in a treatment center for alcoholism 14 days The Right Step then The Next Step 3 month’s Then 3 months A Step Beyond 1/27/2005. And i never saw anyone that was a staff member be rude to anyone and they sure as heck didn’t keep anything that did not belong to them. Someone needs to read the 12 steps.

  8. ell here should i start it is a joke a 1960 s Holiday Inn ……. there big day room smelled of 1960 s beer
    joint my son as sent there as a durg rehab person hes coming out of TDCJ system after spending 11 yrs behing bars [ they are sucking money from state pockets staff don’t seem if they kno a danm thibg about nothing all asses as i see…… has to be the biggest JOKE every


  9. Youwontknowit on

    Cheyenne Center is a place where angry bird broads point fingers at others suffering their addictions. Very ill equipped and the counselors are none the wiser. Be careful about choosing these people. They do not care at all for the clients it’s a scheme to get free money from dshs for your person. I’m not sober because of any treatment I received here, not by far. Watch out for Chelsea she has an agenda out for addicts!! If you’re on paper her intent is to have you violated!! Personal bird beefs among staff members and clients. Violations of HIPPA laws are random. They discuss one clients issues with another, big no no! This is as ratchet and ghetto as treatment can get. Beware angry disgruntled birds on board. It’s all a farce here, you won’t get what you need unless you’re keen enough to play pass this dumb ass staff in position!!

  10. I too, like Ms. H above, visited the Cheyenne Center, located at 10525 Eastex Freeway Houston, Texas 77093 and have to say this facility should be investigated by any organization especially public heath agencies that fund this farce of a rehabilitation center!! The staff appears as a conglomeration of Trailway’s Bus Station patrons on unemployment, there is no possible way this staff has any type of credentials to serve the public especially given they indicate the facility costs $5,000 a month.

    After speaking to the patient I visited, I found that in the 3 days since he arrived he has not seen any councilors. He proclaimed that all he had done since arriving is watch other patients and put on a Cinco de Mayo play that was organized within 20 minutes.

    This facility and others like it are the kind you see on a Date Line or 60 Minutes special.

  11. I recently visited a relative a this center and the staff is extremely unprofessional. They did not return my id after visiting. Women staff always seem to have an attitude thier uniform dress is sloppy. The furniture is nasty and has a bad smell. People are lingering around the front desk like homeless bombs. I did not know what to expect when visiting this place, but it sure did not leave a very good first impression. Staff should required to be take “soft
    skills” courses.

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