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Changing Echoes is a dual diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab founded in 1989 in Angels Camp, California, a small town directly east and quite a ways inland from San Francisco. With a emphasis on affordability, it got its start by running a social model chemical dependency program with a treatment philosophy that originated in California but hasn’t had as wide a spread elsewhere in the country.

What this basically means is treatment that focuses less on psychological and medical dimensions of addiction and more on the environmental and sociological sides. Though there’s a lot of overlap with AA‘s approach, there’s more stress on peer-oriented help and experiential learning as a part of inpatient treatment.

Accommodations and Food

Located on 20 acres in the foothills of the Sierra mountains, Changing Echoes offers a home-like environment for up to 32 residents at a time, including both men and women. The building is pretty plain both inside and out, and sleeping arrangements aren’t the most comfortable—expect up to seven beds in a room, sometimes bunk beds. A nice bonus is that the center has an outdoor swimming pool.

The kitchen looks just as average as any residential kitchen, though (for some) a plus is that “home style cooking” takes on a whole new meaning here. Food options are pretty basic. Still, Changing Echoes stresses exercise and proper nutrition as part of its treatment plan, so meals are a balance of meats and veggies, comfort and health.

Treatment and Staff

The facility has inpatient stays in 30-, 60- and 90-day varieties as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) track. It offers a social detox which is medically monitored though not assisted (though they do referrals for those looking for the latter). The program is 12-step based and involves both AA and NA support groups, individual and group counseling as well as family involvement.

Changing Echoes’ multi-disciplinary staff are all state-certified and includes addictionologists, drug counselors, nurses and stress therapists (though no doctors). All programs are designed with the clients, and overall participation is the “focused priority.”


Some holistic treatment options, including meditation and yoga, are included as well. Changing Echoes has a few recreation options including horseshoes, basketball and hiking trails. Though there’s a TV in the house, don’t expect a lot of time spent on electronics.

Aside from that, aftercare alumni follow-up lasts as long as two years after treatment, and an alumni picnic is held annually every October to let everyone keep in touch with one another.

In Summary

Overall, Changing Echoes is a unique residential program that hosts a reasonable amount of extras alongside its core treatment modalities. Those seeking affordable, 12-step friendly approach to getting sober might do well here.

Changing Echoes Location

7632 Pool Station Rd
Angels Camp, CA 95222

Changing Echoes Cost

Changing Echoes Cost: $6,900 (30 days). Reach Changing Echoes by phone at (209) 785-3666. Find Changing Echoes on Facebook and Yelp

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  1. Changing Echoes helped my son find the tools needed to lead his recovery. Most of the staff members are extremely friendly. The only down fall is that I just found out that my son’s individual counselor recently relapsed before he started the program.

  2. I’m a parent of an adult son who has spent four months at Changing Echoes feeling safe and happy the entire time.
    I personally, had a spiritual awakening my first time in this beautiful county. I’ve come to believe everyone at this place is supposed to be there, whether they have a good experience or not.

  3. Some of the other people who were in Changing Echoes with me would complain about the place. All I know is that Changing Echoes got my ass clean and sober, going on 7 years now. I’ve never been to any other rehab so I have nothing to compare it to. The staff there are all former users and/or drunks who got clean/sober and then went on to get degrees in addiction science. For example, my personal counselor there used to slam a needle into his arm. If you are thinking of going there I guess it just boils down to one thing: do you really, really want it? I did. Some of the counselors and staff there I liked more than others but Changing Echoes taught me self worth and how to live life clean and sober. Really simple, basic stuff that I had overlooked or had never learned. Good luck to you in your journey of recovery.

  4. All of the above is true of Changing Echoes and like anything, you will get out of it what you put into it. I was on the outside looking in as my boyfriend spent his 30 days there. I supported everything they asked for and was there every week for visiting, wrote every day answered all the calls he was able to make to me and yet by the time it was over our relationship was destroyed by his sexual encounters with female residents. They do not have good supervision at night and no one monitors the twenty acres or cleans up things out on it like the mattress on a hill where all of them find out they can go and have sex with a willing partner. It is not allowed in their house rules, but come on , it is coed and we are talking about addicts. If you have a good relationship or marriage going in to rehab, I would highly recommend you stay with a gender specific program so you can focus on your addictions not your desires and hormones. Things like the great swimming pool in a coed facility just breeds sexual tension. Good Luck

    • Holly Sanders on

      Wow ..well guess I won’t wait for my unfaithful husband to just lie to my face ! Wasn’t really sure anyways if I wanted to even try after everything he’s done with no remorse but now I think ud rather move on and knowing him he has already anyways! Thanks!

  5. If you want to get clean and sober at Changing Echoes, pack your shit and go home…BUT if you want to find out what it is that makes you do the things you do and the real reason from within yourself WHY it is that you use, then please unpack your shit and stay… Changing Echoes is unlike any rehab experience I have ever been through. All the staff are also recovering alcoholics and addicts just like the clients they help.. they have over 200 years of recovery working together downstairs. This place doesn’t sit around and teach you about the drugs you’re putting into your body (like we give a shit about that when we’re out there using anyways!) They get down to the most uncomfortable parts of your soul and really help you find out who you are and why it is that you do the things you do. They teach the tools that we need in order to live life on life’s terms, and give us a REAL chance at living a life of recovery… They assign you a councilor to work with during your stay…but unlike most places, there is no need to make an appointment to talk to them..they also have an OPEN DOOR POLICY…just because your assigned a main councilor, every single one of the councilors door is open for us clients at ALL TIMES, sometimes we have a break through or a break down that just can’t wait.. and they truly understand that..the staff at Changing Echoes genuinely love and care about all of their clients.. it isn’t just a job to these people, it’s a calling or a passion. They didn’t just teach me how to stay clean, Changing Echoes taught me how to LIVE again, they taught me who I really am, and not who I thought I had been for all those years. If you or a loved one is in the process of searching for an inpatient program, I HIGHLY recommend Changing Echoes. I’ve seen miraculous changes not only in myself but also in my housemates… in 28 days of treatment I’ve watched people come in completely broken and at the end of their stay leave as beautiful and WHOLE human beings.. The people you live with for 28 days become like family, to see so much love in such a diverse household is incredible. I promise you that if you decide to choose Changing Echoes you WILL NOT be unsatisfied. This place saved my life and I am forever grateful.. There is absolutely no other place that could even come close to comparing…. Do yourself OR your loved one a favor and CALL! Recovery is a BEAUTIFUL life. Give yourself the gift of life and check yourself into Changing Echoes…….
    <3 Amanda M.
    -kings county CA

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