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Chance 2 Change provides luxury residential substance abuse treatment in the mountains of Malaga National Park in Spain. The facility, formerly known as Serenity House, has been in operation for over a decade. The grounds are covered in fruit trees and a sprawling olive grove where rustic meets modern within the luxury interiors. The rustic campus prides itself in having the “look and feel of a traditional Spanish homestead,” but with the modern amenities necessary for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. Chance 2 Change treats a maximum of 12 residents at a time and employs a variety of evidence-based techniques, holistic therapies and optional 12-step meetings.

Accommodations and Food

The Chance 2 Change facility is a 6,000 square foot Spanish villa in the lovely town of Puerto Serrano. The grounds feature fruit trees and a sprawling olive grove where rustic history meets modern luxury. Clients have private rooms with queen beds and en-suite bathrooms. Upon entrance, clients must turn in their electronic devices. After they stabilize, they can use their devices for limited hours each week.

Nutritious, farm-to-table meals are prepared by the kitchen staff according to residents’ nutritional needs and preferences. The staff also arrange weekly meals out and walks into village for coffee and shopping.

Treatment and Staff

Detox is provided in the house. Clients commit to 30 days of treatment and can extend their stays up to three months. The average stay is six weeks. Residents attend two treatment groups each day and have individual therapy at least twice a week. They may have additional individual meetings each week work with their counselor to work on their treatment goals. Treatment is client-focused, and the treatment team encourages residents to take charge of their recovery plans.

Therapy uses traditional methods like CBT, DBT, ACT, along with mindfulness, co-dependence work, inner child therapy and trauma-informed care. Chance 2 Change works with each client to deeply explore how past traumas and attachment disorders may affect their addiction. Treatment groups and individual therapy help clients develop coping skills, learn how to create boundaries and set meaningful recovery objectives. Members of the treatment team are trained SMART Recovery facilitators and on-site 12-step meetings are held in the evenings for clients who wish to participate.

Chance 2 Change has extensive experience treating co-occurring disorders and employs a psychiatric nurse to administer mental health medication. Other members of the treatment team include CADCs, psychologists and recovery support workers with specialties in art and sports therapy. Services are provided in Spanish and English. 


Loved ones are encouraged to attend family and couples therapy. Customized aftercare planning is a core treatment component at Chance 2 Change. Each client’s primary counselor works with her to create a tailored aftercare curriculum which may include peer support, on-going therapy and setting educational and professional goals.

The Centre arranges recreational excursions every other weekend, and clients can participate in on-site yoga classes and nature walks throughout the week.

In Summary

Chance 2 Change provides customized, attentive residential treatment in a beautiful Spanish mountainside locale. Its treatment curriculum encourages clients to deeply examine how their pasts impact their addiction, and it provides them with tools to create healthier relationships and fulfilling daily lives in recovery.  

Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre Location

Ctra. Casabermeja 8km
Colmenar 29170
Malaga, Spain

Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre Cost

Call for details. Reach Chance 2 Change by phone at 34-952-730-658 or by email at [email protected]. Find Chance 2 Change on Facebook and Instagram 

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  1. The information in this review is untrue. On the basis of this piece of writing, plus other untruthful editorial content on other sites, my loved one went to CHance 2 Change in late Sept 2017. You could make up how far away their business practices are from what we read on sites like this about them. The FIx is guilty of the same thing. They started out with good therapeutic ethical standards but that soon fell away when they couldn’t get more clients in. No idea how to run a rehab. They haven’t been doing it for 10 yrs as your info above states. At the most 2 years, their last rehab ‘Serenity House’ was so bad they had to close it down, move town and start up another under a new name, Chance 2 Change, in order to try and leave the bad reputation behind. However bad practice will always continue regardless of change in venue and name. They closed down with the exact same criticism’s levied at them as they did while operating Serenity House… More families paying out significant sums of money and clients leaving in distressed states due to poor ethical standards. If they been opeating in the UK they’d have some serious investigations going on. They gave my loved one medication, every day for 8 weeks that wasn’t prescribed to be taken like that and refused to discuss it with me or the client but still continued to ask me for more and more money, saying we were getting a good deal. It was only toward the end of his time there that I got the full picture of what exactly had been going on there, this was backed up by 3 other clients who’d left too. Shocking stuff.. If they start up again don’t go there.. Do your research Thoroughly and don’t take anything written in this publication as fact.. Not this sites fault, they’ve acted in good faith that they’ve been told the truth and written accordingly.

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