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Challenges, Inc. was founded in 1993 in Overland Park, the second most populated city in the state of Kansas. The facility offers outpatient services to adults in the Overland Park and and greater Kansas City area. Additionally, Challenges serves as a strong supporter of 12-step recovery and outside support groups in the area.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process begins with an in-person assessment with a counselor. If the counselor determines the client is a good fit for Challenges, the counselor charts out a potential treatment plan for the him or her. If the counselor believes someone is in need of a higher level of service, that person is referred to an outside detox or residential treatment program.

The length of program is 12 to 15 weeks, however this can vary depending on the needs of the client. Challenges therapy consists of group and individual counseling. The intensity of the program is based on the counselor’s assessment of the client, and clients generally attend between one and three group counseling meetings a week.

The group meetings last 60 to 90 minutes and are offered Tuesday and Wednesday nights as well as on Saturday mornings. The meetings cover a variety of topics including life skills, recovery skills, anger management and relapse prevention. The group sizes vary between six and 15 clients. Counselors also use CBT and occasionally acupuncture detox in treatment. Individual counseling is available based on the needs of the client and generally clients meet once a week individually with a counselor.

Challenges is a strong believer in utilizing outside support groups so counselors encourage clients to attend outside AA/NA meetings. However, if clients do not like the 12-step approach, Challenges assists clients in finding alternative support systems in the local community.

The facility is  dual-diagnosis and therefore equipped to treat people with co-occurring disorders.


Although Challenges does not have an official aftercare program, the facility does offer a weekly relapse prevention group meeting for alumni of the program. This meeting discusses client’s ongoing recovery and helps them learn how to identify triggers.

Challenges also offers family meetings on Tuesday nights just before the regular group meeting. These family meetings are structured very similar to Alanon teaching groups and help educate family members on addiction issues and how to not be an enabler.

The facility also offers juvenile education classes for clients aged 12 to 18. The cases are offered once a month and take place from 2PM to 5PM on a Saturday and Sunday. In these classes, Challenges aims to educate adolescents on substance abuse issues and teach parents how to intervene.

Challenges also offers a variety of domestic counseling programs including parenting counseling and a domestic violence intervention program

In Summary

Challenges, Inc. provides dynamic and highly affordable outpatient treatment for adults in the Overland Park area. The strong focus on clients getting involved in outside support groups helps clients create a sustainable life outside the program, making stepping down easier. The consistent family meetings provide an opportunity for family members to learn how to create a healthy environment for the client and assist them in their treatment. Also, the acupuncture detox is a great option for clients interested in alternative treatment options.

Challenges, Inc. Location

Challenges, Inc.
10540 Barkley St, Ste 269
Overland Park, KS 66212

Challenges, Inc. Cost

$500 (30 days). Reach Challenges, Inc. by phone at (913) 381-3585 or by email. Find Challenges, Inc. on Facebook

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