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Cerebrum Centers Review

Cerebrum Centers is a company specializing in an outpatient-based treatment called Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ (Real-Time Balancing). This is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, computer and sound-based technology designed to help balance the brain.  Cerebrum Centers treats clients with a variety of issues including insomnia, stress, pain, anxiety, addictive tendencies, compulsive disorders, and learning challenges. The main facility is located in Los Angeles, California, and therapists are available by appointment only for treatment in and around New York City. To date, the organization has treated over 45,000 clients.

Treatment and Staff

Brainwave Optimization with RTB treatments are an alternative to psychotropic medication for those interested in seeking other forms of treatment for certain mental illnesses. The Cerebrum Centers often use this technique to addiction and dual diagnoses like anxiety and depression. It focuses on repairing the unbalanced brain patterns that can result from traumatic experiences. The process begins with a brainwave assessment, after which an individualized treatment plan is created. Clients then have a discussion with the technician concerning the assessment’s results as well as client goals and plans to achieve them. Treatment typically lasts 10 to 12 90-minute sessions and take place in the space of one to two weeks. Clients generally report seeing results within three to four sessions.

The meditative treatment involves sensors being placed on the client’s head, after which brainwaves are “translated” into sound and sent back to the brain so that it can reorganize itself. Clients are seated in anti-gravity chairs next to a brain technologist, with some sessions being active, during which clients may watch a video on the computer, and others being performed with the clients having their eyes closed. The Cerebrum Centers refer to this as “the brain [becoming]its own mirror.” Unlike neurofeedback, in which therapists use brainwaves to help clients train themselves into adapting behavior, Brainwave Optimization with RTB is meant to provide faster results by having the brain change itself of its own accord.

Staff is composed of brainwave technicians. The team is led by Meg Stuppy, an EMT and certified technician with a Bachelor’s degree from UCSB.


Physical conditions can also be addressed through Brainwave Optimization with RTB including plastic surgery recovery, cerebral palsy, autism, stroke, TBI, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, chronic fatigue, immune system dysfunctions, sports injuries, limb amputations and thermal burns.

In Summary

The Cerebrum Centers offer a novel, holistic approach to healing that is scientifically based and reports large success rates. It is an excellent option for clients who want to explore non-medication-based treatment or to augment their medication with a short-term, alternative therapy.

Cerebrum Centers Location

Cerebrum Centers
11500 Olympic Blvd, Ste #400
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Cerebrum Centers Cost

Depends on treatment; accepts insurance. Reach Cerebrum Centers by phone at (323) 253-8435 (Los Angeles) and (212) 991-8994 (New York City) or by email at [email protected] (Los Angeles) and [email protected] (New York). Find Cerebrum Centers on Facebook and Pinterest

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