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Based out of Malibu, California, Centered Health is a CARF-accredited residential treatment facility for adolescents in recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 are welcome to attend, each with individualized treatment plans and luxurious accommodations.

Accommodations and Food

The Centered Health facility has a total of six beds in spacious, shared rooms separated by gender. Each comes equipped with queen-sized beds. The house itself is a modern-looking home built into a cliffside overlooking the beach; with sprawling balconies, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a game room and many shared living areas both indoors and outdoors. Throughout their stay, clients are served three healthy and delicious meals designed to suit their preferences with the help of on-site nutritionists and chefs.

Treatment and Staff

Upon intake, all residents go through an initial assessment process to help staff members determine their needs. While each plan may vary, all include some combination of individual and group therapy rooted in evidence-based practices like CBT, DBT and psychoeducation. Alternative approaches include art therapy, music therapy, psychodrama and equine therapy. Family therapy is also available upon request. In addition, all clients learn basic 12-step recovery concepts as well.

Throughout their stay, residents work with on-site tutors to keep up with their schoolwork. Individual therapy takes place between three to five times a week, depending on each resident’s needs. Finally, extensive dual diagnosis support is available as well. The average length of stay is 60 to 90 days.

The staff at Centered Health consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, LMFTs, MSWs, RNs, equine therapists and additional Master’s and PhD-level staff.


Residents also participate in rotating recreational activities as part of the program; which may include yoga, hiking trips, surfing, swim lessons, gardening and fitness groups. Career counseling, reading groups, poetry classes and gardening lessons are also offered. Residents dealing with issues of self-harm or eating disorders can get the help they need in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Once a client completes a program, they can work with the staff members to develop an aftercare plan that places them in local outpatient programs.

In Summary

Overall, Centered Health is a well-rounded facility which provides evidence-based and holistic care for a wide range of behavioral health issues. Both boys and girls are welcome to attend with flexible lengths of stay, individualized treatment and recreational activities built into the program. While the luxury experience does come at a price, Centered Health remains a comprehensive program for adolescents in early recovery.

Centered Health Location

31275 Bailard Rd
Malibu, CA 90265

Centered Health Cost

Call for cost. Reach Centered Health at (310) 457-2695 or by email at [email protected]. Find Centered Health on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

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  1. William Davies on

    When our daughter suddenly lost her best friend she began suffering from depression and profound sadness. When we could no longer help her we sought help. Centered Health specializes in teen care for such issues. Staff is caring and gentle.

  2. Centered Health saved my life. The treatment center is full of kind and loving professionals, I received top quality care. I would gladly recommend this facility to any addict struggling with recovery and sobriety.

  3. We are so glad that we found Centered Health for my Godson. He was really struggling and in serious need for help. The care he has received has made a world of difference. This place is great!

  4. Michelle Yike on

    My daughter changed drastically after the death of her best friend in a car wreck. She was angry and very unsettled. She lashed out at everything. I bought her to Centered Health for evaluation. They said they could help her with her grief. It took some time, but we are seeing glimmers of hope.

  5. Mary Hickey on

    The Centered Health facility in Malibu is where we decided to get our daughter help. The campus is beautiful. It’s very close to the ocean and the facility seems conducive to recovery. The people in admissions are great at making the insurance details clear. They also have a parent portal so you can be instrumental in your child’s recovery.

  6. Darlene Domaska on

    Centered Health was the best thing my parents did to help me. I was struggling with body issues and was losing weight quickly. I was diagnosed with anorexia. The counselors and groups helped me immensely. I feel like I am progressing with all of the help I received there.

  7. thashana mckinney on

    Our teen daughter’s demeanor changed for the worse these last few months. I chalked it up to growing. After a while I realized she seemed very negative and depressed. I called Centered Health. We met with a counselor and came to realize she needed some help. She has been there for two weeks now and we are seeing great improvement.

  8. Are these “good” reviews fake? Centered Health is one of the worst adolescent treatment centers I have come across as a professional working in treatment. The owner, Nuchie Schapiro is a liar and does not communicate with families. Sure the house is nice, but employees are not qualified to be working with kids. Hillcrest is their second location, don’t be fooled by the new name- there is a reason they want to seperate the houses and names. Both are awful places. Please don’t send your child here. There are so many better, reputable facilities. Check ripoff report on Centered to read about the damage they are doing. You can’t pay to get rid of those negative reviews- they tried.

  9. Our son was in a very deep depression. We tried everything but to no avail. We finally found the Centered Health treatment center. They specialize in the teen treatment of all different situation or kids have to deal with. So far, so good.

  10. Teens and drugs are a bad combination and a difficult issue to address. I was so grateful to find the help I needed to address our boys’ problems at the Center Health treatment center in Malibu.

  11. My ex-spouse passed away suddenly. Not only did my teen daughters have to deal with a divorce, but also the tragedy of losing a parent. I was not equipped to handle the grief and depression that one of them was dealing with. I reached out to a counselor at Centered Health and was able to get my daughter the help that she so very much needed to move forward.

  12. My son was missing school and falling behind on his grades. He was withdrawn and began to disappear for hours at a time. He was bringing home friends we had never known before. We tried talking to him but it didn’t work. I have been in touch with a wonderful woman from Center Health. She was very helpful and reassuring. I am confident we called the right place for help.

  13. My colleague’s teenage daughter was habitually using illegal drugs. She was admitted to Centered Health and I had the occasion to visit this facility with my colleague. His daughter said that the food was pretty good. They had a fitness room that she liked as well as an arts and crafts program she was quite fond of. I personally observed the staff being quite amicable. If you want help recovering from an addiction, this is the place to be.

  14. Such an incredible view and relaxing atmosphere. Just what our daughter needed – an escape from her friends who were bad influences on her. The staff here did everything as promised and my daughter has learned actionable strategies for dealing with her reactions. We are very pleased to have her back home and feel the Centered Health team was an integral part of her healing.

  15. Dorain Mccowin on

    One of my coworkers arranged to send his teenage daughter to Centered Health. It was quite a difficult time for his family as she was getting involved with things she should be staying away from and the crowd she ran around with was in no way any good for her. His daughter’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is going well, from what he told me.

  16. My brother and his wife had a very ugly divorce. It affected their two children to varying degrees. As the oldest, my nephew seemed to be quite disturbed by the broken family. He acted out in destructive ways. They had health insurance so he was sent for treatment at Centered Health. he wasn’t there long before he started showing vast improvement. Today he is a lovely young man with a bright future.

  17. Amanda Clinton on

    I had a former co-worker call me about her son who was addicted to heroin. She knew of my family experience with alcohol addiction. She was looking for advice. I knew about the program at Centered Health and spoke to her about it. She called and talked to a counseler. As a result, she sent her son there for the help he needed. He is well on the road to recovery. I give it a 5 Star rating!

    • Amanda Clinton on

      This is the best rehab center around. My nephew has been in and out of different facilities over the last 5 years and this one has been the one he liked the most and our family has seen the greatest benefit from. I give it a 5 star.

  18. I had a former co-worker call me about her son who was addicted to heroin. She knew of my family experience with alcohol addiction. She was looking for advice. I knew about the program at Centered Health and spoke to her about it. She called and talked to a counseler. As a result, she sent her son there for the help he needed. He is well on the road to recovery.

  19. We really like Centered Health. They really helped my nephew when he was suffering from mental health issues. We did not know what to do anymore, so my brother sent him to Centered Health. My nephew has a new outlook and attitude, which has really helped him work on himself. The counseling he received as part of the treatment has made a tremendous difference in him. We are now looking ahead thanks to Centered Health.

  20. I went to Centered Health to see if it would be a good fit for my son. We had trouble with him for several years and he was also getting into a lot of trouble in school too. It was a good fit for him and has a great campus. He actually moved closer to the facility to get a fresh start when he completed the initial program. He is really taking charge of his life and his future. Thank you CH

  21. When my son became highly depressive and anxious I had to look for help. Centered Health has been key to helping our family. The facility and the grounds are beautiful and the staff is just wonderful. He received great care and education and he is now working his aftercare program. We are so happy that he is really getting a handle on his life and his future.

  22. This clinic works wonders. They really helped my son understand and deal with his drinking problem. He is much, much better now. We are thrilled with the plan at Centered Health.

  23. When my best friend needed to find help for her daughter, we looked online to start to find a health center that help her with her extreme stresses. When her husband died suddenly, her daughter developed extreme symptoms on top of her existing issues. Needless to say, this program has really helped her and she is doing just great!

  24. Shequitta watts on

    My daughter had developed a fear of social settings when she was in junior high school. This became increasingly worse in high school. She had received help from different doctors, but it did not seem to work. We found this wonderful center and arranged for her to come here. The people there are so understanding and were able to help her with her fears and concerns. She is still working on going to larger gatherings, but I am just happy that she will go out for errands or a meal, instead of always staying home. This has made a huge difference in her life.

  25. We had a serious problem with my daughter cutting herself. I was scared that she would die. So, we toured the Centered Health facility (after seeing two others) and knew right away that this was it. The rooms are very nice and private. There are activities and a healthy meals. The environment is conducive to learning self care. She went in with a little apprehension, but fortunately, over several months, she began to explore why she was doing this. She still has a ways to go, but we are very optimistic with her care and her recovery. If you need help for your teen, I recommend Centered Health.

  26. Christopher Miller on

    My best friend came to Centered Health when she tried to commit suicide. The medicine that she was taking for severe depression was not helping her. Her Mom was beside herself and was not sure what to do in the moment. After searching online, they decided to use Centered Health to help her. They signed her up and she started the program. She had great Doctor’s care and great counseling sessions. She made some new friends and participated in activities. It was slow, but she came out of her shell and was able to love herself like we do. I am just glad that she is doing well and that she continues to use the after care and meetings. The difference is remarkable.

  27. Jennifer Radli on

    When my son began showing signs of substance abuse, I wanted to get help before it was too late. What started out as a beer with friends eventually evolved into a heavy drinking problem. I knew I wanted him to go away for help so that he could focus on the program. After doing our research we decided on Centered Health for his care. The facility is very nice and the staff is kind and caring. They have the latest techniques to work with teens with a drinking problem. The Doctors are also very nice and qualified to aid him in his recovery. My son is much better now and still working the program and learning ways to cope with real life. We have a little ways to go, but there is no doubt that this was the best decision for everyone, especially my son.

  28. Center Health saved my family!! I was suffering and watching my younger brother go through addiction and thought there was no help. We reached out based off the referral of a family friend and sent my brother to this beautiful center. Ten years later and my brother still talks about how this save his life! Thank you!!

  29. I MUST say that I have had a positive experience with Centered Health. Some years back I went there and everyone from I remembered were super nice! I would defiantly recommend it. Beautiful campus, fresh ocean air, serenity, and a break from it all. A peaceful place to explore new beginnings for those who need them.

  30. Centered Health is a good place to get help with tranquil. A it a wonderful place for adolescents struggling with addiction, substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.

  31. A safe and welcoming environment, this facility has an attentive staff and modern luxuries. Excellent recreational activities like yoga, hiking, and gardening lessons round out the program.

  32. Trista Tackett on

    Great facility providing hope for the future. The staff are hands on and always ready for anything that comes their way. Would recommend to anyone seeking addiction recovery!

  33. Awesome place to get yourself right and on TRACK. The staff are very nice. You learn a lot about your addiction and a lot on how to live sober.

  34. I went to visit a relative of mine who lived on drugs and cried out of nowhere and had family problems we also took him there and until now he has improved a lot

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  36. The staff here is helpful. They are compassionate and empathic. They really go above and beyond to help those in need. I highly recommend them!

  37. An interesting recreational program and excellent view of the ocean. I would consider this facility for my family after doing more research on what insurances they take, etc.

  38. Danielle Castellon on

    My niece visited this facility and had a wonderful experience. The staff and doctors were very attentive, and the facility was very modern. I would recommend this place to anyone needing these services for a loved one or friend.

  39. i told my friend to put her child in this rehab and their was an amazing outcome. she has been 4 months sober. this is really a great experience i will recommend to anyone.

  40. One of my best friends has struggled her whole life with different addictions — drugs, alcohol, you name it. Centered Health was exactly what she needed to get herself turned around. They’re amazing!

  41. Betsy kortman on

    I MUST say that I have had a positive experience with Centered Health. Some years back I went there and everyone from I remembered were super nice! I would defiantly recommend it

  42. Sometimes you just need a break or to get away from it all and this is the perfect place to do so. It is truly a lifesaver.

  43. This place was an amazing help to my teenage cousin when she was going through a rough patch. My family is so grateful, and I absolutely recommend this place!

  44. Centered Health offers some of the best programs available to help teens. One of the most beneficial programs is the After Care Program where they assist with finding outpatient and therapeutic group sessions. I find this to be a vital part of maintaining treatment while navigating through the normal growth process into adulthood.

  45. Beautiful campus, fresh ocean air, serenity, and a break from it all. A peaceful place to explore new beginnings for those who need them.

  46. Charles Ingram on

    A residential treatment facility based in Malibu CA. It is a house for six teens to get treatment for a variety of reasons. Small numbers can get more individualized treatments. There are other activities that are available to make the teen’s stay more comfortable.

  47. My best friends daughter went here and had a fantastic experience. She just reached 90 days sober and looks amazing!

  48. There are a lot of positive reviews that makes me feel trustful and want to try. I’ll try it as soon as i can without any concerns.

  49. The staff at Centered Health is kind, caring and understanding. Not to mention they offer exceptional personalized care for all of their clients. The facility itself is absolutely beautiful too.

  50. My friend’s son went here for about a month. He is a teenager dealing with alcohol and mild substance abuse. When he returned home, he was almost like a new person. I don’t know what they do here, but it sure helped him to feel better about himself!

  51. My son had a drug dependency issue and Centered Health was the key to his recovery and separation from the habit. They were kind, understanding and supportive. It was in this nurturing atmosphere that my son was able to understand the need for change and recovery and the staff at Centered Health assisted him every step of the way.

  52. My best friend said he especially enjoyed the swimming lessons and the yoga lessons put him at ease, and that he is thankful for the experiences because its helped him so much! Thank you!


    Centered Health with their holistic and balanced approach to finding underlying causes and strategies to implement when leaving rehab have impacted my, and my family’s life tremendously. The personal emotional growth and knowledge has helped with the continual journey of recovery. Thank you!

  54. Centered Health is an awesome facility the helps you detox, release trauma and start all over again. The staff is amazing and you feel at peace when you are there. I definitely come back with a good head and clear mind. If you need a fresh start this is the place to be.

  55. Wonderful facility, breathtaking location. But so much more important is the staff. They are very kind, caring attentive and professional. They go out of their way to connect with their patients and make them feel so welcomed and at home

  56. John Jacobson on

    Highly recommended. Very nice facility. Couldn’t be happier with the results for my son. He’s turned his life around.

  57. Correena B. on

    Amazing staff that helps you every step of the way. Nice views, activities to keep busy, exercise,meetings, etc. People have given this place a five star rating.

  58. A family member had great success at Centered Health, professional staff, nice facility. He has totally changed his life, my family is grateful for all they have done. We would highly recommend to others.

  59. We are so thankful for the help our daughter received here. Addiction is a very hard thing for a family to deal with, and the people here were very understanding and knowledgeable. The facility is gorgeous, and the surroundings provide a lovely place to heal and grow.

  60. The son of a close friend was sent here for treatment after attending multiple facilities that did nothing to help his addiction. I’m happy to report that he is doing much better now. From what my friend has told me, the facility is very welcoming and based in a beautiful location with lots of activities for the teens to do. Although he was there for treatment, he really enjoyed himself and felt like the staff and faculty were very concerned about his well-being. Based on this, I would highly recommend this place for troubled teens.

  61. Kisha Wright on

    I had a friend that went here this facility changed her life, based on her experience I would give Centered Health five stars. Before this she had been in several rehabs

  62. Kashonna Gordon on

    I felt so much better after leaving Centered Health. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming, and I will definitely visit this location again. Highly recommend!

  63. FOr an individual that is recovering from just about any mental or even physical set back, this facility is an excellent place to put all the pieces back together, excellent program.

  64. A close friend of mine sent her daughter here and she was very happy with the treatment her daughter received. The staff catered to her daughter’s needs and created a plan that would ensure success. My close friend told me it really helped her daughter to heal and love herself more. She also said her daughter has learned how to deal with issues or situations that may come up in her life in a positive manner.

  65. Friendly staff. They really go out of their way to help you and generally seem to care about you and your health and well-being.

  66. Great place with great views. For anyone that needs a place to clear their head and have a second chance at life, this is the place. I wish I could give a rating. It helped change my family’s life.

  67. I had a family friend who went here and they helped turn his life around a great deal. He was addicted to drugs and his life was in shambles, being here helped him to regain the life he was losing. He no longer is addicted and he has a chance at a better life now thanks to the people here who helped him through his rough time in life.

  68. My younger brother was abusing drugs and as a family we decided to take him to the facility. The center offers condusive environment for recovery and whats best he was still able to continue with his studies. I highly recommend to other parents.

  69. One of my closests friends went here and had an amazing detox experience. Having a healthy friend back is one of the greatest gifts I received. Thanks to this facility!

  70. One of my closests friends went here and had an amazing detox experience. Having a healthy friend back is one of the greatest gifts I received. Thanks to this facility!

  71. After scheduling a appointment we met with the staff an they explained the treatment that she would received. We were very happy to find out that she wouldn’t miss any of her school work. That they had tutors so she could keep up with her school work. She spent a few months at the center an every time we talked to her she was in good spirits.We are so happy that a friend told us about this place.

  72. I have to say that I have had a positive experience with Centered Health. Some years back I went there and everyone from I remembered was super nice! I also learned yoga and horseback riding when I was there. They made me feel that I wasn’t alone and made a bad situation ten times better!!

  73. Centered Health has many good points for those who are looking for a luxurious rehab center that does what they describe. I know by experience not from me but from my own child. I think that we both learned more than we thought since their stay. One thing that I liked about the area was how they do assessments for each individual. My child just wasn’t just another person to them, but someone that they wanted to help and save. As a parent, it’s hard to admit that something isn’t right in the family, but now I don’t mind sharing the story. There is no shame and (I didn’t fail as a parent), that’s one thing that Centered Health has taught me. Thank you for helping my teen and for saving our family! My child also wanted me to share this review on here.

  74. Friendly place that has a lot of different things for their patients to do. It’s not just another rehab clinic. Good place for troubled teens that need a second chance. Would recommend to other parents who are looking for a nice place to send their teen and would like actual results.

  75. A few years ago my younger brother was admitted to Centered Health. I honestly didn’t think that it would help him, it just sounded like all those other “luxurious centers” that were too good to be true. Luckily I was wrong and it did help him. I hope that any parent or young adult reading this will be inspired. It’s not just another place with an amazing setting!

  76. Staff Coordinator on

    I worked there for many years as a staff coordinator and I had two distance family members that were sent to Centered Health. From my point of view, I like working at Centered Health and from their point of view, they found the place to be beyond their expectations. At Centered Health we don’t want to make people feel like they are taboo or anything, we strive to give the kids a relaxing atmosphere as well as fix their problems. I know I do everything in my power to make sure that it happens. I do feel bad that others have had a bad experience and I do give my sincere apologies. I am also happy to hear success stories too!

  77. The accommodations weren’t bad, at first I wasn’t too keen on sharing a room. But really it’s nice because you don’t feel alone and you can share stories. That’s the thing that I loved about Centered Health, it felt like a family. I have been sent to different places and none felt this welcoming. I didn’t feel like I was at a rehab center. It has been years since I’ve been there, but I still remember most of the people. I also remember the tips that they shared too!

  78. Centered Health is luxurious, the location is impressive, it’s a comfortable place, the nurses are amazing, the staff is compassionate, and there seems to be a high rate of those who get better. I will say that Centered Health is one of few that deals with a lot of issues that young adult will go through. The reason I went was that of some behavior issues and I had a friend there who was there because of a drug dependency. So there are all kinds of people there.

  79. I have to agree with the positive reviews from other parents on here. Our daughter has never been better since she left Centered Health. She is back into the things she loves like volleyball and music. She has been clean for almost a year (since leaving the facility) and is going to be graduating High School with her class. I’m super proud of her and what she has accomplished on getting herself back on track. She was the one who actually wanted to go. I’m glad for places like Centered Health and how they treat their patients. She was never made to feel like she was worthless and was made to feel like she was going to overcome her obstacles.

  80. I did see the changes in my child once they left Centered Health. It was a good change and now they are happy and healthy. It’s great to see that your child isn’t killing themselves over a dependency. The place itself is nice and the staff seemed very knowledgeable. My child enjoyed the extra activities too and never missed a lesson from school either.

  81. From reading this post, I have to agree with all the amenities that was talked. I remember the poetry classes actually! For years I dealt with anxiety and other issues, but after going to Centered Health that all changed for me. I know that not everyone has had the same experience as myself, but I honestly do feel that the place is helping young adults.

  82. I have to say that I have had a positive experience with Centered Health. Some years back I went there and everyone from I remembered was super nice! I

  83. An uncle of mine stayed here. The staff personalizes your needs well to create the most successful program possible. It seemed like a very pleasant and positive stay for him.

  84. We thought that there was almost no hope left for my sister. We had tried so many different facilities. As a last stitch effort we sent her to Centered Health and it was the best thing we’ve ever done for her. She’s been clean for 4 months now and I’ve never seen her so happy. I can’t thank you enough!

  85. I’ve never seen my sister so happy and healthy looking as she is now. We sent her to Centered Health when she hit complete rock bottom, I hate to say it but I honestly didn’t think there was much hope left after so many failed attempts, but they performed a miracle! She told me that while she was there it didn’t feel like she was in treatment, she felt like she was around friends that just wanted to see her get better and that’s what made the difference. I finally have my sister back. It’s been 4 months now and she’s stronger and more radiant than ever. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am.

  86. My review goes like this:
    Pros: Very luxurious, many programs that are fun and exciting, staff was nice, helped me become a better person, and the food was good!
    Cons: The only con is my reasoning of being there, which I don’t want to get into detail.

  87. As a nurse and as someone who has had two family members go to Centered Health, I would review the place has five out of five stars!! I will admit I was hesitant, but after seeing the results of the place and how it changed them for the better, I am proud to give it such a good review. So my advice is see for yourself!!

  88. Centered Health isn’t joking when they say that the average stay time is 60 to 90 days. I know this for a fact. I was there a few years back and after the stay my life has been a track. I never thought I would be in college or let alone actually finishing High School. When I was there I think I learned more than I did in school. There were so many people that want to see you succeed. It’s a welcoming place. Oh, and art therapy does work!

  89. If I had to review the place I would give it 5 stars! The staff works very hard to make sure that their patients are taken care of. They go above and behind. I love also that it’s a place of healing and learning.

  90. The nurses and doctors were compassionate towards my daughter as well as other staff members. She really liked the programs especially the gardening. It helped with her anxiety. I do see a difference in her since she went to Centered Health and it’s a good difference. She’s much happier!

  91. I believe that Centered Health is overall a good place. I know several people who have had either a family member or a friend go there to get some kind of treatment. They all came back with a new and better outlook on life. So I feel that it has helped a lot of people. The area from what I’m told is breathtaking and there are a lot of activities too.

  92. I believe that Centered Health is overall a good place. I know several people who have had either a family member or a friend go there to get some kind of treatment. They all came back with a new and better outlook on life. So I feel that it has helped a lot of people. The area from what I’m told is breathtaking and there are a lot of acticites too.

  93. Reading the reviews I see that they are split. Well, I want to say that I have had a good experience. My child was in a bad place and Centered Health helped them. They also helped me better understand addiction. The staff was super and the activities that they have for these young people amazes me.

  94. My sister went there and she told me several times how Centered Health was her lifesaver. Since leaving the place 2 years ago, she has been drug free!! So I have to give Centered Health a positive review for saving my sister and giving her the tools to have a happy and successful life.

  95. I have to say that I have had a positive experience with Centered Health. Some years back I went there and everyone from I remembered were super nice! I also learned yoga and horseback riding when I was there. They made me feel that I wasn’t alone and made a bad situation ten times better!!

  96. I personally felt that Centered Health was a good place for my child. My son was dealing with an eating disorder and has since overcame it because of the center. Also, he has gained so much more from going there. He has confidence and will be even pursing a degree in Psychology.

  97. FIVE STARS!! A family friend went here and is doing much better now. He is only a teenager, so was dealing with a lot of stuff – a broken home, direction in life, usual teenage stuff, however, he turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape. He was originally only going to go to rehab for 30 days, but wound up staying 60. Now that he is back home, he feels more equipped to handle what life throws at him. He has better coping skills and what he likes to call “tools” he can use instead of turning toward alcohol or drugs. I’ve seen such maturity in him and hope he never has to go back. Centered Health Rehab lives up to its reputation and I would recommend to others having similar issues with children.

  98. My best friends daughter went here and had a fantastic experience. She just reached 90 days sober and looks amazing!

  99. I was a kid who went there with minor things needed to treat and left with more depression suicidal thoughts and just a deep hatred of this place. I have flash backs of pain ,I had because wrongful prescriptions and now I think have ptsd from here. Don’t send your kid here. It only causes more pain

  100. Jackie Sinclair on

    Centered Health was the worst experience our family could have had. We were very fooled by the ocean views, on site chef, and things that appeared wonderful on the surface. The actual stability of the organization, owner, and staff were atrocious. Parents were taking their teens out and the organization has removed as many negative reviews that it can. This is not a place you should trust with the future of a troubled teen. We made a huge mistake in doing so and other parents have said the same.

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