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With a track record of treating over 12,000 patients, The Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry has been providing mental health services in Hackensack, New Jersey and Sarasota, Florida since 2003. Their highly educated, well-rounded and experienced team of medical professionals has received many accolades for their services including several Patients’ Choice Awards. In the realm of addiction treatment, the center offers both outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for drug and alcohol abuse.

Treatment and Staff

As mentioned, there are two tiers of substance abuse treatment at the Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry: IOP and outpatient. Detox is not available at the center nor is treatment for co-occurring disorders, at least not in the Substance Abuse IOP and outpatient. Dual diagnosis support is available through the Center for Revitalizing Psychology in their general counseling department and through their Mental Health IOP, for an additional fee. The needs of each client are determined at an initial assessment.

The Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SA-IOP) at Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry is recommended for those possibly stepping down from inpatient treatment, suffering from chronic relapse or very new to the addiction and recovery world. The treatment is generally 12-step based but is open to treating clients who have not had success staying sober with only AA or NA. Clients in the IOP complete at least steps one through four and receive an introduction to the 12-step recovery concepts and community. Otherwise, the treatment revolves around getting to the core of why an addiction developed in the first place and how innate strengths can be identified and further cultivated through CBT. They also incorporate the role of family dynamics, relationships and religious affiliations. The IOP breakdown is group sessions three times a week for three-hour sessions. A six-week commitment is required. Individual therapy is not automatically scheduled into the curriculum but is included in the cost for someone in IOP, so clients are strongly encouraged to schedule individual sessions at least once a week.

The Substance Abuse Outpatient Program is tailored for step-down clients and those who have more of a chronic abuse problem than an acute chemical dependency one. Often these people have demonstrated significant periods of sobriety but still need the added support of a program, in addition to 12-step meetings. The outpatient group meets twice a week for 90-minute sessions and participation is considered voluntary, on an as-needed basis. Individual therapy is also recommended but comes with an additional cost at the outpatient level.

Between the New Jersey and the Florida offices, the Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry has a total of five psychiatrists (often supported by additional freelance consulting doctors), four psychiatric nurse practitioners, 19 licensed counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists. The professionals are divided equally between the two locations so the resources are not any greater in one particular office. Licensed psychotherapists (who also maintain private practices in Sarasota and Hackensack) lead all group therapy in the substance abuse treatment program.


Family programs and counseling are readily available for those in the substance abuse treatment tracks. There are also the aforementioned general mental health resources and psychiatric services.

In Summary

The credentials and medical expertise of the staff at the Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry are perhaps the center’s best selling point. This is basic, substance abuse treatment, with the option of subsidizing with mental health care for those with co-occurring disorders. This is not always an option with outpatient services. It’s definitely an affordable, well-rounded option worth exploring for outpatient treatment.

Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry Locations

Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry
795 Main St
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry
2033 Wood St, Ste 220
Sarasota, FL 34237

Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry Cost

$1,600 (30 days), six-week IOP. Reach the Center for Revitalizing Psychiatry by phone at (941) 677-3366 (Florida) or (201) 488-5161 (New Jersey).

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