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The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment has been serving the community of Duluth, Minnesota since 1961. It began as a group of concerned citizens who came together to form the Center on Problem Drinking; now known as the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment (CADT), a network of facilities that offer a full continuum of treatment for adults dealing with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. Options include detoxinpatient and outpatient programs, with gender-specific sober living homes available as well.

Accommodations and Food

The primary facility has a detox unit with 24 beds for medically managed withdrawal and 16 beds for residential treatment. Clients share a room with at least one other resident and all come furnished with basic necessities including dressers, single beds and closet space. Clients are provided with three meals a day in the on-site cafeteria. Menus are developed by a nutritionist and most dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

After an initial assessment and intake, clients work with staff members to develop individualized treatment plans. Those in withdrawal can undergo medical detox on-site for up to seven days before continuing on to primary care, which lasts no more than 30 days. Treatment consists of individual and group therapy using evidence-based practices. For clients struggling with opiate addiction, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is also an option.

The CADT approach incorporates the 12-step philosophy and therapeutic modalities like DBT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Gender-specific and specialized groups are available for trauma, chronic relapse and mood disorders. Treatment also includes family therapy, if needed. For clients with a dual diagnosis, additional medical and psychiatric nursing services, including medication management, are available.

Staff consists of LCSWs, psychiatrists, RNs, CACs and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


CADT offers several aftercare options, including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient care and three sober living homes. There is also a specialized program for outpatient adolescent treatment called Woodland Hills.

The organization also provides treatment for gambling addiction, as well as help with health insurance enrollment and low cost housing. Drug and alcohol assessments for court purposes on a walk-in basis at the main facility.

In Summary

Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment offers a solid inpatient program for addiction recovery that combines evidence-based therapy and MAT for those struggling with opiate withdrawal. Those looking for no nonsense treatment will be well-served here. Clients who are struggling with co-occurring disorders will also find competent care and support in this safe and stable environment.

Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Location

1402 East Superior St
Duluth, MN 55805

Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment by phone at (218) 723-8444 or by email at [email protected]. Find Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment on Facebook

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  1. Mylovedonesaresuffering on

    If my brother dies from you guys throwing him out over a supposed cell phone, that’s on YOU. How can you expect people to want to change with no compassion? Giving up their only know way if coping way of life is one of the hardest things to go through. The worst part is all the feelings you start to experience with no tools to deal with or cope with them and then the lonliness of leaving your only known way of life and friends behind. You need to reassess your policies on throwing people out my brother has tried to go through treatment for you to the first time give up his bed to someone else when he went to the hospital and not guarantee him spot when he returned when he wanted to be there. For him to get in he kept calling for openings and kept being told he had to be high to get in! Then he gets in since I called and said he was going to die if you didn’t do something and he gets pain in his lungs side and the nurses disregard him. He didn’t complain either. I go to drop him tobacco and he goes to hug me and flinches I am like what is wrong? Oh I just got a little pain in my side. Me, I am not a Dr or nurse or rn though I was at one point a cna, knew immediately that he could have blood clots and it could be a medical emergency so told him five times you got to go in make them bring you in. Tell him to take aspirin. He says they don’t have any. Hours go by he finally says please bring me and if he wouldn’t have went in when he did he would have died from clots and blood poisoning. At a point where he was on his knees begging and wanting help, you give his bed away! Knowing how hard it is to get in in the first place. Then he gets out of hospital after over 30 days that’s how serious his condition/addiction was, swollen on benadrul gets cold turkey two days off meds due to being “sleepy” when he had a valid reason! He was so sick! Then again you guys did that to him so he relapse again! Right back to blood poisoning. Then trying to get in again gets on med assisted treatment and gets denied. He’s been in residential how many days now and gets thrown back out on the street homeless probably going to cut him off meds again, over a supposed cell phone!? None of you have any compassion. If he dies it is your fault. What’s more important to you his treatment without a cell phone ( only connection to outside world that is slipping away from him) or his life? Obviously you’re selfish stupid ignorant rules. When you use your whole life, and you go to get clean, all your emotions flood you it’s so overwhelming you can barely bare it without wanting to off yourself. Being homeless on top of it at the lowest part of your life you get on your knees begging for help rarely get it when you do you go in thinking these people will care to find out they don’t! That’s not encouraging to someone going through the roughest times in their life. Not only they lose their freedom, their connection to their friends and outside world but dealing with overwhelming emotions wondering what is going to happen next. Am I going to have a place to go that is safe where I am warm? Will there be no opening for treatment or housing when I get out? The only people I can stay with are drug addicts?

    We need more support in Duluth Superior. If I had the money I would start my own center and build for homeless.

    Usually the kindest people are the ones who have touched the darkness and found their way out.

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