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Center for Comprehensive Health PracticeThe Basics

The Center for Comprehensive Health Practice (CCHP) was founded in 1963 with the passage of the Community Mental Health Centers Act in New York, New York. The organization operates out of the 9th and 12th floors of the Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan. CCHP offers outpatient services to adult clients in the greater New York area.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at CCHP begins with an in-person assessment at its facility. These assessments are offered on a walk-in basis and occur between 9am and 10:30am on weekday mornings. In these meetings, counselors determine if the potential client would be a good fit for CCHP services. If the counselor believes someone is in need of a higher level of care, he or she is referred to an appropriate residential or detox program.

CCHP’s outpatient program is highly individualized. As such, the length and intensity of the program is based on the client’s specific needs. The therapy consists of group and individual meetings. The groups are offered in the mornings and afternoons. CCHP offers a variety of different topics for group counseling and can have up to 20 different types of groups per week. Some of the subjects covered in groups include open recovery, gender-specific problems and self-esteem. Art therapy and writing therapy are also offered. The counselors rely heavily on CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI), aiming to address negative thought patterns and help clients adapt new, healthy ways of thinking. The groups are never larger than 12 people but usually consist of about six to eight clients per group. Individual meetings are always available too but scheduled based on the needs of the client.

The counselors follow the clients closely throughout their treatment, and will adjust treatment plans accordingly if the someone does not seem to be making significant progress in his or her recovery.

Although CCHP does not formally implement 12-step principles, clients are encouraged to attend outside AA and NA meetings while in the program.

CCHP is dual diagnosis equipped and has two psychiatrists on staff to help diagnose and treat individuals with co-occurring disorders.

In addition to the two psychiatrists on staff, CCHP employees consist of a mixture of CASACs and MSWs with the CASACs supervising the social workers. The facility also has a medical clinic on-site led by a group of nurses, who occasionally hold health groups for clients.


CCHP also offers individual counseling for family members of the clients to help them address any anxiety or co-dependency issues. Also, if the client consents, the counselors can hold meetings with the client and his or her loved ones.

Although CCHP does not offer a structured aftercare program, clients are allowed return for individual counseling sessions if they so desire. Also, if clients were prescribed any psychiatric medication while in the program, they are encouraged to continue seeing their psychiatrist after they leave the outpatient program.

In Summary

The Center for Comprehensive Health Practice offers an extensive outpatient treatment program for adult clients in the Manhattan area. The individualized approach allows clients and counselors to address the clients’ substance abuse issues in a very intimate and detailed manner. The wide variety of group meetings provide clients with the ability to try a number of different approaches to healing while in the program. Also, the psychiatrists and on-staff nurses provide clients with co-occurring disorders with a high level of support.

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