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In 1995, addiction specialist Dr. Michael Levy founded the Center for Addiction Medicine (CAM) in Las Vegas, Nevada to give those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction a good chance at a healthy life. Today, CAM offers outpatient detox, outpatient treatment and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) combining counseling, behavioral therapy and medication management, if needed. Moreover, Dr. Levy remains the heart and soul of the practice, taking a hands-on approach to help guide clients through treatment plans with the ultimate goal of returning them to productive, drug-free lives.

Treatment and Staff

The first step at CAM is a medically supervised detox with the use of Suboxone, after which clients move into outpatient treatment. The length of time in detox depends on the severity of addiction and co-occurring disorders, as evaluated by Dr. Levy and his staff.

CAM’s central philosophy is to treat the whole person in addition to the substance abuse and addiction. To achieve this, treatment combines a 12-step/spiritual approach with CBT or Motivational interviewing (MI), drawing on the Hazelden “Living in Balance” program for adults. The facility’s goal is to give clients the information, education and experiences they need to transition to a drug- or alcohol-free life. CAM also provides dual diagnosis services.

In outpatient and IOP, clients work on their issues in group and individual therapy and are given a choice of CBT or Motivational Interviewing (MI).  This is borne of Dr. Levy’s belief that clients should drive their own treatment and recovery by selecting the method that works for them. In concert with Dr. Levy, the facility’s staff determines the number of individual sessions needed each week. IOP clients also attend group sessions—no larger than eight per group—three times a week for six weeks, as well as one additional session weekly joined by family.

Once a client is discharged, they are encouraged to participate in continuing care sessions to ensure against relapse.

In addition to Dr. Levy, who has years of expertise and experience in addiction medicine, the CAM staff consists of two CADCs and LADCs.


Aside from the aforementioned treatment options, clients with alcohol dependency can opt to use Antabuse (disulfuram) throughout the program. Still, those who elect this option are required to have frequent medical exams to monitor any negative side effects.

In Summary

The Center for Addiction Medicine offers comprehensive outpatient treatment of varying kinds for alcohol and substance abuse, drawing on the proven Hazelden “Living in Balance” model. But what distinguishes this Southern Nevada private outpatient facility is the ongoing involvement of its founder and chief executive, addiction specialist Dr. Michael Levy, who unrelentingly pursues his original mission to help return people with addiction issues to healthy lives.

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Center for Addiction Medicine
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$2,466.60 (30 days). Reach Center for Addiction Medicine by phone at (702) 873-7800 or by email at Find the Center for Addiction Medicine on Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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