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Founded in 1967 by a group of inmates from the Colorado State Penitentiary looking to break the cycle of substance abuse and incarceration, Cenikor has been treating addiction for more than 45 years. It has since grown considerably and currently offers evidence-based adolescent, outpatient, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) short-term inpatient and long-term inpatient treatment in both Texas and Louisiana. The aim is to show clients how to be accountable, responsible and able to live a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Cenikor offers long-term inpatient programs, or therapeutic communities, at three locations: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Deer Park, Texas; and Fort Worth, Texas.

Accommodations and Food

The long-term inpatient facilities are very similar to one another. For one thing, they all have a medical facility vibe—the Deer Park facility was once a hospital. All three facilities are also large, with a capacity of more than 150 residents each. Rooms are shared between two or three clients and have simple furnishings. Residents are allowed to personalize their rooms with pictures and art. The facilities also have lounge areas, television, on-site exercise rooms and outdoor smoking areas.

Breakfast and dinner are served cafeteria-style at the facilities, but usually Cenikor provides bagged lunches with a sandwich and a snack for the midday meal. Breakfast tends to include both cold and warm options like cereal, yogurt and eggs, while dinner options may be warm comfort food like BBQ pork or grilled chicken and vegetables.

Treatment and Staff

The long-term inpatient program lasts about 18 months and centers on equipping residents for the job market, requiring them to work or attend school 40 to 48 hours a week. Cenikor also uses peer influence and clinical counseling to help residents with their recovery. The clinical methods are individualized and gender-specific and can accommodate co-occurring disorders.

Upon arrival, clients begin a 21-60 day orientation phase, during which they become assimilated into the therapeutic community, learn the rules of the house and begin educational seminars to prepare to find employment. They are also required to attend group therapy, individual therapy and 12-step meetings.

Next comes the primary phase, which lasts about 16 months. This is when residents start working full-time with one of Cenikor’s community partners while working in their spare time to change their negative behavioral patterns. They also attend occasional educational training to acquire marketable skills in such fields as accounting, management, automotive repair, secretarial/clerical, computer data entry, food services, public relations, sales, carpentry, building maintenance and counselor training. Those who don’t have a GED begin working toward that during this phase. Clients also continue attending occasional group therapy, individual therapy and 12-step meetings to maintain their sobriety.

The typical day varies depending on a resident’s work or school schedule, but during the primary phase residents usually get up before 8 am, eat breakfast and go about their daily work or school obligations. When they return, they eat dinner together and attend a couple of different treatment sessions—maybe a 12-step meeting, a group therapy session or an individual session. Residents then complete a daily chore, such as sweeping or helping clean in the kitchen, and then have a bit of free time before bed.

Staff includes licensed counselors, administrative staff and a registered nurse. Cenikor’s long-term inpatient programs rely heavily on peer-to-peer support, so while they have staff on-site 24 hours a day, much of the day-to-day support a resident receives is from a resident who has been in the program for longer or an alumnus. As residents move through the program, they earn more responsibilities and take on the role of a mentor to newer residents.


While a client is in treatment, Cenikor invites family members to attend the Families First educational seminars, where families learn about the impact of addiction on the body and relationships and how to support their loved one through the recovery process.

After graduating from the 18-month program, clients transition to the three-to-six month re-entry phase of the program, which provides continued treatment and access to resources for those who need help finding housing, managing money, buying a car, finding a new addiction support system like AA and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and co-workers.

Cenikor also offers outpatient and IOP treatment in three different facilities across Texas. Clients can participate in individual therapy, group therapy and addiction education. These programs require nine to 10 hours of treatment a week for eight weeks.

In Summary

Cenikor’s long-term programs are known for being a bit tough but the thinking there is that the only people that find the programs too tough are those who aren’t ready to change. Prospective clients should be aware that all income from working goes directly to the cost of treatment. While this makes treatment affordable, residents can’t expect to start saving any money until the re-entry phase.

Cenikor Locations

Cenikor Baton Rouge
2414 Bunker Hill Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Cenikor Deer Park
4525 Glenwood Ave
Deer Park, TX 77356

Cenikor Fort Worth
2209 S Main
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Cenikor Long-Term Inpatient Treatment Cost

$600 (admission fee for in-state clients); $1,800 (admission fee for out-of-state clients). Reach Cenikor by phone at (888) 236-4567 or via email at [email protected]. Find Cenikor on Facebook

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  1. Jesse Galvan on

    The treatment is top notch it cant be beat. You b a fool to ho any wher else. The food is excellent.the staff is great.you just have to fillow the rules and behave your self.and everything will b all right….i kno cuz cuz ive been there

  2. My son is in Cenikor in Deer Park right now. I am a little worried after reading some of these reviews. Should I be worried?

  3. If bedbugs can stop you from getting sober, you dont want it very much.
    If hard work is too difficult a price for you to get sober, then best of luck to you in life.
    If you have tens of thousands of dollars by all means go to a different program.
    If you understand that your sobriety is up to you and no one else, you can change your life at cenikor as many others have.

  4. This place is a complete joke. Behavior modification is what they say it is. It’s run completely by the addicts, very little staff involvement , other than staff getting involved in relationships with residents, buying them drugs, and giving them money and cell phones. There is no recovery, you work all the time and can’t work on yourself. The way to get ahead in the program is dependents on who you sleep with; staff or other residents. It’s a giant trap house with constant drug use and overdoses. The food is rotten and expired and there are cockroaches and rats the size of dogs there. Do not send anyone you care about here for recovery. If you want them to continue to use and learn more addict behavior and how to manipulate; this is the place.

  5. How long does a lived ine have to be there befre family can visit them please let me know thanks .ms sorrells

    • Anonymous Former on

      She is awful!!! She is an addict herself and has went through the program twice! She learned how to manipulate the system to her benefit. If a resident wants to complete the program quicker they apply for the internship which she did. She is now the vocational manager responsible for the residents job assignments if you are on her good side which is pretty much if you are male and you compliment her you will go farther but if you try to complain at all about her she will make your life at Cenikor a nightmare! She is constantly arguing with other staff and is paid a bonus based on how many hours and money she can work the residents. So if you want to go to school it is pretty much denied because she wants to make her bonus. She has NEVER once walked in other residents shoes and when she was in the program she only worked in jobs that were in the facility and never worked at any of the intense labor jobs and it doesn’t matter if you are sick you are going to work, if you have a doctors appointment you have to go to she will make sure you work a lot more hours so people don’t go to the doctor because of her! There have been a lot of talk about her being in inappropriate relationships with the male residents and she often where’s clothes that are tight, low cut, and so short you can almost see her vagina! But she is the first to insure that if a female resident where’s tight clothing are disciplined for it. She is the devil and the other managers do not challenge her because she is vindictive and it’s better to just stay away from her! Do not send your loved ones to this program! The staff consistently puts residents in a chair in front of the entire facility both staff and residents and will allow the staff and residents to belittle you cuss you out and tell you that you are worthless and call you every name under the sink and they call this “treatment” What happens when you are there is for example is if you attempt to speak out or question anyone then you are made to sit on a chair (like timeout) and while you sit there you are not allowed to speak, move and you have to stare straight ahead and you cannot get up until someone tells you to stop then they bring you into an office and you are judged and will loose privileges and they can make you stand in front of everyone and repeat Cenikor Philosophy over and over and made to work in the kitchen after you have already worked 9-10 hours out on your job assignment and you do dishes and clean and the whole time you have to repeat their philosophy over and over and are not allowed to speak to anyone else.

      • Your assessment is completely accurate! Cenikor hires former residents because it is cheaper for them to do so knowing that it’s really hard for someone with a criminal record to gain employment they totally take advantage of them. They take advantage of the residents who have been stipulated by the courts to complete Cenikor and getting treatment for them is their last goal. They barely are allowed to see their councilors, they fabricate their paperwork to make it appear that residents are going to group therapy to insure they are complying with the state requirements. But even if they attend groups residents belittle and attack each other and just tear each other down because that is what they are expected to do. Do not send your family or friends to this program they will be miserable. In the last six months alone I have seen 6 former residents just from their Fort Worth facility who have relapsed and died from overdosing or from being under the influence. Everything stated in this person’s comments before mine is 100% true!

      • OMG everything you stated is exactly what my daughter told me about Kimberly and the Ft. Worth location. She was there 6 months and doing really really good in the program even with all it’s flaws because she is very determined to change her life. But after missing like only 3 days work in 6 months, and maybe some other hours for doctors appts. Kimberly was KICKING HER OUT on the street. So while other residents are sneaking in drugs, having sex, etc etc my daughter is kicked out for missing hours at work. NOW I understand this Kimberly WITCH! Yes it is all about the money! So here I am in Houston on the phone with this WITCH yelling at her….I can’t just drop what i’m doing and come get her and telling her you CAN”T just throw her out on the street, another very kind staff member stepped in and kind of took over. She got on the phone and was able to get a transfer in place for my daughter. So they now say that I have to buy her the bus ticket from Ft. Worth to Baton Rouge! Ok fine, give me some time to find a good fare and come up with the money! OH NO – she has got to leave NOW! Are you kidding me! They already had her shit packed and basically quarantined from all other residents in a little room by herself with a cot. Ok now I’m on the phone with them hysterical! She is not a criminal damn it, she is just transferring! Kimberly wanted her GONE so fast that they ended up paying for the ticket themselves and had her ass on a bus that same day/night at 4am! She is now day 2 in LA and calling me crying and miserable. She says the LA location is horrible! I DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO 🙁

        • File a complaint with the Cenikor corporate office. The facility director is Bill Bailey. The posted comments about Kimberly Reaves are entirely accurate in my opinion. Take it from an insider that the above is true. Unfortunately I must keep my own identity a secret for fear of retaliation. If you want to make a statement, you must go above her to the man at the top, and that man is Bill Bailey. Hope this helps.

  6. Austin McElroy on

    Cenikor is a place for change, as their motto says. I recovered there 8 years ago. After experiencing 3 other rehabs, Cenikor worked for me. The difference was their model of setting their clients up for success as opposed to dusting me off and sending me back to the same environment with the same mindset. It gives you a chance to rebuild self esteem, self worth and helps you become a valuable member of society again.

  7. The Deer Park facility is infested with bed bugs. I was able to visit my family member during the Christmas holiday and saw tiny red dots behind his ear and shoulders. I asked what in the world ?? He and the few gentlemen at our table began telling me of the bed bug problem…that nobody will address. And the walls in the sleeping quarters have mold. I saw this myself when given a tour by upper staff.

    • Julie Sutton on

      All of the long term treatment centers are full of bed guys and the biggest rats I have ever seen. The Fort Worth location say they have been treating and trying to get rid of them for months and they are still there. They are going to have to indure treating them the most extensive way and the most extensive. They have to stop taking in clothing and linens without treating before they are allowed in to the facility. They get linens that are donated from motels which I think is worse! There is mold in several of the restrooms and in the food service area. Not to mention getting head lice and a scabbies, that is what waits for you when you come to Cenikor and it has been the same for 7 or 8 years and don’t think it’s going to change

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