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Cedars at Cobble HillThe Basics

Cedars at Cobble Hill is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Its lodge-style buildings are nestled in an expansive grove of evergreen trees with sprawling lawns, water features and hiking trails. Some will recognize the location from the now-cancelled reality television show Intervention Canada.

Accommodations and Food

Cedars at Cobble Hill can accommodate 49 individuals in its residential treatment program and up to 12 in its Discovery program, which serves family members or addicted individuals. The buildings all feature log cabin framing, exposed beams, hardwood floors and river-rock fireplaces. Clients enjoy small shared rooms with single beds, a dresser, desk and cozy wall-to-wall carpeting. The on-site chefs cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions and offer a well-stocked salad bar and vegetarian options at every meal.

Treatment and Staff

Primary treatment for addiction at Cedars at Cobble Hill is 12-step based and includes medically supervised detox, nutrition assessment, fitness sessions and relapse prevention planning along with a daily schedule that includes CBT, experiential learning activities, lectures, peer interaction and meetings. The staff encourages gender separation to reduce distractions and improve trust and communication within therapy groups. Cedars at Cobble Hill recognizes the prevalence of co-occurring mental health disorders and offers dual diagnosis support. The program places less emphasis on individual therapy, noting that it has a tendency to merely produce insightful addicts.

Treatment lasts anywhere from 42 to 50 days and costs C$18,120 to $21,000 (about US$16,000 to $18,500).

Cedars at Cobble Hill also offers treatment for disordered eating, as well as medically supervised detox, nutrition assessments, fitness sessions and equine therapy. In addition, they have complete family treatment with small group therapy and Alanon meetings in its Discovery facility, which offers treatment programs every two weeks.

The staff at Cedars at Cobble Hill are well educated and have a surprisingly long history of treating addictive disorders at this and other programs. Medical Director Dr. Ted Kardera has been practicing addiction medicine since 1986.


Cedars at Cobble Hill offers exercise activities seven days a week and regularly brings in a personal trainer for boot camps. Yoga is also offered every day. First Nations programming may include sweat lodge ceremonies, teachings, and river bathing supervised by a local First Nations elder.

In Summary

The folks on Intervention Canada got lucky when they were sent to Cedars at Cobble Hill. The beautiful location and caring staff offer the tools necessary to begin life in recovery.

Cedars at Cobble Hill
3741 Holland Ave
Cobble Hill, BC V0R 1L0

Cedars at Cobble Hill Cost: $18,000 (30 days) [US $16,000, per publishing day exchange rate]. Reach Cedars at Cobble Hill by phone at (866) 716-2006. Find Cedars at Cobble Hill on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. This place attracts people with attractive promises and customer services but really couldn’t care less about patients’ wellbeing and how effective the treatment is once they have your money. They promise services they’re not qualified for. They also charge you for after treatment services whether you use it or not.

    From my daughter’s point of view Cedars staff were very nice and welcoming but are not equipped or trained for eating disorders treatment. They treat ED as an addiction and apply the program as a one-size fits all. That’s why it didn’t work with my daughter. What a waste of money! After 48 days in rehab she came back with the same condition, nothing has changed. She continued struggling with this horrible disease. Eating disorders are serious medical illness marked by severe disturbances to a person’s eating behaviors. Treatment plans for eating disorders requires monitoring, psychotherapy, medical care and, nutritional counseling, medications, or a combination of these approaches. My daughter didn’t receive any of these specific treatments. She only received once a week general counselling and daily group counselling.

    I paid $22,220.00 for 48 days ($462.91/day) to get a proper help. Part of this payment was to cover 6 months continue treatment after leaving Cedars facility. The therapist that Cedars sent my daughter to charges $200/hour for once/week visit that should be covered by Cedars. My daughter visited the therapist one time only and never again; because she was already disappointed and lost hope in the whole program. Cedars paid the therapist for this one visit.

    I strongly believe that we should get reimbursed for the remaining therapy time that has never been used (4 visits/month X 6 months less one visit).

    When I asked for reimbursement, they promised that they’re working on it, but they are actually not planning to reimburse any money. 6 months passed and never heard from them. They ignored all my emails and phone calls. Cedars refused to reimburse the portion I paid for that was allocated for continue treatment. They chose to keep this portion to themselves. What a sneaky way to rip people off.

    Ignoring your clients is not in your best interest and could easily ruin your reputation. You don’t know who you are dealing with.

    • Sandra Mitchell on

      Thank you for your review. We were just looking into Cedar for our daughter but will definitely look elsewhere. We have also spent lots of money trying to get her help and we don’t need another rip off facility that is just in it for the money.

  2. Physician James on

    As a recent 2018 attendee for treatment at Cedar’s – on – Cobble – Hill, Vancouver Island, I can attest that the location, building structure (open-grained log-wood) and food are top-notch.

    Sadly, the Staff (excluding the Admitting On-Site Physician) is not quite up to the standards enjoyed by similarly-priced facilities.

    Admissions personnel focus on profit over function, in the result relegating ‘patients’ to their own curative devices.

    Most time is spent in ‘Group’ with no particular direction or forecast.
    Just a bunch of Addicts talking to each other, with little-to-no professional direction from
    a qualified educator.

    As an Addict, and in last-stage (diagnosed) denial and ‘in big trouble’, even as a former Physician and (at one time) Hospital Board Director, I was saddened to witness how the Staff and ‘Professional’ caregivers at Cedar’s-on-Cobble-Hill ‘down-talked’ certain patients who candidly voiced their own views about nothing more than their own life experiences.

    One particular case stands out to me, even now.
    In the result, a man I considered a close friend … but who declined to ‘dress only in a T-Shirt’ and ‘not to take notes during Class’ and was reticent to follow the ‘New Cedar’s Rule’ : “Do Not Speak Out in Open Discussions” (where all other patients, including me, were allowed free-reign to speak) and even ‘No Dress Shirt and Tie Shall be Worn by You..”…
    and this man was invariably polite, albeit perhaps inclined to favor large words in longer sentences .. But funny, popular (with the Patients) and astute in his comments.

    Yet … for reasons that are unknown … the Staff seemed to resent… and then finally ejected him …

    I remember the last night … another great meal in the Diner at Cedar’s. Our usual Table was jammed with hope, energy and optimism.

    Next day, I saw my friend trudging up the Hill to the ‘Jeff Emsland Trolley’ (Dear Jeff is the company driver, and a stalwart and engaging man in his own right).
    And that was that.

    My friend was ‘Out’.
    I tried to discover what horrible thing he had done …
    But in the end .. “It’s just personality. Even without speaking he commanded attention
    to himself. That doesn’t work at Cedar’s.”

    I only wish that I might have gotten his contact information.

    When I asked ‘Staff’ the reason, I was told ” … there was no reason. He just decided to leave.”

    But this is a lie.
    As a family Physician, you learn to spot those.

    Plus, of course, there are no secrets in life.
    Housekeeping was good enough to let me in on the real story.

    “They just didn’t like him. People were listening to him instead of our Bosses.”

    I can no longer recommend Cedar’s as a treatment Centre to my patients, friends or referrals.

    From 2015 forward, my recommendation would have been, and was, fully in favor and
    in support of Cedar’s-on-Cobble-Hill.
    Many of my Patients have received life-saving abilities soley and directly as a result of the
    Cedar’s that used-to-be.

    I have personally endorsed several Admissions into the Cedar’s Rehabilitation
    Program on Vancouver Island, over the years .. through Social Service facilities,
    and even Private Placement.

    But there is something going on at Cedar’s these days.
    It sadden me to say it.
    But after my friend disappeared, even I came under scrutiny as a ‘potential threat’ to
    the Cedar’s-on-Cobble-Hill Staff Culture.

    But you simply do not kick an Addict to the street because, in your own private opinion,
    he or she does not fit in.

    Thank You All.

    • Toni McLaren on

      Thank you for your candid review. I have provisionally booked my daughter into treatment at Cedars commencing next week (her second stay at the facility) however I will now reconsider and investigate other option.
      Thanks again.

    • I appreciate your candid review. We were just looking at Cedar’s as a friend recommended the center. Is there a facility that you would recommend?

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