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Cayuga Addiction Recover Services is a residential rehab in Trumansburg, New York, a small town of about 2,000 just outside Ithaca. While the residential facility was destroyed in a fire in October 2003, Cayuga re-opened in a new, almost three million dollar facility in September 2004. Today, the program uses both the 12 steps and Hazelden’s Matrix Model to address clients’ addictions.

Accommodations and Food

Cayuga is a 60-bed, co-ed facility separated by gender. Each room holds four clients and comes complete with pale yellow walls, curtains, plants and twin-sized beds; still, the overall atmosphere is more institutional than residential. Food service is just cafeteria-style food served on plastic trays. Cayuga does not provide sugar in any form for its clients, but does allows clients to bring candy into treatment with them if they must.

Treatment and Staff

As of 2006, the six- to nine-month treatment plan at Cayuga is all focused on the Matrix Model, developed at Hazelden. The Matrix Model is a program with six different clinical focuses: group therapy and individual therapy, early recovery, relapse prevention, family education, social support and random drug testing. Clients participate in seven Matrix group sessions a week. Other group therapy sessions are based on Hazelden’s “New Directions” material, which is addiction treatment largely based in CBT. Aside from The Matrix Model, clients are taken to on and off-site AA meetings each week as well; while these are not required, they are highly suggested. There is no detox available, but an affiliated MD comes to Cayuga once a week from a local hospital to check-up on the residents. Somewhat unusual in light of their lack of detox is the pharmacological help offered, which can includes medications such as Naltrexone, Suboxone, Campral, Wellbutrin and Chantix.

Overall, Cayuga’s program asks clients for three things to make treatment work: hard work, gratitude and humility. Daily schedules at Cayuga are fairly simple. Everything is gender-segregated, and the men’s schedule is one hour ahead of the women’s. Men wake up at 7 am for breakfast at 7:30 to 8:30, after which they have a busy morning of group and individual therapy sessions. Lunch is at noon followed by more therapy all afternoon including lectures on addiction, the history of alcoholism and exercise before dinner. After dinner comes an AA meeting followed by free time and lights out at 10:30 pm.

On Sundays, clients also take part in meditation as a part of their schedules. Finally, the family program at Cayuga is on weekends in the form of Matrix Family Education groups; family members will be able to participate in joint therapy sessions with their sons or daughters, all guided by professional counselors.

The staff at Cayuga is mixed between highly credentialed and more peer-counselor-like. The credentials range from LCSW to CASAC to simply “residential counselor.” There are 11 main staff members, including the CEO, and double that for day to day life at Cayuga and it’s about a 60/40 split between men and women on the staff.

Cell phones and computers are not allowed, and visitation hours are on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 4 pm.


Extracurricular activities at Cayuga are bundled with the price, and can include trips to the museum or to Cornell University football and basketball games. The facility also has a cardio room with a weights station outside, as well as plenty of space on campus to walk around or exercise during down time. There are six TVs at the facility which clients are free to use in their free time before bed.

In Summary

For a low admission price, Cayuga offers a solid dose of The Matrix Model and access to AA meetings on- and off-site.

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Location

6621 Route 227
Trumansburg, NY 14886

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Cost

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Cost: $2,500 (30 days). Reach Cayuga by phone at (607) 387-6118. Find Cayuga on Facebook

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  1. This review is 4 years old and it shows. The building has had a tough four years, with part-time facilities staff and the only maintenance/improvement taking the form of external paint in a more institutional palate and new plastic and plywood “cuddle couches” in the lounge areas that facilitate the fraternization the leadership does a poor job of prohibiting. While about 95% of the staff has turned over since that time, staff compensation has remained static. Whewps, that’s not quite true – the employee contribution required to cover benefits has nearly doubled while vacation, sick days, and holidays have been lumped together into hourly “PTO” that adds up to about 1/3 of the benefit time that was offered previously. Relapse rates here tower over others’ in the industry. Clients get a lot from their time here. Unfortunately, what they tend to get is bedbugs, STDs, unplanned pregnancies, 20#+ of insitutional carb-based food weight, and a lot of self-help nonsense that was debunked in the 90s. Whether staff or client, stay far away.

  2. Very inaccurate description of Cayuga Recovery Services. Many of the counselors are underqualified and have no CASAC (which is a requirement). The clients don’t leave the facility as described above and are poorly treated. The female clients and staff are harassed and treated with no respect. There’s really no chain of command, as the CEO calls of the shots. Both clients and staff are dispensable to the CEO. The institution regularly falsifies documents and has a reputation for being corrupt.

    • Bridget , please contact me , baby mama Britt in and out 6 wks. Kids Visited her at 4 wk , (she personally w 10 yr history of in and out of 5 30/ 60 day facilities ) should have gone 6/8 months, ,, gf cass 3 wks sober prior to her now 6 wks in ,no visitation yet , (possible lengthy term ,w halfway house include 6/8 month , she’s not a hard case , we attended of celebration / party , next day cps investigator showed up and demanded(315) she urine test , (wtf) 412he’s mandated into this , ( I’m the one with kids 8912,there not hers ) I should of been there (target) I woulda posses positive too ,

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