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Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Inc.Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Inc. Review

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Inc. was founded in 1926 in Omaha, Nebraska. Today the organization operates a large variety of detox, residential and outpatient programs for both adults and adolescents suffering with chemical dependency, substance abuse and addiction issues in the Omaha and Columbus areas.

Accommodations and Food

Catholic Charities operates two facilities, one located in Columbus and the other in Omaha. Both are one-story buildings where clients both dwell and receive counseling. The facility in Omaha houses the detox program, short-term and intermediate residential programs as well as the adolescent programs. Catholic Charities’ dual diagnosis program operates out of the Columbus location. Both facilities have a similar layout.

Clients from each program are assigned their own specialized area in the building. Clients in the residential programs share a dorm-style room that comes with two twin beds and two nightstands. Each dorm room is connected to another room via a bathroom that both rooms share.

Although the programs are co-ed, the rooms and shared bathrooms are single-sex only. Also, clients are forbidden from entering any other bedroom but their own.

The facility has a large cafeteria area where clients are served three meals a day. Although the menu is fixed and designed by an on-staff nutritionist, Catholic Charities will work with clients who have food allergies or restrictions. The cafeteria also has a microwave, fridge and snacks available throughout the day. Clients in the long-term program are allowed to have outside snacks.

Client’s regularly visit the nearby YMCA to exercise.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Catholic Charities begins with clients obtaining an outside chemical dependency evaluation. Evaluations are offered every Wednesday at 7:30am at the Sheehan Center in Omaha or at the Columbus Center in Columbus. During this evaluation, clients with potential co-occurring disorders must receive a mental health assessment to be eligible for the long-term dual diagnosis program. An admission counselor will contact the client after he or she submits the evaluation to discuss what program at Catholic Charities would be best. If the client is not sober at the time of admission to a residential treatment, he or she is required to go through Catholic Charities’ detox program.

Catholic Charities offers three separate detox programs: a voluntary detox program, protective custody services detox program and an emergency protective custody detox program. The voluntary detox program has 18 beds for adult men and women who either want to undergo detox or are showing signs of withdrawal when entering one of Catholic Charities residential programs. During this program, clients undergo a non-medical, cold-turkey detox where they spend most of their time resting and talking with counselors about potential treatment options following their detox. The voluntary program lasts three to five days and clients are allowed to leave at any time.

Catholic Charities’ Civil Protective Custody program is a non-voluntary detox for adults who have been found intoxicated by law enforcement on public or quasi-public property. Clients generally stay in the program until they are sober and are not allowed to stay over 24 hours.

The Emergency Protective Custody detox program is designed for clients who, like the Civil Protective Custody program, have been found intoxicated on public property but are also in danger of harming themselves or others. This program is identical to that of the Civil Protective Custody detox, but clients are also evaluated by a clinical psychologist who determines whether psychiatric services are needed. This program lasts three to five days and clients spend most of their time resting and speaking with counselors individually.

When clients enter a residential program they are assigned to a counselor with whom an individualized treatment plan is created. As previously mentioned, Catholic Charities offers a short-term residential program, intermediate residential program and a long-term dual diagnosis residential program.

The short-term program lasts for 35 days and usually has 22 to 25 residents. The counseling at Catholic Charities consists of both group and individual therapy. Clients have busy schedules filled with therapy, 12-step meetings and some mild recreation.

The intermediate residential lasts for six months to two years. The program is designated for men only and has a maximum of eight clients. The structure and counseling is almost identical to that of the short-term residential program and is based around group and individual counseling. The intermediate program also includes lectures from outside dieticians and health experts.

The long-term dual diagnosis program lasts for six months to a year and maxes out at 22 to 25 clients. This program is almost identical to that of the short-term residential program, but also includes mental health treatment and groups that address co-occurring disorders.

Group meetings encompass relapse prevention, coping skills and CBT.

The staff at Catholic Charities consists of a mix of LADCs and mental health counselors. The staff-to-client ratio is one-to-six. The facility also has a nurse on staff 24 hours a day.

Most of Catholic Charities’ counseling and treatment is based on the 12 steps and some of the counselors run 12-step groups in the program. The facility also regularly has outside speakers give talks and clients are encouraged to find a sponsor. Although clients in the long-term program are allowed to attend outside support groups, clients in the short-term program are not allowed to leave the facility and are therefore not allowed to attend outside AA/NA meetings.

When clients complete one of Catholic Charities residential programs, they are strongly encouraged to step down into the organization’s outpatient program.

Catholic Charities outpatient program lasts for 13 weeks. The program meets three days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Catholic Charities offers sessions in the afternoons which run from 1pm to 4pm and in the evenings from 6pm to 9pm. The group sizes vary but on average range from six to seven clients. Clients also meet once a week individually with a counselor. The group meetings are very similar to that of the residential programs and do include co-occurring groups as well. Clients in the outpatient program are also required to attend at least one outside AA or NA meeting per week.


Catholic Charities hosts a family night once a week which is a group meeting with clients, their family members and counselors discussing addiction and recovery issues.

Although Catholic Charities does not have an official aftercare program, counselors do regularly assist clients with finding outside therapists before they leave the residential or outpatient program.

When clients step down from Catholic Charities residential, they are given the option of entering a three-quarters house. This house operates very similarly to a traditional halfway house with curfews, chores, and different levels of permissions based on the clients seniority in the house. Clients in this house are also required to be working or enrolled in school full-time.

In Summary

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Inc. offers a wide range of both affordable and extensive substance abuse treatment programs. Catholic Charities’ dual diagnosis residential program allows clients to receive highly specialized long-term care that addresses their substance abuse and mental health issues equally. A low staff-to-client ratio and a plethora of options for support after the completion of inpatient or outpatient treatment make this network a viable option at every level of recovery.

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