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CASPAR Womanplace and New DayCASPAR Womanplace and New Day Review

Founded in 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts, Womanplace and New Day are part of the comprehensive CASPAR network. Both places offer residential treatment to adult women in the Boston area. Womanplace focuses on women who have completed detox and are seeking an inpatient program that transitions them back into society. New Day is designed for pregnant women or clients with newborns. Partially funded by the Department of Public Health, these branches of CASPAR provide affordable help with emphasis on issues specific to women.

Accommodations and Food

Womanplace operates out of a 20-bed historic home. The facility is located in the suburban Cambridge area and is only a 15-minute walk to Harvard Square. The house is also very close to the red line subway.

The house has 10 double bedrooms that each come with two twin beds and closet space. The facility has four communal bathrooms shared by clients. The house also has a living room and separate rooms for group meetings.

New Day’s facility is a 12-bedroom house in Summerville, a city located about two miles northwest of Boston. The house consists of a variety of single and double bedrooms with the single rooms dedicated to clients who are have been in the program the longest. The house also has some single bedrooms dedicated strictly for clients who are close to giving birth.

Both Womanplace and New Day have large kitchens and eating areas for clients. At CASPAR, women are assigned different chores including cleaning and cooking dinner. CASPAR provides food for breakfast and lunch, but clients are in charge of preparing their own meals at dinnertime. Monday through Friday, clients are assigned to cook and prepare dinner for the other residents. On the weekends, clients are responsible for providing their own dinners.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at CASPAR for both Womanplace and New Day begins with an initial phone assessment followed by an in-person meeting. CASPAR only accepts clients that are stable and are verified to be sober. Clients are required to have a recent bio-psych-social evaluation, negative TB test and list of any medications they are currently taking. In addition, since CASPAR is partially funded by the Department of Public Health, clients will need to provide proof of residency before entering the program.

If the client is unstable or currently using, she is referred to an outside detox program. The waiting list for CASPAR can be long at times, and clients who are placed on the wait list are referred to live in outside sober living homes while awaiting the program.

Womanplace’s treatment program lasts for six months and consists of group and individual counseling. Each client is assigned to a case manager that meets with them on a weekly basis for an individual meeting. The schedule and intensity of group and individual meetings fluctuates based on the need of the client and what phase of the program she is currently in. The group meetings deal largely with relapse prevention, self-esteem and women’s issues.

The counseling focuses a great deal on gender-specific issues, including women’s health and coping with the loss of custody of children due to substance abuse issues.

The program consists of three phases. The first phases lasts for two weeks and is highly restrictive and clients are not allowed any contact with the outside world. During this time, clients are only allowed to leave to attend outside meetings with peers.

The second phase is the bulk of the program and lasts for five months. During the initial 30 days of this phase, clients are required to find a job. If clients do not find work during this phase, they are required to leave the program. After clients find a job, they are given more privileges including weekend passes and being able to use cell phones. Also, clients are required to regularly attend outside 12-step meetings during this phase and find a sponsor. In order to ensure that clients are in good hands, CASPAR screens potential sponsors before clients commit to them. CASPAR also requires clients to meet with their sponsors at least once a week.

During the third phase of the program, clients are allowed to choose the meetings they would like to attend instead of selecting meetings from a CASPAR’s list. Clients are also allowed to have both single and double overnight passes in this phase.

New Day’s program is highly similar to that of Womanplace’s and follows the same three phase-structure The average length of the program is four to six months, however the length is based on the needs of the client and whether or not they give birth during the program. New Day wants to ensure that clients receive ample support in the first couple months after delivery.

New Day also offers specialized services for at-risk infants and legal assistance to clients that may be at risk of losing their child due to substance abuse issues. The facility also focuses on teaching clients parenting skills including nurturing behavior management and child development. New Day also offers psychoeducational groups.

Although both Womanplace and New Day does not have psychologists or licensed therapists on staff, CASPAR considers itself to be dual-diagnosis as it does work with clients who have co-occurring disorders.

The staff at Womanplace and New Day consists of full-time case managers, clinical directors and the head director of the facility. Although the staff are not licensed counselors, they do refer clients to outside licensed counselors in the area if the client wishes.


Womanplace and New Day do not have an official aftercare program, but do refer graduating clients to outside sober living houses and outpatient programs. Furthermore, CASPAR recommends clients to remain active in outside 12-step groups. Alumni can also call CASPAR 24/7 if they feel they need someone to talk to.

New Day also offers OB/GYN, perinatal and pediatric care while in the program.

In Summary

CASPAR’s Womanplace and New Day provide highly affordable residential treatment for adult women in the Boston area. The requirement of clients finding jobs while in the program pushes them to develop a sustainable life for when they are discharged from rehab. The gender-specific focus in group therapy allows clients to explore issues that they may not have been able to at a co-ed program. Also, the three-phase structure provides clients with tangible recovery goals and a timeline to track their progress.

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CASPAR Womanplace and New Day Cost

Sliding Scale or 60% of income (30 days); sliding scale or 30% of income (30 Days). Reach CASPAR Womanplace and New Day by phone at (617) 661-6020 or by email at [email protected]. Find CASPAR Womanplace and New Day on Google+ and Facebook

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