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Cascadia-Bountiful Life Addiction Treatment Center


Cascadia-Bountiful Life Addiction Treatment CenterThe Basics

Cascadia-Bountiful Life Addiction Treatment Center was founded 1995 in Bremerton, Washington, which is just a 60-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. This outpatient facility offers help with substance abuse and chemical dependency as well as DUI services to adults in the Kitsap Peninsula area.

Treatment and Staff

Although almost half of Cascadia’s clients are court-ordered, the facility does regularly admit voluntary clients. The intake process at Cascadia begins with a phone interview between the potential client and an staffed counselor. If the counselor determines an individual will benefit from treatment at Cascadia, he or she is brought in for a more formal assessment. The in-person meeting determines the intensity and length of the treatment. If the counselor decides someone might need of a higher level of care, he or she is referred to an outside detox or residential treatment program.

Cascadia’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) lasts from one to three months, depending on the needs of the client. The counseling consists of group and individual therapy. The IOP meets three times a week, twice for normal group meetings that last for two and a half hours and once for a family meeting that lasts for two hours. Clients often step down from IOP to outpatient.

Clients in the regular outpatient program meet twice a week for group meetings, but only stay for two hours at a time. The groups are usually small and range from six to 12 clients.

Groups in both IOP and outpatient tracks focus a great deal on educating the client on substance abuse issues. Cascadia operates a 12-week syllabus of educational material and covers a variety of topics including nutrition, spirituality, withdrawal, stages of change, relapse prevention and some medical aspects of drugs and alcohol.

Individual counseling is also offered and the intensity and amount is based on the preferences of the client. Individual meetings last for an hour.

The family group meetings include both clients and their family members. These meetings cover addictions topics, family systems, co-dependency, family dynamics and relapse prevention. There is also art therapy available for families to do together.

Cascadia is not technically a 12-step based program but the counselors do highly encourage clients to attend outside AA/NA meetings at least twice a week.

Cascadia is not dual-diagnosis facility but if counselors believes a client may have a co-occurring disorder, they usually go to great lengths to make sure he or she is referred to a suitable outside mental health treatment center.

The facility has three licensed counselors on staff who are all either CDPs or CDPTs.


There is not a formal aftercare program at Cascadia. However, it does set up clients with a viable plan for maintaining long-term sobriety when they are discharged from the program. This strategy usually includes a recommendation to attend or continue attending AA and NA meetings and actively working with sponsors from these programs. Cascadia also offers a monthly group session for alumni of the program.

In Summary

Whether court-ordered or otherwise, adults in the greater Bremerton area might be able to find some much needed relief from addictive tendencies if they commit to the outpatient programming at Cascadia-Bountiful Life Addiction Treatment Center. The added family groups in the IOP not only involve the family in the treatment process but also aid clients in understanding how they can readily use their built-in family support system throughout recovery. Additionally, the focus on psychoeducation provides clients with a solid foundation for comprehension of all facets of addiction and substance abuse, a much needed tool for moving forward in sobriety.

Cascadia-Bountiful Life Addiction Treatment Center
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