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Cascade Behavioral HospitalThe Basics

Cascade Behavioral Hospital was founded pretty recently in 2013 in Tukwila, Washington under Arcadia Healthcare. Arcadia Healthcare is a behavioral healthcare organization that operates over 76 facilities across the world. Cascade Behavioral Hospital, part of the Cascade Behavioral Health network, specifically offers a substance abuse program that includes medical detox, inpatient stabilization and outpatient treatment.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Cascade begins with an intense assessment with an intake coordinator to determine what level of care the client may need. If the coordinator determines the client is still very actively drinking or using drugs, then he or she is immediately referred to Cascade’s medical detox program. If the client is clean, he or she is assigned to Cascade’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or the hospital’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Cascade’s PHP lasts for two weeks and meets Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4pm. Although clients can enter this program directly, most of the clients in the PHP begin the program as a step-down from Cascade’s medical detox or inpatient stabilization programs. The PHP consists of intensive group and individual therapy throughout the day. The clients exact schedule depends on the counselor’s assessment as to what sort of therapy is needed.

Clients in the PHP can also step down to Cascade’s IOP program. The IOP lasts for three to six weeks depending on the needs of the client and meets for a total of 24 sessions. The sessions in the IOP consist of both group and individual counseling with clients. The group meetings meet for three hours at a time and are offered both in the morning and evenings. Individual counseling is available based on the needs of the clients, and individual meetings usually last for about three hours at a time as well.

The groups in both the PHP and IOP cover a variety of topics. Some sessions are CBT-driven and others cover the 12 steps, relapse prevention, life skills, stress and anger management as well as family education. Cascade also places a large focus on substance abuse education. The group sizes vary and can range from five to up to 20 clients at a time.

Cascade also hosts weekly AA and NA meetings. Attendance of the meetings is suggested but optional for clients in the PHP and IOP.

Although Cascade is not currently equipped to treat dual-diagnosis clients, the hospital is expanding and plans to add a co-occurring disorders element to its substance abuse programs in the near future.

Cascade’s medical detox program lasts for three to five days. While in the program clients live in the 135-bed hospital and are monitored by Cascade’s doctor and team of nurses. Clients attend group and individual counseling while in this program and also receive medication for withdrawal symptoms as well.

The inpatient stabilization program lasts for 14 days. While in the program, clients continue to live at the hospital and are seen regularly by the medical staff. Clients in this program are assigned a chemical dependency counselor who oversees their progress. The program’s schedule consists of group and individual meetings as well as classes all throughout the day. There is a strong focus in this program on preparing clients to deal with potential relapse issues as well as creating a sober network for them. Cascade also encourages family members to attend the classes during this program so they can learn how to help the client when the client is discharged and goes home.

The therapy and group sessions are all lead by LCDCs and CDPs. The medical detox program is an affiliated a team of nurses and one of the hospital’s doctors, both of whom regularly check in on clients in this program.


Cascade offers a specific group meeting for clients detoxing off Suboxone. It covers issues specific to both detoxing and staying clean from Suboxone.

Although Cascade’s IOP does not have an official aftercare program, Cascade does assist clients with finding a sober living environment when they are discharged from the IOP.

Cascade also does not have a family program, but does offer group meetings on Thursday evenings for clients and their family members. These meetings focus on educating family members on substance abuse and communication issues.

In Summary

Cascade Behavioral Hospital is potentially an ideal fit for clients in the Tukwila area who are looking for both detox and IOP treatment. The medical approach to Cascade’s detox program provides clients with an environment where they can stabilize both physically and emotionally before being discharged. Also, the intensity of the PHP and IOP makes it so they both serve as solid alternatives to residential treatment if inpatient treatment isn’t an accessible option for people in dire need of getting sober.

Cascade Behavioral Hospital
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Cascade Behavioral Hospital Cost: PHP $6,500 (Two Weeks); IOP $6,500 (24 Sessions). Reach Cascade Behavioral Hospital by phone at (206) 244-0180 or by email. Find Cascade Behavioral Hospital on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

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