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Embarking on the journey of recovery from addiction, eating disorders, chronic pain and other trauma can feel like an overwhelming life change. Fortunately, San Diego-based luxury rehab Casa Palmera offers holistic healing practices and nutritious homemade meals to help ease the discomfort of this transitory period.

Accommodations and Food

Casa Palmera’s beautiful Mediterranean-style estate has plenty to lure in potential residents. The spa-like grounds are complete with koi ponds, luxurious gardens, guided meditations, yoga and in-house dieticians. Private and semi-private rooms are available. Meals are healthy and high-quality but there is no coffee or caffeine allowed.

Treatment and Staff

Casa Palmera strives to create individualized treatment plans unique to patients suffering from any number of chemical dependency issues—namely alcoholism, drug addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction and dual diagnosis issues as well as anorexia, bulimia, PTSD and depression. They have strict rules about food and outside contact with friends (including a ban on Facebook). While 30 day treatment is offered, the majority of clients go for the 90-day stint.

In addition to residential treatment, Casa Palmera also offers a few outpatient options in its Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and weekly Continuing Care meetings for up to one year after discharge.


Casa Palmera prides itself on using alternative methods for treating behavioral health disorders, and on combining scientific knowledge with eastern philosophies of healing the mind, body and spirit. Daily schedules are packed with spiritual training lectures, rock climbing, yoga, ropes course activities and walks along the beach.

The center advocates creativity and not only offers art therapy but also rumored night-time jam sessions in the lounge where both staff and clients rock out on acoustic guitars, keyboards and percussion.

In Summary

Casa Palmera definitely has its strong points. Sun-drenched days filled with great food, physical activity, holistic practices and 12-step work done against the crashing waves and warm breezes of the Pacific Ocean all seems like an ideal way to get reconnected with yourself.

Casa Palmera Location

14750 El Camino Real
Del Mar, CA 92014

Casa Palmera Cost

$30,000 (double room); $39,000 (single room) (30 days). Reach Casa Palmera by phone at (858) 481-4411 or by email at [email protected]. Find Casa Palmera on Facebook and Twitter 

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  1. If you have insurance they give less a shit then out of pocket. Also some doctors there are full of crap and just care about money. They shipped me to another facility and lied about the reasons and on coming back on multiple occasions.

  2. A toxic horror facility. The nurses are evil. Their professionalism is highly questionable. Only ONE male RN was nice to me and comforting. All other nursing staff violated my patient rights on multiple occasions. Detox was hell due to the fact that I was not given my detox meds in a timely manner nor given appropriate doses to keep me comfortable. I do and did understand that I would experience a lot of discomfort and withdrawals but they do NOT keep you comfortable as possible like the website says. In fact, they were very impatient, snapped, condescended and even laughed at me that I was not responding well to their sloppy detox methods and was in a lot of pain and suffering. I didn’t even see a dr until 3 days into my stay to evaluate my medication needs based on my history.
    The nursing staff are impatient and undertrained to deal with those going through the sickness and frustrations of detox so I was constantly at the hands of emotional abuse in such a vulnerable and desperate time in need of deep understanding and compassion. All of the nursing staff have bad attitudes except for the male RN that did day shift. Amber, an RN, was a nightmare and the worst as far as condescending and disrespectful to me during my stay. She snapped at me coldly when I was asking politely for my scheduled dose and she raised her arm up threatening me. She was not only physically combative but particularly emotionally abusive and should have her license stripped. I will likely report her to state nursing licensing for violating my patient rights. I would never recommend an emotionally abusive facility such as this to patients seeking safety and compassion and that their patient rights aren’t violated. The nursing staff needs much more management and training to understand their moral obligation and roles in the way they treat patients.

    Groups are very boring and therapists facilitators don’t allow equal sharing so only a select few patients ramble all of the time. This is the fault of the therapists because it is their job to ensure participation is fair. I found the groups to be very unhelpful and without having a chance to listen to other people bc groups were so poorly facilitated, I could not identify with anyone because there was no equal opportunity to speak.

    Within two hours of the day I noted that my patient rights were violated I was clearly seen as a liability to the facility and instead told the program wasn’t a “good fit for me”. A professional facility would have had me speak to a professional higher up regarding my treatment and concerns and mediated them to establish my program was individualized (as stated in their website but not honored) and that there was an understanding my detox was harder on me than others so my experience in the program ran more smoothly and nursing staff would be clear how to assist and approach me. However, I do not believe Casa has high standards for the conduct of their nursing staff because their behavior is a direct reflection of upper management as with any business. As a highly educated person, far more-so than most staff there, I know how to advocate for myself and rights and Casa clearly does not like this. For the safety of your mental health as part of your emotional well-being in your journey for your sobriety success in treatment BE WARNED about Casa Palmera.

    After reading all other complaint reviews it appears this facility does not comply with ADA, American with Disabilities Act, which is a violation of human rights and against federal law. I highly believe this facility needs to be under federal investigation. Although I’m fit and healthy, as a person with a reversible physical disabling condition due to a leg injury, my schedule even had the “rock climbing wall” as part of my day which is unsafe and not physically possible for me which goes to show how little the staff even pays attention to your select patients needs. This place was so beyond stupid I’m only giving you a glimpse into how pathetic my stay was.

    Note: They also stole and did not return my routine medications I brought since bringing your own bottles is part of their recommended supply list for their pharmacy and nursing dept of things to bring and which also these meds had nothing to do with CD and were not scheduled narcotics either. they did not return them to me upon discharge which is another violation of my patient rights.

    This place is a joke and the food was fowl too. It used to be a senior care facility where people go to die and a lot of rumors went around that the facility is haunted too. I didn’t care whether it was haunted or not but this of course came from the word of unprofessional nursing staff. This is just another example how immature the staff are in maintaining a reputable business.
    I have since recovered bc of my loving family, friends and support group and with no thanks to Casa and I would NEVER recommend this institution to you, your loved ones or friends.

  3. Do not come here if you are just looking for mental health treatment. I came in and found the lectures boring. They read from book and don’t provide pratice application. The groups are a start. The one on one is once a week. Extras like additional sessions or seeing the med dr are 100$ a visit. It’s 40 bucks to get a phone card to call anywhere outside san diego. You will only be doing actual work 4 hours a day.

    • Thank you Mike for your candid opinion here. Much appreciated. Alas, finding a suitable, forward-thinking, somatic/holistic facility to treat trauma w/out a co-concurring addiction treatment is m

      Mighty challenging. Have you found some places that DO treat trauma directly with approaches recommended by Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk?


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