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Tradition is the name of the game at Caron, which prides itself on more than 50 years of leadership in the rehab world. An old-school, no-nonsense treatment program, Caron offers comprehensive professional care and reasonable comfort.

Accommodations and Food

Caron separates its 250 residents by age and gender, with separate facilities and specialized treatment programs for adolescents, young adults and adults over 25. In addition, Caron also provides a special program for addicts who are healthcare professionals themselves, and another specifically for those who have relapsed. The buildings are arranged on a 10-acre campus, and the interiors fittingly resemble college dorms, cafeterias and lecture halls.

Days at Caron unfold according to a structured schedule. Incoming residents should be aware of a few rules before beginning treatment. Interaction with the opposite sex is prohibited; women and men eat buffet-style on separate sides of the dining hall and also sit on separate sides of the chapel during the optional chapel Sunday services. Electronics are not allowed, and until recently, neither was caffeine. The young adult program involves mandatory attendance and constant supervision while adults over 25 are given more freedom.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is firmly rooted in the traditional 12-step model. Despite it being a larger rehab, Caron’s clinicians do their best to make sure residents receive one-on-one attention and individual treatment programs that make sense for them. Everyone begins with a five-day residential assessment to help plan the rest of their treatment, which includes a combination of group and individual counseling, lectures and speaker meetings. Residents meet one-on-one with psychologists daily as well as with addiction counselors who assign writing tasks based on 12-step readings. Many alumni praise the staff’s knowledge, compassion, and level of investment in their clients’ treatment.

In keeping with its 12-step roots, Caron encourages participation in spiritual activities. The aforementioned Sunday chapel service featuring Father Bill is somewhat legendary. Shabbat service is available for Jewish patients. All faiths are respected and all spiritual activities are optional, though some spiritual involvement is strongly advised.


The daily schedule includes four hours of free time during which residents can go camping, hiking or rafting or use the large standalone gym. Family education is a part of every treatment program at Caron, including multi-family group sessions.  Yoga is available and each day begins with meditation. Trips to the movies are common in the adolescent unit, although teens must travel in groups of three and cannot get into non-Caron vehicles.

In Summary

Caron often refers patients to extended care at Caron Renaissance in Boca Raton, Florida. A smaller facility, Caron Texas, is located near Dallas. Caron boasts a larger financial aid allowance than any other rehab. The degree of aid can depend on an person’s specific insurance company but it’s reassuring to know there is flexibility with financing treatment.

Caron Foundation Location

243 North Galen Hall Rd
Wernersville, PA 19565

Caron Foundation Cost

$36,000 (30 days). Reach Caron by phone at (800) 854-6023. Find Caron on Facebook and Twitter

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