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Part of an expansive network of transitional homes spread across four states, the Carla Vista Arizona sober living environments provide sober support for young men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 in recovery. In the Phoenix suburbs of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe, residents live in a family setting with house members and staff mutually supporting each other through their journey into recovery. Both upscale and modest accommodations are available and residents benefit from living in safe and pleasant residential neighborhoods with community resources nearby.

Accommodations and Amenities

Carla Vista Arizona offers a total of 12 gender-specific sober living homes—four for women and eight for men. Homes are both single- and two-story with varying layouts and each home accommodates a total of 11 residents.

There are three homes in Chandler, including two for women—Carla Vista House and Grace House—and Legacy House for men. The houses all have five dual-bedrooms and one master suite which has three to four twin beds. Each house is fully furnished and has comfortable living quarters and communal areas. The living rooms have plenty of seating for in-house meetings and movie nights. Office areas with a computer and Wi-Fi for conducting job searches and sending out resumes are available in each home.

The four houses in Gilbert include the Roanoke and Yale Houses for men and two homes called Trinity House for women. All the homes are newly remodeled, two-story houses. Yale House is located on ranch property with ample outdoor space featuring a backyard barbecue for house and family dinners and with an indoor pool table for recreation. All four Gilbert houses are located within walking distance of community 12-step meetings and employment opportunities.

There’s also a single-story house in Scottsdale with six dual-occupancy bedrooms and a backyard swimming pool.

There are two men’s homes in Tempe, both modern and updated with wood floors and brand new furnishings. The Cheyanne House for women—in Mesa—is among the newer additions to the Carla Vista family and comes with a backyard swimming pool and barbecue, granite counter tops in the kitchen and a breakfast island for casual meals.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to admission, potential residents undergo a background screening to ensure Carla Vista is a good match. Residents must be at least 18 years old and have worked a recovery program at either an outpatient or inpatient facility. If a resident is not deemed ready for sober living, the house works directly with various Arizona community rehabs (including A Better Today, Calvary Center, Chandler Valley Hope, Desert Cove, The River Source and Valley Hope Association) to help them establish sobriety and prepare for their next steps in recovery.

Residents must make a 90-day commitment but are always welcome to stay as long as needed. Staying drug- and alcohol-free is required and relapse is grounds for eviction. Residents are randomly screened using drug and Breathalyzer tests to ensure sobriety.

Participating in 12-step programs is required of all residents. Daily meetings are enforced, including two weekly in-house 12-step meetings with a featured alumni speaker. Additionally, attendance is required at two monthly all-house meetings that bring clients from other local Carla Vista sober living homes together. Finding a home group and a sponsor as a guide through the 12 steps is an essential part of Carla Vista’s program for maintaining sobriety. All residents must also have a service commitment at one of their meetings, preferably their home group.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the fellowship aspect of the program—going out to dinner, seeing movies and other sober activities are integral parts of building a new life. Visitors are permitted but overnight guests are not allowed.

Within their first two weeks of residence, clients are expected to have full-time employment, be enrolled in school or volunteering their time with a charity. In addition, clients are assigned daily chores that rotate on a weekly basis. Curfew at Carla Vista is 11 pm every night.


All residents are given free gym membership and, in the spirit of fellowship, quarterly flag football and softball tournaments are hosted by Carla Vista. These gatherings are considered sober-community building events and bring clients from all Carla Vista homes in Arizona together.

Additionally, every month Carla Vista residents feed the homeless and host a 12-step meeting at a local food bank to pass on the message of recovery.

In Summary

The Carla Vista network of sober living homes is ideal for young men and women in recovery. Clients who are committed to maintaining their sobriety using the 12-step way of life are guaranteed to be surrounded by a strong sober fellowship.

Carla Vista Arizona Location

Carla Vista Arizona
745 N Gilbert Rd, Suite 124, PMB 147
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Carla Vista Arizona Cost

$715 (30 days). Reach Carla Vista Arizona by phone at (480) 267-8073 or by email at [email protected]. Find Carla Vista Arizona on Facebook

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  1. As another member of the horizon house, I can vouch for all that BS going on. The house manager is a prick. The gay orgy TJ spoke of… All true. Daniel Landrum is a sicko who gets off from staring at our junk when we pee test.

    It’s also funny how little sobriety the administration has. They take you twice a week, like 20 miles to Gilbert for a BS meeting where these dudes with not even a year sober preach about how everyone else is wrong and they’re right because if their so called sobriety.

    What a joke Carla Vista is.

  2. I would like to wholeheartedly express my discontent with Carla Vista Sober Living. Living at the “Horizon” house has been a terrible experience. The most shocking of these experiences was one where the house manager, Daniel Landrum, put methamphetamine in one of my housemates’ urine screen just so he’d fail and be kicked out. Dan is the grouchiest, most unpleasant person I’ve had the displeasure of meeting. He is all about favoritism. I have heard so many terrible stories regarding this man, it is absolutely unbelievable that they allow him to manage a sober living. I would certainly look elsewhere when choosing a sober living.

  3. I am very disappointed in this supposedly sober living home that I paid to have my son moved to. I called to let them know what time I would be dropping my son off and when we got there and no one knew where the house manager was, he was upstairs sleeping at 6pm. So they had to go wake him up to come downstairs. My mom thought he was 12. I say he was probably about 18-19 somewhere around there. I had spoken to Jonathan the coordinator a few times on the phone and was reassured that it was a good establishment. How is it that a young kid like that is the house manager? Anyways within a few days of my son being there and us paying $369 move in costs for guys a house that had four people kicked out in the same week with dirty UA’s one of them being the house manager. My son and his roommate were given five minutes to pack up what they needed and leave. guys were given five min. To get what they needed. I drove over there a few days later to pick up my son stuff and half of it is missing including his prescription medications. When I spoke to Jonathan regarding this he told me that the room was trashed. I don’t know how he could think it wouldn’t be trash when they only had 5 minutes to gather what they could. We had bought a bunch of stuff for my son brand new shoes, socks, boxers bedding and sorts of things a drug addict doesn’t have a lot of. None of it was in any of his stuff. Johnathon explained to me that the reason why the house manager was who he was was because he had the most time at that facility clean and sober even though he look like he was 12 and was dismissed also for using the same week as my son and other two . I would not recommend this company at all!! Their website Macy’s at they have 5 stars but if you go in and dig deeper to the Real ratings, not even close!

  4. Carla Vista Sober Living…. what can I say about the place. What I have to say is that I am blessed I had years of sobriety prior to living there because the house is on a power trip. It amuses me that they get paid $715/mo and they don’t have enough money for drug tests. Yes, that’s right folks… the whole 90 days I was there I wasn’t even tested once. They don’t have meeting slips and that place is just a waste of money as far as the rent and you get stuck giving other people rides or borrowing money to roommates because they guilt trip you into donating to the “fellowship”. I’m very disappointed with them. All they care about is the money, not sobriety…

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