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CareForward Health is an outpatient treatment facility located in Beverly Hills, CA. Situated between Santa Monica and Wilshire, CFH offers evidence based counseling and specialized group therapy in a warm and modern setting.

With a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), CFW places clients in the best program for their individual recovery, mental health and lifestyle needs. CFH’s mission is to provide clients with a supportive environment in which to build a foundation of sobriety.

Treatment and Staff

CFH offers two different outpatient tracks for clients depending on their history of substance abuse and mental health. The PHP is specially created for individuals with dual diagnoses and a history of abuse and trauma. PHP clients are referred to community sober living homes where they live while receiving day treatment at CFH. Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm, clients work with multiple specialists on a therapeutic level in small groups led by CADCs. Group sessions focus on education, process and life skills as well as building individual and group awareness, the purpose of sponsorship, job skills and coping with loss and grief. In between group sessions, the facility serves a family-style lunch prepared by staff chefs; dinners are provided in individual sober living homes.

Clients meet weekly with their therapists for individual therapy and/or family therapy—additional sessions are scheduled as needed. Clients work with an MFT to develop organized exit strategies and realistic treatment goals. Clients also meet individually with an LPC once per week to process the events of the week and any unresolved issues that may arise during group. Individuals in the PHP program are required to attend one 12-step meeting per day and can choose from any of the fellowships. The PHP phase often lasts for 30 days maximum.

For those with work or school obligations, CFH offers a comprehensive IOP (it’s common for clients to shift from the PHP upon completion to the IOP to ensure security with their sobriety). IOP clients meet Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 1 pm with an option to meet on Saturday and Sunday evenings. For clients in need of a more structured living environment, arrangements are made with community sober living homes. Daily group sessions help to keep clients connected, in-tune with their progress and supportive of each other. Clients in the IOP are required to attend three to five 12-step meetings per week (CFH incorporates the 12 steps into their treatment track). The IOP lasts as long as the client wishes to remain in the program.

Evidence-based therapies such as CBT are employed in all programs to help clients develop solution-oriented thinking. Clients are also introduced to the Gallup Strength Finder—a program that helps individuals discover their character strengths and recognize their weaknesses.


CFH offers a range of alternative therapies, including The Healthy Sex and Intimacy group, which focuses on understanding intimacy, shame and compulsive behaviors in a sex-positive and LBGT friendly environment. There’s also the Yoga Nidra group, which introduces guided meditation techniques, including tools for deep relaxation and stress relief.

Art therapy is offered as a way for clients to try to tap into their creative resources for emotional healing.

In Summary

CFH provides evidence-based IOP and PHP tracks for clients seeking individualized treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. With a holistic approach to recovery, CFH combines non-traditional group topics and traditional therapeutic methods to help clients reach their individual potential for happy and sober lives.

CareForward Health Location

CareForward Health
9730 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

CareForward Health Cost

$16,000 (IOP, 30 days) $18,000 (PHP, 30 days). Reach CareForward Health by phone at 877-384-3519 or by email at [email protected]. Find CareForward Health on Facebook

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  1. thunderheart on

    This place is technically run by a borderline personality who goes by the name of Corrie Sloan. A power hungry manipulator who stops at nothing to get the most financial benefit from any transaction she can. She is about money and she will do anything to get it or to avoid being caught defrauding the payers or presenting a facade of a program.

    It has taken me a few days after getting home to realize the extent of the insanity at this place in Beverly Hills CA. I now see that places such as CareForward and AboveitAll are milking the insurance companies for thousands of dollars in services that are substandard, neglectful and just plain incompetent.

    I traveled from Virginia to lake Arrowhead for what I thought was a great program. Halfway through the program they told 15 women and myself living in the mountains of San Bernardino that we needed to pack up within a couple of hours and that we were moving to Los Angeles. They gave us two hours to do it.

    I have spoken to a professional who told me that to do this is abusive to the clients and done just to benefit the agency as they claim that they were shutting down the women’s program. They moved us into a cramped building in Beverly Hills where we barely fit and gave us cheap salads for lunch while we sat in a group room for up to 8 hours a day. Most people were detoxing and they were going through physical pains and discomfort and they were not appropiate for this Partial Hospitalization Program they brought us to. The following is a list of abuses and defrauding going on there;
    •They urine tested people 2-3 times a week for no reason at all. just to charge insurance companies.
    •80-90 people packed in about 1000 square feet building monday through friday
    •They moved the IOP people to another location for two days while an audit of the place was being done by JHACO, an accreditation agency. This way the Accreditation people would not see we were packed in like sardines.
    •They plan to change the name to Life Uncommon to once again lose any signs of impropiety. These people will stay on the move and changing names of facilities while they defraud a ton of money from insurance companies.
    •The sober living homes we lived in included places with a barn with no plumbing or heating( its winter there right now)
    •Care Forward was paying some resident’s insurance policies even after the resident couldnt afford it so they( Care Forward) could keep billing the insurance companies for services.
    •Sober LIving Homes contracted were not supplying food and in some cases even toilet paper for the residents in spite of the insurance companies paying a lot of money for the care.

    I would seriously suggest to anyone looking for a treament facility to stay away from Care Forward, Above it All and Life Uncommon as they would be getting substandard services by a agency headed by a woman with a serious personality disorder. Stay Away

  2. I sent my son to this program after calling the number on the Addition Network commercial. They sold us on a successful program and family with family therapy. Once he was admitted I never heard another thing from Care-Forward. After 30 days they discharged him for talking on the phone to a girl. They put him in the street without any money, clothes, phone or his medications. He is 4000 miles from home and homeless in Beverly Hills. They called me and told me they didn’t know where he was. They were cold and heartless and most important they lied to me and withheld information for hours. Now they refuse to return his belongings. They have charged my insurance company over $25,000 for this. This is unethical and I plan to follow up with this to make sure no other parents has to go through this. I am looking for anyone who has experienced a similar story at the hands of “Care-Forward”. Thank you.

  3. Ethical Goes A Long Way on

    7 of the 12 Google reviews are by employees who do not disclose that they are employed by the company. Treatment needs to be transparent and if in any way you are being misled, even by reading false testimony of past clients, who are actually employees, then you really need to think twice about considering that facility.

    The treatment industry is cluttered with business minded people and corporations looking at clients like ranchers look at cattle and pigs, cash makers, not part of the family. The business development / marketings people (referrers) are paid by the fact a client stays in treatment and will say what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. So, due diligence is the consumer’s responsibility! If you end up in an unethical center you did not ask enough questions and do enough research. It takes time and a lot of effort on the consumer’s end to find the right place.

  4. I was treated like absolute crap. Like my life didn’t matter. I was accused of using while in the program, sent to a detox, costing me even more than I already didn’t expect. $18,000? For what drug tests alone? This rehab isn’t worth any penny my insurance paid. Getting kicked to the streets of LA when you originally came from out of state was horrifying. Who does that to people who came for help? This place is filled with egotistical people who treat you awfully.

  5. Lillian Menendez on

    Lillian Menendez
    November 18, 2016

    I have regained my sobriety, self-worth, learned the tools and foundation to live a drug-free life. I thank the staff CFH for this amazing gift. Every employee knows your name. Treat you with respect, dignity, and truly value you as a person and client. I have not felt this good in years. Anyone that says any different is because they are getting loaded again and not following the foundation that CFH teaches.

  6. poetic justice on

    I would avoid this place like the plague. The people in charge are heartless, clueless poor excuse of therapists who are also a disgrace to the therapeutic community. I would not send my poodle to this place. I should know, I used to work there. this place should be shot down for abuse to the clients.

  7. DO NOT BELIEVE THE ABOVE DESCRIPTION OF CAREFORWARD! It should be called Careless Rehab. There is no individual treatment plan, due to over crowding and hot mess of “care givers”. Your insurance will be over billed by AT LEAST double of the $18,000 they say you will be billed, and if you ask for an itimized bill you will not be given one. They count on you not looking at what they are charging your insurance. There is chaos through your entire day! They rip off clients with life threating disease and the insurance compaies! Stay away!!!!!

  8. This place is garbage, heartless, self righteous people run it and I positive they are ripping off the insurance companies.

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