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Care Plus New Jersey is a non-profit organization providing mental health care and substance abuse rehabilitation services. This Northern New Jersey operation offers outpatient treatment to adults and adolescents for substance abuse in the Paramus location. With treatment for both adults and adolescents, services include an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), basic outpatient care and individual counseling. Using an approach that combines the 12 steps, CBT and psychotherapy, clients are guided towards sobriety.

Treatment and Staff

Care Plus New Jersey offers each new substance abuse client an individualized treatment plan following an initial assessment. Dual diagnosis support is available though detox is not. Referrals can be provided for those in need of detox if necessary. 

IOP meets four times a week for a total of six hours. The program includes individual, group and family therapy, as well as psychiatric medication management when necessary. Hour long individual sessions usually occur once a week. Topics covered during group include relapse prevention, emotional processing, introduction to the 12 steps and coping skills. Evidence based therapies such as CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) are used frequently. Clients are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings during their free time and get an AA or NA sponsor. Still, this is not required.

Once IOP has been completed, clients can step down into general outpatient. This structure of this program varies from client to client, usually including individual and group therapy. Groups are held once or twice a week for a maximum of five hours per week. Family sessions are added when needed.

The facility also offers specialized groups that focus on issues like depression, wellness and anxiety. Clients can also participate in individual seasons as its own form of treatment or in conjunction with groups. The frequency and intensity of both group and individual therapy depends on the individual. A highly recommended multi-family therapy group is offered to family members on a weekly basis. Issues like codependency, communication and boundaries are usually addressed.

When it comes to mental health issues, dual diagnosis support is available. Both psychiatric evaluations and medication management are available. The staff consists of MDs, psychiatrists, Master’s level therapists and LADCs. Group sizes range from eight to 15 clients.


The four to six week early intervention program provides education on the dangers of substance abuse. This is typically for adolescents who are beginning to experiment with alcohol and other drugs. There is also an eight week program which provides psycho-educational groups, random drug testing and family therapy.

Residential care for severe mental illness is available as well, as is behavioral health and family and child services. Urinalysis tests are also available when necessary.

In Summary

Care Plus New Jersey uses evidence-based therapies and the 12 steps to tackle chemical dependency issues. Thanks to a wide variety of outpatient services, clients of all ages can find relief here. Through individualized treatment plans, each person can receive the exact care they need to thrive in sobriety.

Care Plus New Jersey Location

Care Plus New Jersey
610 Valley Health Plaza
Paramus, NJ 07652

Care Plus New Jersey Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Care Plus New Jersey by phone at (201) 986-5000. Find Care Plus New Jersey on Facebook

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  1. They’re the worst. [Care Plus NJ 610 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus, NJ]. They lied and said they take Medicare but they still bill you ) of course I never paid Kathleen DeMeers). They work only for the agenda of the US government to diagnose patients as mere “patient is a chronic complainer”…”lazy patient” and “patient is a whiner”. In the American medical industry they are regarded “primary patient slanderers” and they are against the patient. Don’t go to them and never pay any of their bills. The worst social worker is Kathleen DeMeers who is supposedly “licensed” and a social worker. In fact all Ms DeMeers will denigrate and degrade you to your face. I question Care Plus’s motives. All they do is try to illicit confessions out of patients which typical in the US. The first thing they tell you is “the medicine your physician is prescribing you is bad and we want you get off of it” also typical of American fraudulent medical practices. They get government dollars for doing that. I complained in writing against them to all the appropriate agencies and I complained on Ms DeMeers in writing and I named and shamed Care Plus NJ in Paramus NJ. They will stack slanderous false diagnosis’s against you. That’s what bad doctors call “stacking” and doctors in America do that mostly against low-income citizens to intimidate the patient to make the patient pay more money. Don’t pay the medical bills- name them and shame them so they will not have enough patients.

  2. ‘Care Plus’ of Paramus (610 Valley Health Plaza Rd).
    Don’t trust them.
    Don’t trust their motives at Care Plus.

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