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Located in an office complex in Omaha, Nebraska, Capstone Behavioral Health is a community mental health and substance abuse counseling center. This facility aims to provide a wide array of services—from outpatient treatment and education to family support and drug tests. Due to the sliding scale rates, clients are able to receive up to 30 percent off of all services.

Treatment and Staff

Capstone Behavioral Health offers several chemical dependency treatment options, including evaluations, an outpatient treatment track and a weekly drug and alcohol education class. Before choosing a plan, all clients are required to undergo an evaluation that costs $136.50 with the sliding scale rate. Detox is not available.

The chemical dependency outpatient program uses CBT in a therapeutic setting. Clients meet for group therapy once a week, for two and a half hours. The group sizes range from five to 12 and cover topics such as processing, relapse prevention, anger management, coping skills, codependency, addictive thinking patterns, trauma, peer and family influences and drug and alcohol education. Clients also meet for individual therapy once a week with a certified drug and alcohol counselor. During this time, they can delve deeper into personal issues, emotions and struggles. The length of this program is determined on an individual basis and the cost is $95 per week with the sliding scale rate.

The drug and alcohol education class is offered once a week, over the course of eight weeks. The class of 10 people focuses on educating individuals about the addictive and dangerous properties of drugs and alcohol.

Clients who are only interested in individual therapy or feel they need extra support during their outpatient program can have additional sessions for $70 with the sliding scale rate. For those who are interested in one of the specialized group therapy programs, each group costs $25 with the sliding scale rate.

The staff includes certified addiction counselors, therapists and psychologists.


In addition to treating substance abuse, this facility offers psychological examinations, parenting classes, anger management group, trauma group and family support group. The drug-testing program works with agencies and the court system and all tests are usable in court. 

In Summary

Capstone Behavioral Heath offers a solid option for someone who needs a program that fits into their daily life or satisfies the courts. However, without an intensive outpatient track, the services here may be best for those who plan to supplement with 12-step meetings or already have a foundation in recovery.

Capstone Behavioral Health Location

Capstone Behavioral Health
1941 S 42nd St, Ste 328
Omaha, NE 68105

Capstone Behavioral Health Cost

Sliding scale rate of $95 (per week). Reach Capstone Behavioral Health by phone at (402) 614-8444 or email at [email protected]. Find Capstone Behavioral Health on Facebook

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  1. 3 children and two adults, two separate families testified to the Legislature on the rampant brutal abuse therapist Deb Raach of Capstone Behavioral Health committed against children and families in Nebraska. Not only did the therapist ignore the abuse of foster parents against small children she also participated in it by throwing a 5 year old girl against the wall for hugging her mom. This happened in the full view of patients awaiting appointment after injuring the small child the therapist physically attacked the mother. This rotten Nazi therapist continues to be gainfully employed by this agency, with full knowledge of what she has done to other families. If you are sentenced to go to this awful agency, RUN!!! They WILL harm adults and children without consequences. I’ve had to independently find reputable therapists to help my children through all the damage they did.

  2. I was doing family therapy at capstone with my children and the therapist did not keep anything confidential so eventually my kids refused to talk during therapy and the CPS caseworker threatened the therapist with the loss of her job if she wouldn’t comply with lying in court so parents do not trust these people to keep your sessions confidential.

  3. I Came in for first appointment and was seen by a child therapist. I learned this after a short introduction of ourselves. Also couldn’t help but notice all the toys everywhere. I am an adult! After suggesting I come in once a week and me saying that won’t be necessary she refered me to a different doctor said she could not help with what I needed help with. I wanted to cut the meeting short because I knew she was no help I did not need a child therapist. She told me stop being anxious and to calm down and finish signing papers. I sat there and answered some questions then left. I was sent a bill for a psyc diagnostic evaluation for $175.00! Most was covered by my insurance but now I am stuck with a bill for remaining amount. Thanks for nothing!

  4. Beware of Capstone Behavioral Health. I was given a psych evaluation without my knowledge nor am I aware of being verbally informed of it beforehand. I was there voluntarily. I might have expected such from a psychiatrist or a some other doctor. This individual was a Licensed Independent Mental Health Provider(LIHMP). They are allowed to diagnose in NE but it would have been nice to know that I was being evaluated. I didn’t ask for an evaluation and I didn’t want one. I thought I was there for counseling.

    I would not recommend Capstone to anyone, unless maybe it was an ex-boyfriend. I like people who are upfront, honest and above-board. Some people do not have the emotional, psychological or intellectual capacity to speak-up for themselves. Someone needs to.

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