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Canyon Crossing Recovery Review

Located between Phoenix and Flagstaff in the small city of Prescott, Arizona, Canyon Crossing Recovery offers care for women struggling with eating disorders, substance use disorders or co-occurring mental illnesses like depression, trauma, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Joint Commission-Accredited, Canyon Crossing Recovery has a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and general  outpatient services as well as a sober transitional living facility. In order to treat “the whole person” rather than merely symptoms, the facility employs a bio-psycho-spiritual approach that integrates a number of therapeutic methods including evidence-based therapies, holistic models, experiential measures, the 12-step recovery model and psychoeducation and life skills. Canyon Crossing primarily offers outpatient therapeutic services but medication management can be facilitated.

Accommodations and Amenities

Canyon Crossing offers women-only sober living to help the clients focus solely on recovery, and to build a more trustworthy community. The facility fosters an atmosphere of love and support without the reticence and discomfort sometimes seen in co-ed environments.

Surrounded by the beauty of Prescott National Forest and central Arizona desert, Canyon Crossing’s sober living facility boasts plenty of comforts and amenities. Situated in a single family home in the suburbs, it is far removed from the noise and stress of the big city. The home is equipped with multiple shared bedrooms all with twin-sized beds, comfortable furnishings, spacious floor plans and lots of natural light. There are two fully equipped kitchens, group therapy rooms, a business center with a desk, printer and sofa, and two common areas with couches and flat screen TVs. Residents enjoy regular outdoor adventures and regular contact with family.

Rules and Regulations

Residents of Canyon Crossing sober living are provided with a structured environment, a tight-knit community of peers, safe and comfortable housing, personal coaching from staff as well as life skills training that includes financial management, accountability, resume building and self-esteem. In return, the facility asks that all residents help to maintain a clean house, engage in weekly house meetings as well as regular urine screenings.

There are PHP and IOP options for clients in the sober living home. The comprehensive treatment approach integrates a host of therapeutic modalities that include assessments, case management, experiential therapy, adventure therapy and evidence-based methods. Clients in PHP engage in 30 hours of therapy a week that includes individual and group counseling, family therapy, screenings, swab testing and EMDR to treat trauma as a causal factor of a current condition. There are also 12-step meetings, outdoors activities like a ropes course and equine therapy as well as psychoeducation classes with a focus on relapse prevention and “personal truth”.


Canyon Crossing believes family plays an integral role in the success of a sustainable long-term recovery. To this end, the facility offers therapy and education to family members that will help them understand the nature of addiction, how to create boundaries as well as a healthy atmosphere at home.

In Summary

Canyon Crossing Recovery is a treatment facility that provides women with upscale supportive transitional living in addition to comprehensive outpatient services that include a PHP and IOP. Located in between Phoenix and Flagstaff in the city of Prescott, Canyon Crossing is positioned between the desert and the Prescott National Forest. The beauty of the surrounding outdoors is matched by the trusting and solid community of peers that Canyon Crossing has strived to build for its clients. In addition, the facility offers an integrative treatment approach that includes a number of therapies including experiential and adventure therapy, the 12-step method, medication management, evidence-based EMDR, psychoeducation, relapse prevention and nutrition. For women seeking comprehensive programming with an expansive caring staff and an upscale home, Canyon Crossing is top notch.

Canyon Crossing Recovery Location

Canyon Crossing Recovery
819 W Gurley St, Unit C
Prescott, AZ 86305

Canyon Crossing Recovery Cost

Call for cost; accepts most insurance. Reach Canyon Crossing Recovery by phone at (800) 651-7254 or by email at [email protected]. Find Canyon Crossing Recovery on Facebook and Google + 

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  1. I was a patient at this facility. I was 50 years old at the time. Me and my family paid a great deal of money for me to be there and I have to say it was the most traumatic experience of my life. Yes, I was an alcoholic. Yes I did need help. The experience there left me worst than I had left. Rex was a bully and all he did was talk about his accomplishments. Jenna was the worst kind of abuser. Verbally assaulting anyone she thought had done wrong. The saving grace was Marie. She was kind and thoughtful and always supportive. One of the biggest regrets I have when I was there was that we would have to have a weekly circle and you could call out people who you thought had wronged you or did something inappropriate. This was always highly uncomfortable for me. Jenna at one circle called out a certain person and kept pushing and pushing this person that she had did something wrong. Using such foul language I was so offended. We are every day human beings not some trash you can treat however you like. On top of that I was told I had to call someone out in circle as part of my therapy. I had no beef with anyone and this caused me a great amount of stress. I am not going to lie because my therapist said I had to. Then there was the family therapy. My daughter was glad to come but then they wanted to charge her over $300 to participate on top of what was being paid and she had to pay for a hotel and travel. My experience was one of break them down make them do what you want or else. If I had been stronger i would have told them to f off, I will find a better one on one treatment for me. For reference I had a good full time job and benefits and could have found a better treatment option. For the owners, keep driving your big nice cars and screwing the desperate.

  2. The owners of this company appear to still be using abusive techniques acquired from previously working at Gatehouse Academy. Gatehouse Academy was investigated by the DOH and subsequently shut down for serious concerns including money laundering and fraud.

    I think anyone who is about to choose a sober living environment for their daughter should be fully informed about the past companies that employed these two individuals.

    I hope one day programs like CCR will use evidenced based services to deal with those suffering from a dual diagnoses outside of the therapist’s office. Does your insurance cover therapeutic practices that include talking bans?

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