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Calvary Healing Center


Calvary Addiction Recovery CenterCalvary Healing Center Review

With 50 years of service in the Phoenix area, Calvary Healing Center offers a multi-tiered program of care; from Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) programs to Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to a 30-day inpatient program at its expansive two-and-a-half acre facility. Calvary’s inpatient program is fairly large, typically treating 50 clients at a time with two recovery tracks, traditional and Christian-oriented.

Accommodations and Food

Calvary’s expansive grounds (which feature a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts and a horseshoe pit) take advantage of Arizona’s arid climate. It is a sprawling, apartment complex-style campus with ample outdoor areas for sitting, studying and relaxing. Residents share rooms with two twin beds and very basic furnishings, with a shelving unit overhead for personal items. While slightly bare, all bedrooms are clean and filled with natural Arizona light.

Bathrooms are shared in the hallways of each apartment unit, with women’s quarters at a separate end of the facility; typically, Calvary’s clientele skews about two-thirds male. Residents have certain chore duties while in residence, but unlike at other facilities, these do not include cooking and preparing meals. There is a chef on staff who, along with a kitchen team, prepares three hot meals a day served cafeteria-style in Calvary’s dining room. On Sundays, clients typically eat a continental breakfast in preparation for a major Sunday brunch meal, which coincides with weekend services.

Treatment and Staff

Calvary does offer a fully monitored medical detox during the initial phase of a client’s stay. This phase is characterized by a daily medical doctor visit and 24/7 nursing supervision, to ensure the process is running smoothly. Residents begin their treatment routine during this time, but are housed in a separate wing of the facility in shared rooms with their own private bathroom.

From there, clients are assigned their own counselor and have access to frequent one-on-one sessions during their weekly recovery work. Residents also have the option of selecting between the aforementioned “traditional” (which follows the basics of a spiritual 12-step recovery program) and “faith” (which works to engender a more developed relationship with Christian principles and teachings) tracks. Calvary does like to stress that neither track is more strongly encouraged than the other, though it should be noted that a religious edge characterizes both paths at the facility.

Days at Calvary typically begin with a morning devotional mass or meditation session (for the religious and traditional tracks, respectively), and are then filled with group therapy, educational sessions about addiction, relapse prevention and other relevant topics as well as a heavy dose of 12-step meetings. Clients have the option to go to an off-site meeting almost every night, and Calvary ensures at least one 12-step meeting option each day. There are also yoga classes offered on-site, and for an extra $10 fee, residents can visit an off-site acupuncturist.


As mentioned, Calvary offers a lot in the way of natural recreation from the sports facilities to the on-site pool. Given that it is a 30-day program, however, major field trips are kept to a minimum, though there are visits to an off-site gym several times a week as well as those acupuncture visits. Besides these, clients can expect to tour some of Calvary’s sober living homes in the area. While a lack of off-site activities could be potentially problematic at some facilities, Calvary’s comfortable, spacious environment mostly makes up for it.

It should be noted that Calvary specifically tailors much of its program to young people between the ages of 18 to 25, with typically half of their residents falling in this age range. This specialized care for young people extends to the extensive outpatient program, which is heavy on family involvement, offering weekly multi-family group therapy and separate education groups just for family members.

In Summary

At Calvary Healing Center, there’s ample opportunity to craft an individualized recovery path as opposed to some other facilities of equal size. Additionally, the facility offers quite a lot at a reasonably affordable price. With a tasteful, modern campus, access to one-on-one counseling and multi-tracked program options, Calvary overrides any potential institutional issues and makes obvious why they have been an Arizona institution for so long.

Calvary Healing Center

720 E. Montebello Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Calvary Healing Center Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Calvary Healing Center by phone at (602) 279-1468. Find Calvary Healing Center on Facebook and YouTube

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