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Calvary Addiction Recovery CenterCalvary Healing Center Review

With 50 years of service in the Phoenix area, Calvary Healing Center offers a multi-tiered program of care; from Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) programs to Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to a 30-day inpatient program at its expansive two-and-a-half acre facility. Calvary’s inpatient program is fairly large, typically treating 50 clients at a time with two recovery tracks, traditional and Christian-oriented.

Accommodations and Food

Calvary’s expansive grounds (which feature a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts and a horseshoe pit) take advantage of Arizona’s arid climate. It is a sprawling, apartment complex-style campus with ample outdoor areas for sitting, studying and relaxing. Residents share rooms with two twin beds and very basic furnishings, with a shelving unit overhead for personal items. While slightly bare, all bedrooms are clean and filled with natural Arizona light.

Bathrooms are shared in the hallways of each apartment unit, with women’s quarters at a separate end of the facility; typically, Calvary’s clientele skews about two-thirds male. Residents have certain chore duties while in residence, but unlike at other facilities, these do not include cooking and preparing meals. There is a chef on staff who, along with a kitchen team, prepares three hot meals a day served cafeteria-style in Calvary’s dining room. On Sundays, clients typically eat a continental breakfast in preparation for a major Sunday brunch meal, which coincides with weekend services.

Treatment and Staff

Calvary does offer a fully monitored medical detox during the initial phase of a client’s stay. This phase is characterized by a daily medical doctor visit and 24/7 nursing supervision, to ensure the process is running smoothly. Residents begin their treatment routine during this time, but are housed in a separate wing of the facility in shared rooms with their own private bathroom.

From there, clients are assigned their own counselor and have access to frequent one-on-one sessions during their weekly recovery work. Residents also have the option of selecting between the aforementioned “traditional” (which follows the basics of a spiritual 12-step recovery program) and “faith” (which works to engender a more developed relationship with Christian principles and teachings) tracks. Calvary does like to stress that neither track is more strongly encouraged than the other, though it should be noted that a religious edge characterizes both paths at the facility.

Days at Calvary typically begin with a morning devotional mass or meditation session (for the religious and traditional tracks, respectively), and are then filled with group therapy, educational sessions about addiction, relapse prevention and other relevant topics as well as a heavy dose of 12-step meetings. Clients have the option to go to an off-site meeting almost every night, and Calvary ensures at least one 12-step meeting option each day. There are also yoga classes offered on-site, and for an extra $10 fee, residents can visit an off-site acupuncturist.


As mentioned, Calvary offers a lot in the way of natural recreation from the sports facilities to the on-site pool. Given that it is a 30-day program, however, major field trips are kept to a minimum, though there are visits to an off-site gym several times a week as well as those acupuncture visits. Besides these, clients can expect to tour some of Calvary’s sober living homes in the area. While a lack of off-site activities could be potentially problematic at some facilities, Calvary’s comfortable, spacious environment mostly makes up for it.

It should be noted that Calvary specifically tailors much of its program to young people between the ages of 18 to 25, with typically half of their residents falling in this age range. This specialized care for young people extends to the extensive outpatient program, which is heavy on family involvement, offering weekly multi-family group therapy and separate education groups just for family members.

In Summary

At Calvary Healing Center, there’s ample opportunity to craft an individualized recovery path as opposed to some other facilities of equal size. Additionally, the facility offers quite a lot at a reasonably affordable price. With a tasteful, modern campus, access to one-on-one counseling and multi-tracked program options, Calvary overrides any potential institutional issues and makes obvious why they have been an Arizona institution for so long.

Calvary Healing Center

720 E. Montebello Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Calvary Healing Center Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Calvary Healing Center by phone at (602) 279-1468. Find Calvary Healing Center on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. How is this kind of review allowed. It is the exact same review that was posted on at least 2 other treatment sites. I look to sites like this to help me figure out where to send my family member. Seeing copy and paste hate job by someone who clearly has s ok mething to gain just so I take my family elsewhere is devastating. This kind of reviewing should be monitored!

  2. Whoops! I made a mistake. I have looked at so many rehab reviews, but I did just read this same comment on another rehab, and I’m trying to find which one….if I had more time! So it just teached me to not believe everything you read.

  3. I would have to confer with the two positive posts. I’m an established business owner that runs a tight ship, and along the way lost control of my own ship. None the less, after extensive research looking at over a dozen facilities, from Malibu California to Dallas. I chose to team up with a facility that’s not about the hype and quiet walks on the beach with your counselor, but a program to help me get my life back. The staff was exceptional and if given respect you get the same, and trust me, there were many people coming down off whatever it was they ingested prior to checking in, and like bulls in a China shop. Even so, the staff handled the situation with the utmost respect and integrity, but you will know this is not your home, nor are you gong to manipulate and disrespect yourself or others while there, such as most addicts do to their families, friends, themselves.

    The facility isn’t a brand new Hilton, but kept very clean being patients are given chores, and cleaning three times per day is part of the routine, and food isn’t served until all chores have been checked off and approved. So whatever ALLI is speaking of, is obviously what was told to them by their family member “The Addict” which is entirely not true, not a single ounce of it. Did a 12 day stent in the program, that was nearly 4 years ago, and clean as a whistle since.

    Bottom line for anyone who needs help, and if it’s you or a friend or family member, then yes, you all need help. You’re not going on an all inclusive vacation at the Hyatt, it’s called rehab and treatment. Don’t think you’ll walk into that place and run the show, disrespect others, or just lay around and sleep for weeks. If you walk through that front door with a commitment to yourself no one else matters. Get involved, be honest to yourself and the counselors, participate in everything you can and get serious about changing your life. You’ll be part of the 2% that never have to go back or into treatment again, or worse yet, end up dead, no life and destroying everything and everyone that matters around you. Myself, and many others I was there with still keep in touch thru this day, and all sober, because of the help of Calvary and it’s Staff, and most importantly, because we made the commitment to win before walking through the front door.

    Ironically, a vast number of those who didn’t get involved, who were rude to the staff and others, who were disrespectful, unruly, thought they were above everyone else and deserved special treatment, those who complained about the food, even though it was the first time they had real food in months or years after eating like an addict. They were also the one’s that were rude to their own family when they visited, complained about how bad the center was in hopes of getting thrown out, or taken out by their family, so they could go hunt down a bottle of booze, rock, or the needle before the sunset. Nearly everyone I knew that had that perspective, and handled themselves and the opportunity that way. 98% of them relapsed within weeks or months after getting out, a few have left the earth from overdosing, many others no longer have any family because it was their last chance with friends and family, and being they didn’t take the treatment seriously, the families and friends stopped taking them seriously and dealing with an addict ruining everyone else’s lives.

    So for the drunks, crackheads, heroin addicts, pill poppers and all the rest. If you just need a break for a few days and food, go ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio if you can rent one of his bunks for a weekend. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and just need some help getting back on the right side of life. Call Calvary, do what they say, listen, participate, and get back to living life again.

    For families who take their loved ones to ANY treatment facility. 1st “Remember’ what the hell they’re going into a rehab program for to begin with, all the b.s., lies, deceit, and just all they have and will destroy if they don’t break the vicious cycle. Pack-up socks, sandles, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, toiletry. They don’t need to bring their Rolex watch, iPad, gold cuff-links, or their 60” flat screen. Push them through the door, tell them you love them and will pray for them, tell them to go after sobriety like it’s all that matters, and have purpose. Turn around and walk out, don’t look back, don’t listen to their b.s. and lies during phone calls, and tell them you’re waiting for them to come home only after they complete the program without any problems, and ready to stay sober and why?

    Otherwise quit complaining about what others didn’t do for you, or how it wasn’t done to your 5 star demands. Go be an addict, and allow those of us who go there for the right reasons get what we went or go there for…GET SOBER!!!

  4. to the first lcomment I believe that is completely incorrect. I would bet my life to say that her family member was justtrying to manipulate the system. manipulating is what we do. this is my first treatment and I love them. they saved my life and to be honest I’m a little offended got someone who has not been there could say such rude things. the facility was very clean we had personnelles I would come in and clean everything for us. we would drop random UA’s all the time.yes the beach teens would come and wake us up because that’s what normal people do. they taught us to be normal again instead of just addicts. we have lectures every day learning about our addiction. we had meetings everyday and chances to get a sponsor.when I was in detox they kept me as comfortable as they possibly could.the integrated my family into the program so that they could understand. they also gave me after care instead of just throwing me into the world. all the staff is amazing I could not say one bad thing about any of them. they definitely take the time to take care of us because they care about us.yes there was phone time limits because we don’t need to be on the phone in rehab. we need to worry about us. and if you expect to be around a bunch of addicts that are still sick and not get anything stolen then you are living in a fantasy world. why would you take nice things to rehab anyways? Calvary was the best experience of my life and I owe them my life. I am 60 days sober and as of now I have my family’s trust back, I finally have myself back, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I am working the steps, I go to meetings everyday, I’m getting my job back in medical assisting, and there’s so much more that I could not even explain. so please do not listen to this first comment because addicts are manipulative and I can guarantee that this woman has been manipulated. this place is amazing and I would recommend it to anybody.

  5. I was a patient at Calvary for most of January and part of February. I didn’t experience any of the problems that this previous individual experienced. I thought things were run very professionally there, and a great deal of detail was Given to the patients. The food was pretty good, the staff was kind and caring, and the facility was kept clean. As a matter of fact, one of the chores that was assigned was cleaning the showers, and they were cleaned three times a day. I never had. And the facility was kept clean. As a matter of fact, one of the chores that was assigned was cleaning the showers, and they were cleaned three times a day. I never had anything come up missing in the 30 days I was there, and neither did anyone else that I’m aware of. The staff did an excellent job of keeping the men and women separated. There was absolutely no chance for sexual misconduct when I was there. The counselors did an exceptional job and were very caring, and the staff did a great job of structuring each day with , Lectures, and recreational activities. This was my only experience at a rehab facility, but I would highly recommend this facility to anyone; The care I received there was exceptional.

  6. Before checking a family member into this place I had thought I had done my research. BOY was I WRONG! If you’re going to find the bad, I’ve learned, you need to go as far as pages six, seven or eight. This company is very good at getting their “good” reviews to the top of the search engine so you don’t find any negative ones.
    Let’s start off by saying we spoke with the front desk receptionist several times trying to make sure that my family member and the family in general was prepared. Before arrival they had taken all of his personal information such as date of birth, social security number and insurance information. They ran his insurance and said that he was approved to check into the facility. Not once was I told to bring my family members insurance card. We had to sit in the facility for about three to four hours while they made a big fuss about the insurance card not being present. Finally after agreeing to pay out of pocket until the card arrived in the mail in two days they were finally able to all calm down. So after checking him in and talking with several individuals at the facility I still for some reason received a call from the SAME nurse who checked him in about the insurance cards. For some reason he forgot the whole ordeal in less than 12 hours.
    Before checking him into the facility I asked about the detox process and if my family member would be REGURALY drug tested. The women assured me that he would be on medication and a fluid IV until detox was over. Both of what she told me was false. My family member was NEVER on an IV fluid drip and the regular drug testing was untrue as well, after 8 days in the facility not ONE test had been done. Come to find out they only do drug testing if they find something suspicious going on. That is NOT what I was told before checking my family member in.
    They are also given times that they can use the phone. After my family member was speaking to his FATHER the phone line went dead. Later on come to find out one of the nurses just cut the call off because there was a meeting with the counselor in 30min. I find it extremely disgusting the way they treat their “clients”. The nurse NOT once said ok 1min left say your goodbyes or anything at all in a polite manner instead the line just cut off. After the nurse disconnected the phone he stood there laughing at my family member and one other individual that he also did this to.
    Let’s move on to the showers. You know a place where ya like to get “clean”. You will NEVER experience a clean feeling in this facility. If you do decided to still go here, bring a pair of sandals. There is sperm all over the shower walls and floors that isn’t cleaned off. The well-known name there is “shower babies”. Pretty gross trying to shower in sperm. If you explain to the nurse that it’s gross they shrug it off and say “WE ARE OUT OF SANDALS” ….. Can’t make this up!
    What’s even more disturbing is after these sperm showers the men come out and hoot and holler and bark and scratch their feet on the floor like a feral dog at the women staying in the facility. So if you’re even an average looking women walking into this facility, you’re going to feel sexually harassed.
    Men will even drop notes in the trash cans in hopes that a women will pick it up, meet them in their rooms later that night and I guess make some “bed babies” aka what the staff calls “rehab relations”
    Next thing that’s pretty disturbing is personal property is commonly stolen. When brought to the staff’s attention it’s a “too damn bad” attitude and “just get over it”. So make sure not to bring in anything you would be upset about losing. I’m even speaking about your dirty boxers, dirty socks that you’ve worn….. THEY WILL GO MISSING!
    Next let’s talk about the cafeteria. My family member was almost purposely exposed to the stomach flu. There was a known individual that had it for ten days. Where did they place this flu ridden individual for chores? THE KITCHEN TO DRY THE DISHES! So basically any dish he was drying he was passing on the stomach virus. Yum yum! Eat up!
    After my family member was done with detox he was trying to get some rest in his bed. A nurse came in and started jumping on his bed and being extremely loud and just down right annoying. The way the staff treats the people who come in for HELP is disrespectful and disgusting. They took the job to CARE for people. These people checking in are trying to get well, trying to better their lives and move on to a much better place in life and actually have a future worth living. The staff just belittles. I would never in my life recommend this facility to ANYONE!!!
    When my family member tried to speak to his therapist, counselors and staff about all of these issues, none were addressed. They actually OPENED (no joke) the front door for him to just walk out!

    • I just saw this exact comment on another totally different rehab, Calvary Rehab in Phoenix!! Amazing!!! That’s sad that someone would do such a thing!!!
      Whoever is doing this, grow up and get sober!!!

      • Whoops! I made a mistake. I have looked at so many rehab reviews, but I did just read this same comment on another rehab, and I’m trying to find which one….if I had more time! So it just teached me to not believe everything you read.

      • You clearly work for Calvary in some capacity. I can’t speak to everything in the above comment, but I did go to Calvary. I can say that the conditions were gross, negligent, manipulative, unprofessional and less than therapeutic. If they did offer that guy the door, they were just fucking with him because they knew he had nowhere to go. They will do almost anything to retain a paying customer; the only way to get kicked out is if you represent a legitimate potential liability to them.
        Oh yeah, the “grow up and get sober” comment is a dead giveaway that you’re super into the program and work in the 48 billion dollar a year recovery industry.

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