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Calm Rehab is a luxury residential treatment facility located in Bali, Indonesia. Designed to treat substance abuse and addiction, Calm Rehab provides a curriculum of care that spans medical detox, a flexible residential program, sober living and aftercare services. The facility employs an integrative treatment model that includes evidence-based practices, holistic models, recreation and 12-step recovery. Medication management and other dual diagnosis support is available for clients with co-occurring disorders.

Accommodations and Food

Calm Rehab is situated in the Umalas neighborhood on a 54,000 square feet private property that includes 12 private bedrooms, lush gardens, two large outdoor pools, a waterfall, large gazebo, hammocks, a juice bar, fitness center, library and entertainment area. Residents enjoy large, spacious rooms equipped with air-conditioning, a king-sized bed, plush furnishings, a TV, lots of natural light and an ensuite bathroom. Calm Rehab provides daily housekeeping services and 24/7 security. Clients are allowed to use electronic devices after an initial two-week quiet period.

The facility services delicious international cuisine prepared by the on-site culinary team. Clients with dietary restrictions, allergies or preferences can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, clients undergo a comprehensive intake assessment that helps the team design the most effective personalized care strategy customized to meet the needs of the individual client. When necessary, clients are immediately transferred from intake into the detox program. Calm Rehab provides a medical detox that includes around-the-clock medical supervision and medication to help curb unpleasant withdrawal effects. Upon completion of detox, clients move into the residential phase. With an understand that every client has different needs, Calm Rehab offers 30, 60 and 90 day residential options.

Calm Rehab seeks to heal the underlying, root cause of conditions rather than simply treating symptoms. To this end, the facility utilizes a holistic model of care that synchronizes a number of therapies including evidence-based methods, holistic measures, recreation and 12-step. Clients engage in individual and group sessions rooted in CBT as well as regular 12-step support meetings.

In addition, the facility offers meditation, a tailored fitness program, topic groups, psychoeducation classes and relapse prevention to help clients better understand and avoid negative habits, triggers and influences. Also, clients that complete the residential program continue to speak with the team for free for one year. 

The multidisciplinary Calm Rehab team is comprised of recovery coaches, counselors, therapists, MDs, psychiatrists, a nursing team and a personal trainer and nutritionist. Medication management is available for individuals in need of dual diagnosis support.


Calm Rehab offers a unique luxury program option where clients stay off-site in top notch accommodations.

In addition, Calm Rehab believes that fun, sober activities are an integral component to the success of a sustainable, long-term recovery. As such, the facility offers frequent outings to beaches and spas as well as adventure with rafting and hikes.

In Summary

Calm Rehab located on the beautiful island of Bali offers luxury accommodations and individualized residential programming that includes a range of therapies. With only 12 bedrooms, the facility ensures both a peaceful environment and a tight-knit community of peers. With a staff that understands the importance of identifying the root causes of addiction, Calm Rehab offers a haven far removed from the negative influences and triggers of the real world. For individuals seeking a unique residential experience in a beautiful place, Calm Rehab is a world-class option.

Calm Rehab Location

Bali, Indonesia

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Call for details. Reach Calm Rehab by phone at +62 811 399 8726. Find Calm Rehab on Facebook

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