California Teens Are Hooked on Marijuana Dabs

California Teens Are Hooked on Marijuana Dabs


Marijuana Dabs Are Destructing TeensKids get hooked on the darndest things! Am I right? I’m never not shocked by the latest weird drug I hear is taking hold of America’s teenagers. Today, the drug is dabs, something which is created by “stuffing marijuana trimmings into a metal or plastic pipe, then forcing butane into the pipe.” According to CBS News, this mutant form of good old fashioned cannabis is the most recent strangle upon Sacramento’s youth. California, do we really know how to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and addiction or what?

You Can’t “Dabble” in Dabs

Dabs are a highly addictive version of weed. I say “version” because it’s definitely not just marijuana smoked a different way or even spice. As CBS explains it, the flammable liquid from the dab “extracts a highly concentrated form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the lungs.” Good God, wouldn’t it be easier to just take a bong hit or pass a joint and call it a day? Why do these adolescent folks need to throw butane into the mix? What’s even scarier is the fact that there are a boatload of YouTube videos about how to make dabs. They’ll probably have their own show on Bravo next month.

Dabs are especially popular among teens because they are easy to conceal from unsuspecting parents. They don’t even have a distinct smell. The local addiction treatment non-profit currently helping combat this issue in Sacramento’s Placer County is Community Recovery Resources. A representative from there claims the number of people it helps as a result of dabs has climbed from two to three per month to about 20 per month.

This drug is sending its users to the emergency room on a regular basis. Not only can dabs cause hallucinations that can lead to psychotic episodes but they are also highly flammable. The making of the drug involves actual fire, gas and a small, confined space. You do the math on the potential risks.

Not For Novices

Apparently they’re not that big of a deal for the seasoned adult stoner. I learned more about dabs, discussed in a very casual manner, on the site The Stoner’s Cookbook. According to those pot enthusiasts, dabs, also known as BHO (butane hash oil), are “cannabis extras that contain a much higher THC concentration than the plant alone.” The Stoner’s Cookbook only recommends dabbing for veteran pot smokers because the high can be so extreme. The site also points out the biggest danger comes from how dabs are prepared (you know, with the butane and what not), and warns of a potential “tolerance to marijuana” and “withdrawal symptoms if you downgrade back to your traditional joint.” I feel like this phrasing is something only a publication called The Stoner’s Cookbook would use. An item that can cause psychotic breaks might need a little bit more of a warning than, “watch out, bro, this could really ‘eff up your vibe when you go back to the regular stuff.”

Dealing With Dabs

Some warning signs for teens using dabs are sudden lack of interest in extracurricular activities, slipping grades or quitting sports. One would hope some type of activity, whether academic or otherwise, would keep kids stimulated enough to not resort to smoking gas-infused pot. But as previously mentioned, even one hit of this stuff can parlay into addiction. And we all know there is often no stopping young people from engaging in ridiculously idiotic behavior.

Maybe Sacramento should just start turning a blind eye to underage drinking to deter kids from resorting to this kind of thing. It’s got risks but still seems like the safer bet, especially since we can’t stop most of them from doing something in the realm of drug and alcohol experimentation. The motto can just be, “Drink responsibly…seriously, it’s got to be better than doing dabs.”


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