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The Cabin Chiang Mai


The Cabin Chiang MaiThe Cabin Chiang Mai Review

Those looking to get geographical when it comes to getting sober won’t be disappointed at The Cabin Chiang Mai. Just outside Northern Thailand’s tourist haven of Chiang Mai, this rehab on the banks of the Ping River treats clients from all over the globe for a variety of addictions. Though it’s only been open since 2009, it has quickly built a reputation as Asia’s premiere high-end rehab.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxury residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of men and women struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders as well as process addictions and co-occurring mental illnesses like depression and trauma. The flagship location for The Cabin Addiction Services Group, Chiang Mai has treated over 2,000 clients since is inception nine years ago. Nicknamed “The Betty Ford of Asia,” Cabin Chiang Mai utilizes a multi-faceted approach to care that integrates the 12-step recovery model, evidence-based therapies, holistic measures, experiential therapy and nutrition for an overall well-rounded, comprehensive rehabilitation experience. With a psychiatrist on-site, medication management is also available for clients in need of dual diagnosis support for co-occurring disorders.

Accommodations and Food

Situated in the foothills of northern Thailand, Cabin Chiang Mai offers a luxury residential experience in a secluded mountainside resort. Located in the middle of one of the most popular tourist adventure locations, clients enjoy scenic surroundings, adventure outings and a serene atmosphere ideal for beginning their recovery journey. While the facility is equipped with 120 beds, clients enjoy private bedrooms fitted with king-sized beds, air conditioning, a TV, an ensuite bathroom, refrigerator, internet and daily laundry and maid services.

In addition, the campus includes plenty of amenities including several swimming pools, a basketball court, a fully equipped fitness center, a juice bar, computer room and library as well as access to adventure sports like white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, zipline tours and elephant treks.  

Cabin Chiang Mai boasts delicious cuisine. Clients enjoy three healthy meals a day at five star restaurants.

Treatment and Staff

Clients entering treatment at Cabin Chiang Mai first undergo a comprehensive intake evaluation to help the team design the most effective care plan tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual. Treatment at the Cabin is based on a model called “3 Circles,” which integrates CBT with a version of the 12 steps that have been “secularized and rationalized” to make them more universally palatable. Mindfulness meditation and a therapeutic fitness regime also play pivotal roles. All Cabin counselors are trained and accredited in the UK or Australia, and process addictions like gambling and sex as well as co-occurring mood disorders can all be addressed in residents’ personalized treatment plans. Detox and other medical needs are provided by an on-site nursing staff, a psychiatrist in residence and other doctors who commute from the city.

The daily schedule is fairly structured. Group therapy meets twice a day on top of special process groups in the evenings, while one-on-one therapy takes place twice each week. There is also plenty of time to do step work and other writing assignments (usually clients complete the first three steps before leaving treatment). Group session topics include trigger awareness, stress management and body scanning.

While the duration varies depending on the specific client, the facility offers 60 and 90 day residential programs as well as a one-month accelerated program. But unlike the vast majority of rehabs, the Cabin offers a pro rata refund for anyone choosing to leave treatment in the first week. Despite this, they boast a 96% program completion rate.

The Cabin Chiang Mai employs a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychotherapists, addiction counselors, psychologists, clinical psychiatrists, detox specialists, art therapists, yoga teachers, fitness instructors and a nursing team. As previously mentioned, medication management is available for clients in need of dual diagnosis support.


Each resident creates a fitness plan with a personal trainer that may include yoga, Pilates, mountain biking, jogging, pool workouts and body combat in addition to more traditional gym workouts. Exercise is more than just an activity at the Cabin; it’s an integral part of treatment. Individuals also participate in a number of holistic therapies including art therapy, drum therapy, mindfulness coaching, massage therapy and meditation. 

Each week offers different excursion opportunities, such as elephant trekking, nighttime safaris, river rafting, snorkeling, visiting monkey and tiger sanctuaries and zip lining through the jungle. Other options include visiting Buddhist temples and even Thai cooking classes.

Chiang Mai sees family involvement as an integral component to the success of a long-term sustainable recovery. To this end, the facility offers a free three-day program to help families become involved in the treatment of clients.

Since many clients hail from far-flung locales, the Cabin hosts an online aftercare program to make sure alumni are supported wherever they go. But there is also a sober living house for those who want to stay longer in Chiang Mai. The sober living house operates on a regular schedule that incorporates local AA or NA meetings, group therapy and activities. Sober living residents can volunteer to teach English to novice monks at a local Buddhist school.

In Summary

Positioned in beautiful vacation destination northern Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxury residential treatment experience. Comprehensive programming utilizes an integrative approach that includes evidence-based therapies like CBT and EMDR, holistic methods, the 12-step recovery model and experiential models. Individuals who think a trip to the tropics for rehab sounds like a comparatively pleasant road to recovery can get what they need at this facility for a fraction of the price of its US equivalent.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Location

120/1 Moo 6
T.San Phe Sua,
A.Muang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300

The Cabin Chiang Mai Cost

420,527.75 Thai Baht [$12,900 per publishing date exchange rate] (28 days). Reach The Cabin Chiang Mai by phone at 1 (888) 806-6776 or by email. Find The Cabin Chiang Mai on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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