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The Cabin Chiang MaiThe Cabin Chiang Mai Review

Those looking to get geographical when it comes to getting sober won’t be disappointed at The Cabin Chiang Mai. Just outside Northern Thailand’s tourist haven of Chiang Mai, this rehab on the banks of the Ping River treats clients from all over the globe for a variety of addictions. Though it’s only been open since 2009, it has quickly built a reputation as Asia’s premiere high-end rehab.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxury residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of men and women struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders as well as process addictions and co-occurring mental illnesses like depression and trauma. The flagship location for The Cabin Addiction Services Group, Chiang Mai has treated over 2,000 clients since is inception nine years ago. Nicknamed “The Betty Ford of Asia,” Cabin Chiang Mai utilizes a multi-faceted approach to care that integrates the 12-step recovery model, evidence-based therapies, holistic measures, experiential therapy and nutrition for an overall well-rounded, comprehensive rehabilitation experience. With a psychiatrist on-site, medication management is also available for clients in need of dual diagnosis support for co-occurring disorders.

Accommodations and Food

Situated in the foothills of northern Thailand, Cabin Chiang Mai offers a luxury residential experience in a secluded mountainside resort. Located in the middle of one of the most popular tourist adventure locations, clients enjoy scenic surroundings, adventure outings and a serene atmosphere ideal for beginning their recovery journey. While the facility is equipped with 120 beds, clients enjoy private bedrooms fitted with king-sized beds, air conditioning, a TV, an ensuite bathroom, refrigerator, internet and daily laundry and maid services.

In addition, the campus includes plenty of amenities including several swimming pools, a basketball court, a fully equipped fitness center, a juice bar, computer room and library as well as access to adventure sports like white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, zipline tours and elephant treks.  

Cabin Chiang Mai boasts delicious cuisine. Clients enjoy three healthy meals a day at five star restaurants.

Treatment and Staff

Clients entering treatment at Cabin Chiang Mai first undergo a comprehensive intake evaluation to help the team design the most effective care plan tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual. Treatment at the Cabin is based on a model called “3 Circles,” which integrates CBT with a version of the 12 steps that have been “secularized and rationalized” to make them more universally palatable. Mindfulness meditation and a therapeutic fitness regime also play pivotal roles. All Cabin counselors are trained and accredited in the UK or Australia, and process addictions like gambling and sex as well as co-occurring mood disorders can all be addressed in residents’ personalized treatment plans. Detox and other medical needs are provided by an on-site nursing staff, a psychiatrist in residence and other doctors who commute from the city.

The daily schedule is fairly structured. Group therapy meets twice a day on top of special process groups in the evenings, while one-on-one therapy takes place twice each week. There is also plenty of time to do step work and other writing assignments (usually clients complete the first three steps before leaving treatment). Group session topics include trigger awareness, stress management and body scanning.

While the duration varies depending on the specific client, the facility offers 60 and 90 day residential programs as well as a one-month accelerated program. But unlike the vast majority of rehabs, the Cabin offers a pro rata refund for anyone choosing to leave treatment in the first week. Despite this, they boast a 96% program completion rate.

The Cabin Chiang Mai employs a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychotherapists, addiction counselors, psychologists, clinical psychiatrists, detox specialists, art therapists, yoga teachers, fitness instructors and a nursing team. As previously mentioned, medication management is available for clients in need of dual diagnosis support.


Each resident creates a fitness plan with a personal trainer that may include yoga, Pilates, mountain biking, jogging, pool workouts and body combat in addition to more traditional gym workouts. Exercise is more than just an activity at the Cabin; it’s an integral part of treatment. Individuals also participate in a number of holistic therapies including art therapy, drum therapy, mindfulness coaching, massage therapy and meditation. 

Each week offers different excursion opportunities, such as elephant trekking, nighttime safaris, river rafting, snorkeling, visiting monkey and tiger sanctuaries and zip lining through the jungle. Other options include visiting Buddhist temples and even Thai cooking classes.

Chiang Mai sees family involvement as an integral component to the success of a long-term sustainable recovery. To this end, the facility offers a free three-day program to help families become involved in the treatment of clients.

Since many clients hail from far-flung locales, the Cabin hosts an online aftercare program to make sure alumni are supported wherever they go. But there is also a sober living house for those who want to stay longer in Chiang Mai. The sober living house operates on a regular schedule that incorporates local AA or NA meetings, group therapy and activities. Sober living residents can volunteer to teach English to novice monks at a local Buddhist school.

In Summary

Positioned in beautiful vacation destination northern Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxury residential treatment experience. Comprehensive programming utilizes an integrative approach that includes evidence-based therapies like CBT and EMDR, holistic methods, the 12-step recovery model and experiential models. Individuals who think a trip to the tropics for rehab sounds like a comparatively pleasant road to recovery can get what they need at this facility for a fraction of the price of its US equivalent.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Location

120/1 Moo 6
T.San Phe Sua,
A.Muang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300

The Cabin Chiang Mai Cost

420,527.75 Thai Baht [$12,900 per publishing date exchange rate] (28 days). Reach The Cabin Chiang Mai by phone at 1 (888) 806-6776 or by email. Find The Cabin Chiang Mai on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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  1. Research suggested this particular facility provides low grade therapy delivered by staff who where trained to around 80% of what is required of this position, or had qualifications that would not stand scrutiny in the UK or USA.
    Disreputable staff complaints have been common in this facility, and the turnover of therapeutic staff has been exceptionally high, in comparison to the industry standard. It has fought poor reputation and disgruntled clients who have been litigious enough to prosecute, have won some small claims disputes for some years now.

    .Client complaints that received and answer, were of a formulaic nature, and not in anyway personalised.
    With such a high turn over of staff, the facility lacks constancy, and continuity, which impacts clients experience and chance of success.

    Their own figures suggest that clients who completed the course at The Cabin, and where still abstinent after 6 months was around 14%. Its not compulsive for rehab facilities to publish success rates, however, using an average extrapolation, clients graduating from The Cabin are 18% less likely to stay clean in comparison to a rehab of a similar standard after six months.

    The marketing aspect promises one to one care, and a recovery plan built around you.
    However, after inspection, it was found that recovery plans are simply “tweaked” form patient to patient with the same level of personal care given to everyone, despite how they may present upon admission. Whilst The Cabin promotes an independent, patient focused programme, it actually delivers clients with a homogenised structure, with almost no defining features from any of the other ubiquitous rehabs found around south east asia and the USA.

    Ask questions, and gain assurances before committing to this programme. If possible gain proof of any claims that may tempt you to pay for this facility upfront. Asking for a list of therapists and their qualifications would be a good place to start, and ensure they have proper western training. Just as importantly, you should ask for the qualification of Psychiatrists and doctors working in this facility and you should be rigorous in questioning their abilities.

    If you find this is inconvenient for the staff t the facility, seek treatment elsewhere.

  2. Great facility and staff is very helpful and understanding. Bed room is private and fantastic. What I like the most was the holistic staff. I found my EMDR trauma treatment was very helpful and has changed my life.
    I would like to mention Letizia from holistic approach. But Its pity as clients are not allowed to tip the massage therapists who do excellent job.

  3. Overall I think The Cabin is a great place and a professional caring. Support staff was very helpful from the first till my last day. I was well looked after during my stay there. Thanks for helping me with my addiction.

  4. My counselor at the cabin was useless looking back. was there in 2015. he recently emailed me to catch up as he was in my hometown on a business trip he works for himself now in Singapore he had a seminar here in Australia (wont say where). anyways i invited him to my house for a chat as the only time he could see me was on a saturday night when i was home with my child. he confessed his feelings for me. Totally caught me off guard as he is married, totally inappropriate i thought he wanted to actually see how i was doing? He said he was upset that i was wearing áverage clothes’ that he thought i might dress up sexy for him. I told him to leave and not to contact me again! true story..

    • im quite disturbed by his visit which is why im writing this review, he was treating me like a vulnerable patient he was there to fulfill some fantasy of his. Im really upset by the whole encounter its messed up. at the same time i dont want to say his name, instead ill just say that he was highly respected by most of the patients has impressive credentials and left chiang mai to work at the cabin in singapore but now works for himself.

      • Mari Kummool on

        Dear JJAY

        We are extremely sorry to learn about this disturbing incident and completely understand how distressed you must feel. Such behaviour or any other inappropriate actions by members of the clinical community that violate the counsellor-client ethics code is taken very seriously at The Cabin, and would result in immediate termination. However, as you point out, at the time of the incident this individual was no longer employed at The Cabin. If there is anything at all we can do to help, please feel free to reach out to us directly at: [email protected]

        We hope your recovery is going well

        The Management
        The Cabin Addiction Services Group

  5. It has been a journey of self-discovery in a nice environment. Holistic therapy was surprisingly a great approach and I believe it will make a positive change in my recovery. Process group was fantastic and extremely valuable for me. A big thank you to all counsellors and holistic team.

  6. Emma Edwards on

    A big thank you to all The Cabin staff for being so caring and helpful. This is the first time I have been able to work through my trauma issues – in fact, I never even realized I had trauma issues at the previous two rehabs I attend before the Cabin. No wonder I couldn’t get over my addiction, then. Thanks for giving me back my life. The last 60 days have been a life changing experience for me.

    • The Management on

      Dear Emma

      Thank-you very much for your positive feedback. We are glad you found your stay at The Cabin a beneficial experience. Please do keep in touch through our alumni programmes. The Cabin team wishes you best of luck in your recovery journey.

  7. Michael Lombardi on

    First let me say I feel great.
    but I thank the young men I was in treatment with for that.
    but as far as my stay?
    I Sorta felt it was like “send us the money, Get here! And we will figure the rest out later” to be frank.
    And thats how it was.
    My first week at the cabin was quite frankly a joke, the place just sorta left me with the guys and it was as if it was a “learn as you go” course
    I didn’t meet with my counselor till the middle of my second week, and proceeded to only meet with up for a one on one 2 other times durning my 28 day stay there.
    My final three days there my counselor decided to take those days off with out warning ofter promises of a final 1 on 1 or a recovery plan, that never happened but take that for what you will.
    regular changes of rules and lack of communication between staff was also tuff to cope with at times, a lot of the times it just felt like no one knew what was going on.
    onto the bill you accumulate while there, if you’re not made of money (like me) BE SURE TO CHECK IT, I was just charged over $300 USD for charges I never made,
    From medicine for a month I never took, nor was told I was supposed to take, to double charges from the campus shop, to charges I never made at the campus shop. Although I got my money back for these fraudulent charges, (at-least the ones I caught) It was as if they were shocked that I ran the numbers and actually looked into the charges.
    On to the phones, you’re allowed your phone for 4 hours a week (not bad considering its rehab)
    But they take your SIM card and you must rely on their wifi to talk to family, BUT that wifi is on a timer for 1 hour, 7-8pm so if your timezone doesn’t fit into the timer, you are f***ed.
    “But if you point out how that makes no sense logically enough they will give you your SIM card” so that aspect of it is very much like jail, but its whatever life goes on I guess.
    Some sketchy cop situation happened there as well but ill leave that at that.
    my final point is the staffing, at one point we had a single counselor for 14 clients for a week, when that counselor was visibly having trouble keeping up with the 5-6 clients he already had.
    What was good about the place? ITS BEAUTIFUL. very very beautiful. And a man named John Logan is a remarkable counselor.

    feel free to email with any questions.
    [email protected]

    • The Management on

      Dear Michael,

      Thank you for taking the time to review your stay at The Edge. We are sorry to learn about the problems you experienced. We have forwarded your feedback to the heads of the relevant departments for further investigation. Action will be taken to ensure these situations do not arise again with future clients.We will pass on your compliments to John Logan as well. Once again we appreciate your feedback as we use all client feedback to improve our services, both clinical and operations. The Cabin wishes you well in your recovery and please feel free to reach out to us directly if there is every any assistance we can provide.

      The Management
      The Cabin Addiction Services Group

  8. Concerned Therapist on

    I was trying to enter treatment into the Cabin and was researching their clinical team. I chanced upon a site that states their main person Fiona Markham has fake and fraudulent qualifications.

    “Fiona holds MSCs in Addictions Psychology and Advanced Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy from The Metanioa Institute in London” – The institute confirms this is not true and she was never awarded any degree. I think the organisation does not conduct background searches for their staff.

  9. Avoid The Cabin, Chiang Mai. It would be shut down under the Trades Description Act in the UK, Europe or USA, and its medical license would be revoked, for these reasons:
    It’s website shows the old Cabin, and misrepresents the newer one which is still under construction including noisy drills, dangerous open gulleys to cross when hot tar closes newly made up driveways; stinking sewer smell in some rooms for weeks on end; polluted pools poorly serviced; heavily spiced and sauced food every day with very little variation; regular mishandling of clients’ medication with complaints of heavy handed doses of sleeping pills or insufficient supervision of drug reduction; no full time emergency night service for clients who need medical attention or help; low morale among poorly led ‘support staff’. No effective action taken against menacing or badly behaved clients who disrupt other clients, and staff. Routine breach of confidentiality by some clients who are tolerated more than others because of their lucrative long term treatment at The Cabin.
    The Cabin does not screen clients for serious, active criminal records involving violence or sexual crimes.
    The Cabin does not screen clients for serious personality disorders, eg psychopathy and sociopathy, thereby exposing other clients to unacceptable risks without alerting and informing clients about this lack of vetting – and the fact that the online website is fraudulent because it shows the old Cabin site, not the new one which current clients are forced to pay for in full, although it falls well below the claims made by the owner/management’s grand marketing and promotion worldwide.
    The Cabin should be reported to Thai authorities for defrauding clients over its misrepresentation of facilities, mishandling of medication, and routinely ignoring complaints from clients on site all this year, 2017.

  10. Christian Targett on

    Having attended The Cabin, 19 months ago. I can tell you now that all these negative accusations
    are far from the truth. Im now 19 months clean and going strong. Thank you to all the staff at The Cabin View Chiang Mai. You gave me my life back.

  11. I spent two months there in 2015. As someone who’d worked in a treatment program myself, I was especially observant of the program’s methods, personnel. Overall grade: C+. They try. Some very weak counselors. Several quite good. Not enough one-on-one. Staff unwilling to confront difficult issues like disruptive clients who threaten others, spoil therapeutic environment. Reason: person was from wealthy middle eastern family while was Cabin was recruiting heavily there(my guess). Pressure to extend was intense and obviously not always based on clients needs. No one was let go after 30 days without a fight. Weirdest thing about Cabin: dress code for staff. In the middle of Thai jungle, at 41C, staff wore starched dress shirts, pressed slacks, and dress shoes. WTF?? Nice facility. Food generally good. Staff pleasant.

  12. ‪Donovan Patrick Mahoney all good my man… everyone is entitled to their own opinion… Tracey and I gave notice at Mid March… A lot of things I saw there just didn’t go with my own ethics and principles… One of them being, that they pushed hard for extensions and went after family heartstrings playing the fear card… just to get that 16k paycheck… Not much to do with a clients health and well being at all… The Directors know nothing of recovery… use drugs, alcohol, women, steroids and engage In extremely unethical business practice all the while preaching to family’s about the importance and fragility of recovery… They didn’t even give us work permits… Told us that they could get us volunteer Visas… Sold us some horse shit about “that’s how things are done in Thailand” than I found out it was just cos they were to cheap to pay the permit… ‬

    ‪Oh… And than one the guys that they hired as a director got picked up in England for pedophilia… So yeah, we cut loose.‬
    Vind ik leuk · Beantwoorden · 1 · 16 minuten

    ‪Donovan Patrick Mahoney Nick Gully… I think if you Google Nick or Nicholas Gully charged with pedophilia London you can read all about it.‬
    Vind ik leuk · Beantwoorden · 14 minuten

    • Anne L Morollo on

      I was fired last July for refusing to continue to work under the table. I was promised a work permit, signed the contract stating such. I moved from The US with my Husband. Still in Thai court. I corroborate every thing you’ve stated Theo.

  13. Ben Moller on

    The posts in this forum are not monitored or vetted so anyone can post anything they like anonymously. Hence, these threads fill up with untrue and slanderous garbage posted by unscrupulous competitors and the like. The negative comments posted about The Cabin are ALL UNTRUE and amount to defamation. We have requested that Rehab Reviews take them down but until they take responsibility for their site please contact us directly with any questions or comments. We stand behind the integrity and professionalism of our treatment centres and against the unethical business practices being used on these forums.
    The Management of The Cabin Addiction Services Group

    • You have been there?? I have and the comments Are TRUE also they give not the money back so never go there these are scammers but in thai

    • If you are so profesional give me my money back ben!! I am not anonymous here is my name theo kusters and i have proof from yor own employees…..what about that you want me to post it from don….

  14. run by pedos. just opened an adolescent treatment centre. counseling staff active acholics. reminds me of the catholic church

  15. Never go to this rehab that claim for medical services etc. but nothing is less where the success rate of 96% is nothing of that in the time that I was there, there was a suicide cody and five people who went to Dara what halve

  16. I just found out that the COO of this company was arrested for raping a 14 year old boy (just google or linkedin Nicholas Gully). No Press Release no comment at all from this place. I read another review for another thai rehab that they are pushing drugs in the place! Is it safe anywhere at all? Everyone screams of luxury but if this is the ethical standards portrayed by the senior management. GOD save those who go there.

    • The content of this review is both entirely untrue and slanderous. The person mentioned in the post above NEVER worked for The Cabin. The fact that the link to the reviewer goes to one of our local competitor’s sites points to the obvious fact that this review was placed here by them, or another competitor hiding behind them, to defame us.

      The Cabin Chiang Mai is a world-class, professional and effective treatment facility operating to the highest standards. Our success means that the less effective, unprofessional and inferior treatment centres in our domain suffer and they take their frustrations out on us by posting such things as the pathetic, childish and unsubstantiated claims above. They are not true in the least and we invite you to contact us directly if you wish to clarify any of these points further.

      We will be contacting the owners of this site to take down this inappropriate review.

      The Management of The Cabin Chiang Mai

    • Thailand Rehab Association on

      Great discovery @Stanislaus! Looks like they are lying here to cover their own tracks because as you can see in the following link, Nick Gully actually DID work for The Cabin and actually was arrested for raping a child:

      This is pure, undeniable proof! He already had his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles set to COO at The Cabin Addiction Services lol.

      Way to uncover the truth!

      I hope other people seeking treatment take this into serious consideration before trying to go to a place like this.

      • Looks like a complete fabrication to me. Can’t find any reference to this guy and The Cabin except the clearly doctored post referenced above. Nothing on google, Facebook or LI. Waste of time reviews!

        • yes of course they have had 4 yrs to take it down , its a bit of a random rumor and the Daily mail reviews prove it has been quite widespread of course the cabin would take down face book and linkeden reviews of the person in question , I just emailed someone who has worked there for 1o years and they refused to answer my question blocking me , surely if there was no truth to the story then he would have just said no , I mean it may be fallacious but having known several of the SCAMMERS involved in the Thai rehab industry it would not surprise me at all ,

    • He was never the coo of the cabin, he got he job but never did one day of work at the cabin befor this happened this is the truth

  17. The Best rehab in Asia on

    The best rehab in Asia. Professionally trained experts deal with world class addiction treatment. Most of all they recommend AA after the exit which helps to sustain long term soberity. Congratulations and good job.

    • i had a better expereince at a free rehab in my home country. dont waste your money. a couple of decent counsellors, but way overpriced….some really terrible counsellors too. i was lucky and had one of the decent ones.

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