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Buffalo Valley Inc.Buffalo Valley, Inc. Review

An ever-expanding Tennessee institution since 1979, Buffalo Valley, Inc. provides a number of substance abuse services including outpatientresidential treatment and medical detox. With strong ties to the people of central Tennessee, Buffalo Valley also provides case management, job placement, GED screening, vocational rehabilitation, psychological evaluations, self-esteem enhancement and life skills counseling. They have five distinct locations across the state in Nashville, Lewisburg, Castalian Springs and Hohenwald, which boasts two gender-specific facilities that serve as flagship locations.

Accommodations and Food

The men’s Hohenwald facility is a large, one-story building that resembles a retirement home. Treatment begins with on-site detox, where clients typically share a room with two or three other residents (as well as a bathroom with an additional three). The men’s location can hold up to 100 clients in total, though there are generally only 80 at any given time. After that, residents move on to a separate apartment house for inpatient, where the number of roommates gets knocked down to one or two. Bedrooms are furnished with twin beds, small dressers and night tables with drawers; each room also comes with a private bathroom.

The woman’s facility is also a sprawling one-story located across town, and comes equipped with similar furnishings though without a separate unit for apartments. Instead, female residents stay together in the main facility, which can accommodate a maximum of 45 at a time. Both locations have cooking staff who provide three hot meals a day, with snacks provided at night and vending machines to be used at clients’ leisure (provided they have change to spend).

Because Buffalo Valley supports exercise as a tool in recovery, their Hohenwald facilities include a basketball court, horseshoes, a punching bag, a volleyball court and a treadmill on-site; residents are also encouraged to take walks around the premises during their free time.

Treatment and Staff

Buffalo Valley’s residential program typically lasts 28 days, with a five to seven day detox period when necessary. Men and women attend group therapy and individual therapy at separate facilities. Overall, clients can expect a streamlined program with weekly care reviews to make sure everyone is on track with their recovery, and that all needs are being addressed. The facility also offers a variety of other rotating sessions including life skills and relapse prevention workshops, substance abuse lectures, therapeutic work activities and family program. Several evenings a week, residents are transported to local off-site 12-step meetings.

While Buffalo Valley does offer a dual diagnosis component in the form of mental health counseling, it does not diagnose illnesses or prescribe medication; however, there is a psychiatrist on staff who can provide medication management for those already on it. While the majority of the daily staff are licensed counselors, there’s also a medical doctor available as needed (in addition to the psychiatrist), as well as 24-hour nursing care in the facility’s detox unit. In addition to the above programs, Buffalo Valley also has a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), which offers care up to seven days a week.


As a nod to modern modes of communication, Buffalo Valley also offers “e-therapy” in the form of screening, assessment, treatment and aftercare, all available through phone and web-based services. The program also includes special tracks for veterans, homeless, elderly, disabled and low-income clients, all of which help them find stable housing in counties across the state.

In Summary

With several locations and a variety of social services, Buffalo Valley provides the necessary support and options for those who need them. Residents can take care of detox, treatment, dual diagnosis care and re-entry all under one proverbial roof. While the program lasts only four weeks and their client rolls are fairly large, this program still has low fees compared to many similar residential offerings.

Buffalo Valley, Inc. Location

501 Park Ave South
Hohenwald, TN 38462

Buffalo Valley, Inc. Cost

$8,100 (28 days with detox and no insurance). Reach Buffalo Valley, Inc. by phone at (800) 447-2766 or by email at [email protected]. Find Buffalo Valley, Inc. on FacebookTwitter, Linkedin and Vimeo

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  1. The treatment in hohenwald was ok I was surprised to find out that it’s ran completely by the clients all the cooking,cleaning,meetings, are ran and done by you. We would have one group therapy a day with a counselor that was basically a rerun everyday. I was in there with a few people who had been there 21 days and still not met their counselor. The gym never opens their is nothing to do there at all over the weekend….. and is ran by a mullet wearing lady who does nothing but scream at people. After staying 2weeks I was sent to the Clarksville facility being told I could work and other things to help my family it was all a bunch of lies.. you can not work until you’re there for 35 days. The guys in Clarksville run around like street thugs trying to buy your meds as soon as you’re back with them,the housing there is as bad as it gets as well. Not being shitty but if you’re homeless I’m sure it’s great and that’s the way it seemed to me. Like a bunch of tatted up homeless teens sagged pants no shirts on running around like a gang. You will also need to get on food stamps to buy your food in cville so if you have a job and make ok money you’re [email protected]&$ed up. Anytime you buy anything you WILL be accosted constantly for anything you have no one ever has cigarettes or money and you will be begged on all the time. If you want sobriety stay in hohenwald there are good people there. If you’re serious about getting sober go to NA/AA find a sponser get on a sub program. I personally had to end my journey with buff valley in Clarksville if you wind up there you’ll see why. Good luck it gets better it is great to be sober

  2. Worst experience of my life !!! 1st off staff is very unprofessional they lie to you when you get there and tell you that you can make phone calls and to leave your phone well once you get in there you find out you can’t call anyone so you have people in there without things that I need and they won’t even let them call theyre family to let them know where they are or That they need stuff. They do not tell you that it’s a man’s residential facility so you have 20 guys in there about 8 girls and nothing to separate us but a hallway were supposed to use the same bathrooms even though none of the doors lock They only have 2 staff members at night with all of these people I did not sleep or shower the whole time I was there out of fear of being assaulted. They make you wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning breakfast is not until 8You cannot lay back down or they will come in and scream at you and threaten to kick you out. You are made to do work therapy which includes cleaning the toilets and bathrooms if you want to go smoke . They do not care about anyone there they are just trying to funnel you into their 30 day program. While I was there I witnessed firsthand a girl got kicked out at 8 o’clock at night on a Saturday we are in one of the worst neighborhoods in Nashville She asked to call her ride to come pick her up They called her ride for her and her ride could not come get her so she asked to call someone else they told her you only get 1 phone call she said what am I supposed to do they told her and I quote “There is a bus stop down the road” they kicked her out with nothing but a clear trash bag full of her stuff No phone and no money no nothing 4 hours away from home. That is absolutely disgraceful there is no telling what she had to do to get a ride home. You only get to see the doctor 1 time and that is over Skype he does not even acknowledge you, you can try to talk to him but he will just ignore you and talk to the nurse that brought you in. It’s literally like you don’t exist and if you want to talk to him again after that you are just out of luck, You can bag to talk to the doctor and it will not happen the person that is in control of your life and your health does not even care enough to have a conversation with you. Honestly you can detox yourself more comfortably and safer at home they barely give you anything there to help with the sickness You get 2 mg of suboxone and they expect to have you weined off that in 5 days if you’re Hurting or sick you get Ginger root or lavender oil. It’s absolutely ridiculous everyone in there is sick as a dog throwing up using the bathrooms on themselves and you want to give us lavender oil. If you want something for nausea they want to see the throw up in the toilet. There are more drugs in there than out on the street The 1st dsy I was in there someone offered to snort a pill with me in the bathroom. It’s really sad that a place Like this is open and allowed to run this way The worst part about it is there not even detoxing you Ginger root and lavender oil what a joke . Detox is supposed to help you you’re supposed to be in a comfortable environment. I watched 3 people leave the 1st day I was there just because of how they were treated and the inadequate medical care they were given. We can be sick throwing up and using the bathroom on ourselves at home without fear of being raped or assaulted. It’s really sad I went in there and I was so optimistic but after staying there I came out worse than I went in. I still have anxiety attacks thinking about that place and after staying there I’m to scared to go to another detox. I would not send my worst enemy here.

  3. Absolutely the worst experience in my life. Was detoxing in Nashville and the Manager Amy and her second Nissa spent the whole time screaming at and threatening the employees. Then Nissy would start in yelling at the men. There are a couple of good counselors there but they cant do much because the crazy woman is always threatening them.. Detox is bad enough. This place should be shut down. im surprised no one has not sued them.

  4. My girlfriend took a vacation at this place just to get away.from here family.there was no structure there,people was getting alcohol and pills snuck in,women were sleeping with men and counselers from there,and my girlfriend brittney wey was one of them.this have been the most horrible place ever.someone needs to shut this place down immediately.I have picked up drinking again because of this.

  5. The AA meetings are a joke with no structure or positive feedback plus please don’t take their medicines and sells them to other people in the housing.

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