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Brunswick Christian Recovery Center


Brunswick Christian Recovery Center Review

Located 45 miles southwest of Wilmington, North Carolina in the small town of Ash, Brunswick Christian Recovery Center (Brunswick) is a residential treatment facility that specializes in faith-based treatment programming for men struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. Founded in 2011, Brunswick seeks to provide clients with the solid foundation and increased self-esteem necessary for a successful long-term recovery.


Residents are asked to only bring essentials including both work and dress clothes, toiletries, valid identification, medications, a bible and studying materials. Residents are allowed to write letters to family and friends after they have completed three weeks of treatment. While meals are provided, clients are allowed $20 a week for use on snacks, drinks and cigarettes. Brunswick does not permit smartphones, laptops, radios or iPods. In addition, clients are not allowed to bring non-Christian reading or supplements.

Treatment and Staff

Brunswick provides treatment for clients with alcohol and substance use disorders be it prescription or “street drugs.” The facility utilizes a Christian-based approach to recovery rooted in spiritual work, mentorship and supportive community of peers. During the first phase of care, residents engage in daily Bible study, church service and a deep-dive study into the 12-step method. Clients accept their faults and make peace with the harm they have inflicted in their past. After six weeks in the program residents are reviewed by both the Brunswick team and their peers to determine if significant progress has been made to move into the second phase, where as a senior resident he then becomes responsible for mentoring newer clients. While the length of care varies depending on the progress of the individual, Brunswick usually lasts between six and 12 weeks. Following completion of the residential program, clients are encouraged to return as volunteers and as 12-step sponsors.

The Brunswick team is led by a pastor and comprises a director, assistant director and a team of volunteers. If needed, clients are asked to bring up to three months of medication.

In Summary

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center is a residential facility that specializes in faith-based programming for men struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. The recovery program is centered around bible study, community outreach, brotherhood, mentorship and the 12-step method. For clients seeking a Christian path, Brunswick boasts a strong peer support system and a powerful message. Clients that attend Brunswick can be a part of a life-long family.

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center Location

1994 Ash Little River Rd
Ash, NC 28420

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center Cost

Free (donations and volunteer based). Reach Brunswick Christian Recovery Center by phone at (910) 287-4357 or by email. Find Brunswick Christian Recovery Center on Facebook

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