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Broward Addiction Recovery Center


Broward Addiction Recovery Center Review

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward Addiction Recovery Center provides free substance abuse treatment to Broward County residents over the age 18. The goal of BARC is to teach clients self-reliance, arming them with the tools necessary to live productive lives after rehab. This organization offers detoxresidential and outpatient treatment at four locations—helping clients every step of the recovery process.

Accommodations and Food

Residential and detox services are offered at BARC’s Stephen R. Booher Facility in Coral Springs, Florida. The 92-bed facility offers dorm-style accommodations about five miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale. Men and women occupy different sections of the building and the Perinatal Addiction Program (PAP) is housed in its own wing of the facility. Bedrooms are shared between two clients, featuring twin beds, wooden dressers and a desk. The facility also has a large dining hall, several therapy rooms, a lecture hall, offices and several common areas with TVs. Smoking is permitted during break time.

Three meals a day are provided for clients. The food is served cafeteria-style, with options such as salads, sandwiches, spaghetti and burgers. Special dietary requests can usually be accommodated. Caffeine is permitted.

Treatment and Staff

Clients begin treatment with an assessment. If necessary, a medically-monitored detox is available at the BARC central location, which houses a 34-bed detox unit. This facility provides a safe, medically supervised environment for clients who would otherwise be at risk of life-threatening complications from opiate or alcohol withdrawal. The unit is staffed by licensed medical and clinical professionals and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The detox process usually lasts between three to seven days, and takes place under the care of doctors and nurses. Once stabilization has been achieved, the client can continue on with the residential program.

The 30-day residential program includes individual, group and family therapy. Individual and family counseling happen once a week, while group therapy happens for several hours each day. Group topics include relapse prevention, trauma, life skills, anger management and coping with feelings. Specialty groups exist for the criminal justice population, opiate users and young adults. Educational lectures are given on the physical effects of addiction, as well as on healthy relationship skills. The 12 steps also play a role in this program—clients are required to attend two AA/NA meetings each week.

The PAP is for pregnant women and women with children ages 7 and under. This program follows a similar structure to the traditional residential program, although treatment length is usually 60 days.

The outpatient program is available at three locations—South Regional Family Success Center in Hollywood, Florida, the Edgar P. Mills Multi-Purpose Center in Fort Lauderdale and the Stephen R. Booher Facility in Coral Springs. This program provides long-term, abstinence-based therapy to help with both substance abuse and co-occurring issues. The services include individual and group therapy, as well as education. A flexible schedule of day and evening therapy sessions is offered, allowing clients to work or attend school. Treatment goals are maintaining abstinence, improved life management skills and interpersonal relationships, and involvement in community support groups. The length of time and intensity of this program depends on the individual’s needs.

BARC boasts an experienced and professional staff consisting of CADCs, LCSWs, nurses, doctors and psychiatrists who are dedicated to helping clients attain a healthy lifestyle free from addiction.


BARC clients who are living with HIV or AIDS are provided with information and resources about special support programs available to Broward County residents. BARC also cooperates with the Homeless Initiative Partnership (HIP), which is dedicated to helping the homeless of Broward County find affordable housing. The two county agencies work together to ensure residents of BARC find a safe place to live after leaving treatment.

In Summary

Broward Addiction Recovery Center offers free, supportive treatment that aims to get clients back on their feet. Through a therapeutic and educational approach, this organization arms its clients with the tools they need to thrive in the outside world. While the residential program may only be 30 days, it provides a solid foundation of sobriety and health.

Broward Addiction Recovery Center Locations

BARC Central
1011 Middle St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Edgar P. Mills Multi-Purpose Center
900 NW 31st Ave, Ste 2000
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

South Regional Family Success Center
4733 SW 18th St
Hollywood, Fl 33023

Stephen R. Booher Facility
3275 NW 99th Way
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Broward Addiction Recovery Center Cost

Free. Reach Broward Addiction Recovery Center by phone at (505) 217-1717.

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  1. My friend has been trying to get in for the detox for days. I understand not giving out information on the phone, but I am driving him from West Palm Beach for him to sit for hours waiting and waiting for nothing. Everyone signs in and is supposed to see the nurse, but after 8 hours not one person was called in to see that nurse. So is the facility full? THEY WON’T TELL YOU. It is very frustrating. I don’t understand why you would have people just sit there. Maybe they are full and keep people waiting in the event that someone admitted walks out, I don’t know. I just think that there has to be a better way, even a system to give someone a number and say come back tomorrow at 7 AM, and if that person doesn’t show up on time, go to the next person.

  2. I stayed at BARC for a medical detoxification a couple of months ago.

    There are some amazing people that works at the facility, but unfortunately there’s also some unsympathetic caregivers that seemed quite indifferent to the residents, nor seem to understand that a person going through detoxification is often suffering to the extreme from withdrawals, and that amplifies to an even greater level of hell if you’re getting mocked and yelled at. Since I desire to be anonymous, I won’t go into the details regarding that situation.

    If you’re thinking about going here, note that you can’t take ANYTHING inside – no clothes, electrical equipment, personal hygiene articles, books etc.
    You can bring in underwear, and you should be able to bring in clothes. Whether or not you can bring in clothes depends on whoever works at the time you’re checking in. If you’re unlucky, like I was, you get an extra clothing scan from a lady (I bet it’s not just her) that will consider them as not OK and take them – the classical ”prove my power” cliche. So I had to wear the same pyjamas during my entire stay.

    However, I am sober today and I highly value that I had the opportunity to get medical attention during my detoxification, even if I think that the medical supervision could have been better at some points.

    Finally, I really want to send love and appreciation to ALL of the professional and kind caregivers at BARC! You know who you are! It takes a great person to stand strong in moral and motivation to help people in such an environment!

    Thank you!

  3. Michele Menicola on

    I have a friend that entered BARC, on 12/16/2016, for abusing alcohol. I couldn’t be happier that he made this decision, after battling alcohol for many years. Since he lived on the streets a short time, with no phone, no medical insurance, only a brother that he cannot even contact. Since I know him over 40 yrs., I even tried getting in contact with BARC. , just to ask how he was doing. They do not give out any info. I don’t even know which facility he’s in. I’m thinking the worse scenario, now, 30 days is not enough treatment time for an alcoholic, let alone a homeless one. I hope with prayers BARC, didn’t already discharge him. I am up here in Orlando, and really want to help him continue his recovery, by taking him in with me. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with a REAL PERSON ? He’s tried 2 other rehabs, both allowed phone calls and visitors. I never heard of a facility with 100 phone numbers and not even one affiliated with this rehab. I’ve tried the email attempt, they responded, “Sorry, cannot give out that information” I’m so angry! All I want is an answer!
    Danny Driscoll hang in there, I’m sending prayers.

  4. Extremely unprofessional staff other than one new LPN in the triage. This place was a last resort for me and I still left within hours of being admitted…Beds stacked on top of one another in one giant room…Feels like jail. Trust me, if you have a home, or aren’t court mandated to be here, you should probably find an alternative…Anywhere is better than this shithole. So ghetto.

  5. BARC is absolutely terrible! Brought my mother there on a Friday at 1 because that’s when they told us to drop her off since they had a bed available. 11 days later her husband and I got a phone call from a hospital saying that she had been in the hospital for 11 days because of an alcohol seizure withdrawal. Prior to that my father and I called the facility numerous times trying to find out if she was there or at their other facility and if she was okay. No one would tell us anything. Absolutely the worst place on this planet! Also when I called and spoke to an advisor and said “my mother could be dead and I won’t even know it then?”? The woman said yes. I highly advise nobody to take any of their loved ones with an addiction problem to this facility!

  6. I just spent several hours trying to get my brother into BARC after his heroin addiction got so bad he almost died of an overdose. After spending all that time waiting to see someone they turned him away with nothing in less than 5 minutes citing a lack of bed space. My brother died the next day of an overdose. Not blaming anybody for my brother’s decisions but it’s a damn shame they always find room in jails no matter how crowded they are but can’t help those that are begging for it.

  7. Broward Addiction Recovery Center
    BARC Central
    1011 Middle St
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

    Complaint regarding staff that work the evening shift. Leo a latino staff member that I could hardly understand raised his voice with disrespectful comments as other staff members in the background were laughing at questions I had. Prior to this incident I was hung up on twice at the 954-357-4880 ext. 2 for Triag questions. These staff members were very unprofessional and were having a splendid time at my expense. I will make sure that this complaint reaches the desk of the person that will see to it that this does not happened to anyone else reaching for help. These 3 staff members were working Friday December 18 between the hours of 6:00pm -7:30p.

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