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Brookhaven Retreat is an upscale women’s treatment facility located just outside the town of Seymour, Tennessee. While Brookhaven doesn’t subscribe to 12-step philosophy, it still arranges for on-site AA meetings upon request. It treats substance abuse as well as depression, bi-polar disorder and trauma. On-site medically supervised detox is available for those who need it.

Founder and owner Jacqueline Dawes, originally from England, started her career as a developer of assisted living facilities. After losing her 18-year-old daughter to an ecstasy overdose, the Dawes moved to the United States where she created Brookhaven. It’s a healing sanctuary for women where Dawes remains an active presence today.

Dawes believes that underneath all addictive behavior is an “emotional breakage.” Her goal is to provide each woman a multi-track program with a full range of clinical professionals that will give women tools to help quiet the self-defeating noise in their heads and instead learn to tap into their own intuitions.

Accommodations and Food 

Brookhaven is a 38-bed ranch-style facility on a 48-acre lot nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The expansive grounds have plenty of walking paths, nature trails, secluded gazebos and even a horse stable. Each resident’s room provides a homey, comfortable healing environment painted in warm colors, with single captain’s beds all bedecked in Laura Ashley-type décor.

Food at Brookhaven is designed to focus on the specific nutritional needs of women by offering market-fresh food and local organic produce. Chefs generally serve spa cuisine and the facility also uses input from an onsite nutritionist to devise specialized meal plans for residents with special needs.

Treatment and Staff

Brookhaven provides a medically supervised detox if needed, and offers both traditional and holistic treatment methods. To help alleviate withdrawal symptoms it uses what is known as acudetox, where pressure points in the ears are stimulated as a natural way to help clients reduce anxiety and sleep better.

When residents are stable, they enter a 90-day, three-tiered program. There are three psychiatrists, five therapists, three counselors and specialty therapists on staff. Much of the basis of the program is DBT but other methods are used as well. After an assessment by a psychiatrist and primary therapist, each client receives an individualized treatment plan that includes small core groups (covering domestic violence, grief, healthy relationships, boundaries and sexual abuse), equine therapy and family dynamics. They meet with their assigned a primary therapist once a week while core groups meet twice a day. Therapists work with approximately four to eight clients at a time, introducing them to DBT skills such as mindfulness and emotional regulation.


Some of the facility’s special amenities and services include concierge to-and-from the airport, full housekeeping, weekly shopping trips for necessities, on-site laundry, dry cleaning, computer and phone privileges and passes to visit family when appropriate. Weekly spa services such as massage, hair and manicures are also available off-site at an additional charge, along with an off-site gym membership, which is included.

Brookhaven is big on experiential therapy like equine and art therapy, journaling and arts and crafts as a part of its “emotional wellness treatment” program. It also has a ropes course and a variety of experiential and recreational therapies such as gardening and dancing.

In Summary

Brookhaven Retreat currently accepts private pay only. Women who are looking for a cozy place that doesn’t just subscribe strictly to 12-step philosophies could definitely find recovery here.

Brookhaven Retreat Location

1016 Ic King Rd
Seymour, TN 37865

Brookhaven Retreat Cost

$45,000 (30 days). Reach Brookhaven Retreat by phone at (866) 573-3656. Find Brookhaven Retreat on Facebook

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  2. I was a patient here for 90 days. I have extensive trauma and was dealing with suicidal ideations and PTSD. They knew the issues I was facing prior to me checking in. Unfortunately, due to my issues, the therapy that I went there to get, wasn’t safe for me to do. No one told me that for nearly two months, despite my asking 3 times. Not only is the “therapy” mediocre, the clinical director has only been a therapist for some 7 years, working with children for some of that time. That’s not a lot of experience for someone who is leading the psychiatric team in an intense inpatient facility. Patients see their primary therapist one on one, once a week. If you are having a difficult week or experience any type of emergency (including being on constant observation), you do get any additional therapy. You might see the on call NP, who really knew nothing about you, given that she was never on site, except in emergencies. She did not have a professional appearance and had no bedside manner. The facility is nice and the support & nursing staff are very accommodating. PC’s are the staff that patients interact with the most and they were so understaffed (for the duration of my stay) that there were times when you couldn’t find anyone if you needed help. Before you even complete 30 days, they are pushing for a 4 month commitment, then at 60 days, pushing for 5 months, etc. I left the 90 day program feeling like a failure, because they wanted me to stay an additional month and I couldn’t. Poncho (begins at 30 days), which is the owner’s pride and joy, is a complete waste of time when she runs it. She wears so much perfume that the room was almost unbearable to be in. She droned on and on, switching from subject to subject, mostly talking about herself. By the time she was done talking, you didn’t know what the point of the lecture was. She liked to read cards/letters sent to her from former clients, telling her how amazing she is. It was nothing but a “look at me” fest. She had no idea who any of her patients were or what issues they were there for. For a few weeks, there were very few clients there, it wasn’t as if she couldn’t have tried to read anyone’s files. Along those same lines, the psychiatrists that patients see every 14 days-ish weren’t even in treatment team. They were all pleasant and educated, but lacked the insight into their patient’s weeks prior to seeing them. There is no art room, it is the dining room, they have about 5 colors of paint (you have to buy your own supplies if you actually want to get anything done) in which you complete numerous elementary level projects. Equine therapy is a joke during the fall/winter, despite them telling you that unless it is snowing, you will do equine. Most of equine is spent indoors, painting a horse, pinning a body part on a painting of a horse, and other silliness. I never saw the ropes course, despite having many very nice days, due to “liability.” We did ropes course in the heron room. There were many different types of women there, with many levels of commitment to the program. Every one of them who stayed at least 60 days agreed that the owner was money hungry and did not have the experience necessary to be running an inpatient facility. They want your money, and then they get around to their responsibilities when it suits them.

  3. This place is terrible , and run by crooks. We were mislead , from the start . We specifically asked if there was medical staff on site and were assured there was, there is not . Also , we were sent paperwork stating that patients were to pay for 30 days in advance . Upon arriving I was told by Londa Kilbarger I had to pay for 90 days in advance to “ get the best treatment “ for my family member . This place is only about making money , it does not care at all about helping anyone . Do not go near this place .

  4. Also there are not 5 therapists there as described in the over view of the place above. There was no acupuncture person there lowering anxiety with pressure points to the ears no real holistic program, no equine therapy of any real significance and maybe you get to spend time with the horse about two hours a week total. Ok so far none of things they highlight above are true.
    Also there are no therapists on the weekends or much to do on the weekend – a skeletal crew at best. For $49,000 a month one should expect more. Yes there are arts and craft project to basically drag you through your past – family tree – collages, not very inspirational – – no real mindfulness – – just some talks on it – and no inner work – you go clothes shopping if you go to enough support groups a week. Not a very spiritual approach to healing. This place is shameful in every way.

    • I’m sorry to hear your experience wasn’t good. Unfortunately, you can’t just pay an amount of money and expect to get better. YOU have to put the work and effort into the program. Brookhaven is staffed with wonderful, caring, and highly qualified individuals to help guide you on your journey. The number of therapists vary, as any place of employment would. There is equine therapy weekly for those who are interested in doing so. There are weekend therapists on staff (though not as many as during the week because of core groups not meeting). There’s even people there in the middle of the night to talk to if you need. Unfortunately, working through your past is a very important part of recovery and has to be done. The trips to shop isn’t just for clothes, it’s to help ease your way back into society (Brookhaven is a very secure and private place for healing) while being able to grab things you may need while you’re there (maybe you want some cool gel pens or a warmer jacket). Brookhaven has been a lifesaver to SO many women. They’re a blessing.

      • I.

        From my perspective saying things like “you have to put work and effort into the program.” is assuming I did not or explaining the clothes shopping is a way to “ease my way back into society” assuming that is something I needed, which I did not.

        I got better with the right treatment and care at another treatment program for a lot less money. It is as simple as that

    • Hello Jos,
      I’m doing research for a colleague (at a New York-based magazine) on treatment centers around the country. Would you be willing to share your Brookhaven experience—100% anonymously, of course—with us? You can reach me at [email protected] if so and I can provide more details in private. Thank you.

  5. Charmaine Nichols on

    Hello. I am Charmaine Nichols and I am a licensed attorney practicing in Tennessee. I represent a gentleman who, when his daughter was in deep crisis, paid not only the first month for treatment by wiring $45,000 but he was then coerced to pay an additional $45,000 for the second month with the false promise that he would be reimbursed if his daughter left in advance of the second 30-days beginning. When my client’s daughter decided to leave after about 25 days, Brookhaven refused to refund the unused portion of the $45,000. I am looking for any employees (former or current) willing to tell the truth about these predatory practices and/or who have likewise been cheated by a similar practice. Calls confidential and my number is 865-924-3430. Please call to help my client.

  6. I don’t understand the previous comments at all. This place saved my life! They taught me how to live the right way for the right reasons and how to let go of the trauma I had experienced and was causing myself harm. For six years I have been clean and sober. I am loving life and apply what I learned everyday.

  7. Best place ever. They never forget you. It’s hard work, but entirely worth it. I could only stay 30 days but it was the best decision in my life

  8. It’s actually a wonderful place and i had nothing but the most difficult experience of my life there. Staff made it very clear to me from day 1 that getting well is hard; staying well is even harder. They also made it clear that i had to be committed to myself and believe in treatment in order for it to work. Stays are 30-days at a time so precious posts about only doing 90-day treatment isn’t correct. I have only a mental illness, not an addiction issue and i found the program to be amazing. Im alive today because of brookhaven but if youre not ready to make a committment then keep searching because this program would not be for you.

  9. DO NOT GO TO BROOKHAVEN. I understand that if you are in a situation where you are even considering Brookhaven, you are in a crisis, but please look elsewhere. The person running Brookhaven, Jacqueline Dawes, is a predator. She is money hungry and preys on people at their most vulnerable points.

    The program is advertised as 30, 60, or 90 days but once you get there they will keep pushing you to stay longer and longer. They will manipulate your treatment in order to keep you longer.

    The therapists are just Jacqueline’s puppets. There are no ethics at the rehab and its scary. The staff and nurses you deal with day to day, called PCs, are amazing, but besides that, the program is horrible because of upper management.

  10. I, too, would like some specific examples of the above negative posts. I’m not being snarky at all. Are the complaints based on negative financial experiences? The website is pretty specific, although very expensive IMO, that the treatment is self pay.
    What about the actual therapy? I have a friend (truly a friend 🙂 ) who is in desperate need of some specific emotional counseling. No substance abuse. Is the faculty focused more on substance abuse vs trauma treatment? Are the facilities as described? How is the actual counseling?
    Thank you in advanced for any feedback.

    • First off the facilities are dorm like and extremely restrictive. In a hospital setting restrictions are mandatory but this is not a hospital but the restrictions are humiliating. Every hour they check to make sure you are where you are suppose to be and very limited time to go outside – about an hour and then you have to sign back in to go out again. They check on you even when you are in bed sleeping. There is only one on one therapy every week – for $49,000 a month I expected more and insurance believe me will cover none of that cost. Their program is not holistic – mostly indoor DBT and other support groups in a an antiseptic environment. There is no art program you just do art. There is a trapped feeling there and this was not my issue coming in. As far as trauma goes they are pretty lost in how to treat this – maybe for sobriety a bit better. I did not go in for sobriety. You will spend very little time with the horses although you get the impression you will. I saw women in there that were not getting the kind of care they needed, quick diagnoses of people without really knowing them and Jacqueline Dawes pushing that 90 day program in a predatory way no matter what your situation was.
      Many treatment programs are pro-rated. This one is not. I strongly urge you to visit Brookhaven if you are not convinced this is not the place for anyone to heal. For many it was more damaging – you got sicker – you stay longer – the cycle continues. There are some good people who work there but all I can say is my truth about Brookhaven If I could give a 0 rating I would.

  11. This place is a highway robbery. Once you’re in they will do whatever they can to convince your family you are worst off then you were to begin with. My response is you’re selling a 90day program if that’s not enough time for you to do your job for 150k that’s a problem.

      SCAM ALERT – Be cautious is my biggest warning.

      Jacqueline is who “sell” the value of the program. She is very responsive…until she has your money. Then there is roughly a 0% chance you will ever hear from her again. You will be out $150K with no insurance reimbursement or early termination reimbursement. She PREYS on DESPERATE LOVING FAMILIES in VULNERABLE SITUATIONS. It makes me sick.

      FACT: your in for $150K no matter what BS Jacqueline tries to sell. She will mention some hope for insurance reimbursement if you file a claim 4 times through your insurance. She also claims to help with the paperwork and getting the records organized and delivered in a timely manner. Not only do we have no records but the insurance reimbursement was denied as advised by other self pay programs WHO WERE ACTUALLY UPFRONT AND HONEST.

      Another FACT: there is no hope for early termination reimbursement. If you have to leave after a month because the environment is not healthy or things get worse under their care then your left high and dry. No way to communicate with anyone there. No explanation.

      This place is run to help those struggling yet its FRAUD to take $150K for helping care-take for an individual for 30 days. Not only is the service only worth 1/100th of the price but the moral factor that they don’t work together to reimburse what they did not provide services for is complete and utter FRAUD. This type of business cannot survive in today’s world of transparency.

      Many MANY better alternatives if due diligence is done on research.

        • Yes the therapists are trained but just ok in my experience there. Doctors are trained too but does not necessarily make them good doctors. Also their treatment program is far from individualized. 40 some odd hours of support groups is not an individualized program.

        • The place is horrible. A family member went there several years ago and it appears that not much has changed in 5-6 years since then despite numerous very poor reviews. This facility should be shut down.

          I’m an experienced RN and CCM who has worked at accredited facilities and companies within the health care industry in the US for over 35 years. I am disgusted to read more of the same feedback.

          As far as those positive reviews, If you’ll notice that they are very basic and without details.

          Please do your research before even considering having a love one placed here.

          Good Luck in finding the best fit for your situation.

          Find an accredited facility which has to be accountable to a governing body besides itself.

          The responses from the owner to those who provide detailed feedback are not something that a therapist with any sense of compassion would write. She takes no ownership of her facilities misgivings.

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