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BrightsideBrightside Sober Living Review

Brightside Sober Living is a network of five sober living houses in the Austin, Texas area. The three men’s and two women’s facilities are owned and operated by Scott and Carrie Smith, who founded Brightside to provide residents in early stages of recovery a deeply supportive, homey environment, modeled after their own experiences in a sober living some years ago. Using the 12 steps, Brightside’s owners truly understand the challenges of sobriety.

Accommodations and Amenities

Each of the five Brightside houses accommodates six at a time in double-occupancy rooms with two bathrooms. Rooms have twin-size beds, a small nightstand and either a rack for clothes or a drawer that extends from the bottom of the bed frame. Though the rooms are sparse they are not austere, and the furniture is well-maintained. The walls of the women’s houses are painted in soothing pastels while earth tones cover the walls of the men’s quarters.

The communal living spaces are basic and comfortable. There are leather couches arranged in a semi-circle around the communal TV in the living room and a large dining table in the nook next to the spacious kitchen. In the living room there is a computer which clients are welcome to use. The houses have either a swimming pool in the backyard or a relaxing covered patio.

Basic amenities such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, coffee, snacks and dishes are provided, though meals are the residents’ responsibility.

Rules and Regulations

Accountability and responsibility are critical at Brightside, and as such there are many rules and expectations for each client. A minimum 90-day stay is required of all residents, during which AA meetings are mandated. After the initial 90 days, clients still attend meetings though the frequency is reduced to three days a week.

Curfew is 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 1:00 am Friday and Saturday. After the initial 30-day probationary period curfews become more flexible, assuming the managers of each house feel a their clients are progressing well in recovery. After the first 90 days, residents may stay off-site up to two nights each week at the discretion of the staff.

Clients are tested for drugs when they initially move into a Brightside house and thereafter on a random basis. Any resident who tests positive or who is found with non-prescription drugs or paraphernalia is immediately expelled, without a refund of fees or their deposit.

On Sundays at 6:00 pm clients attend a mandatory house meeting. Residents are required to participate in weekly off-site individual and group therapy. Men’s therapy takes place on Tuesday nights and women’s is on Wednesday nights. Clients are also expected to find a sponsor while at Brightside, in addition to working or looking for a job.

There are daily and weekly assigned chores, and if a resident leaves for a night he or she has to enlist another client to help complete them. Rent can be paid each week at the house meeting, or on the first of the month (with a two-day grace period).

In Summary

Brightside Sober Living is a no-frills network of homes that closely emulate independent living, but with the benefit of daily support from others who are also in recovery. Prospective residents should expect to work and to have a serious approach to recovery. Most clients stay at least a year, and in that time they become part of a close community and support system that often lasts long after leaving Brightside. For those seeking a reasonably priced sober living in which to rebuild their lives, Brightside is a good option.

Brightside Sober Living Locations

Men’s Houses:
1110 Cripple Creek
Austin, Tx 78758

1604 Cricket Hollow Dr
Austin, TX 78758

1221 S. Meadows Dr
Austin, TX 78758

Women’s Houses:
1761 Cricket Hollow
Austin, Tx 78758

11500 Eubank
Austin, Tx 7875

Brightside Sober Living Cost

$550 (30 days). Reach Brightside Sober Living by phone at (901) 604-0520 or by email at Find Brightside Sober Living on Facebook

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