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Founded in 2015 by David Naylor, who has been clean and sober since 2009, BridgeWay Holistic Sober Living in Austin, Texas, provides sober living for men and women. As their name suggests, BridgeWay offers a well-rounded approach, and offers a variety of healing services. The organization also assists clients with co-occurring disorders by providing bi-weekly trauma resolution therapy. Naylor was inspired to open BridgeWay to allow clients to have a chance to work on healing shame, trauma and other issues that surface in early sobriety.

Accommodations and Amenities

BridgeWay is comprised of 5 men’s homes and two women’s with a total of 52 beds. Each house accommodates seven clients. At BridgeWay, clients are paired in comfortably furnished rooms with twin or full-sized beds, dressers, lamps, and spacious windows. Each residence has a fully equipped kitchen. While residents are responsible for their own groceries and food preparation, a nutritionist is available and provides healthy meal tips. Other amenities include Wi-Fi, cable TV, YMCA membership, and monthly maid service. Staff lives on the premises.

Rules and Regulations

While Naylor prefers clients who have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety, he occasionally accepts those with less time. Clients receive individualized recovery plans based on their personal situation and goals. Upon arrival, they must attend 90 meetings in 90 days. After that time, the minimum weekly requirement is four meetings. Additionally, clients must acquire sponsors within a week of their arrival. While BridgeWay is a 12-step based house, clients who prefer to go to SMART Recovery or Celebrate Recovery are encouraged to do so. Additionally, some residents choose attend outpatient treatment.

Requirements include attending daily yoga and meditation, participating in biweekly recovery coaching, as well as trauma resolution therapy, performing household chores and being present at the house meetings. The house meetings are at 8 pm Sundays and Thursdays. Besides discussing household issues and concerns, residents engage in processing and discuss topics including fear, shame, security and self-love. The weekly trauma resolution therapy is a two-hour phone session, conducted off the premises, with a therapist. During the first 30 days, the curfew is 10 pm. After that time, clients are allowed to come and go, as long as they are moving forward in their healing.

Other services besides housing include spiritual guidance, one on one mentoring, goal oriented recovery coaching, career guidance, and self-love and self-care work. At BridgeWay, random drug and alcohol screenings are conducted. Those who relapse must immediately leave the premises, but are allowed to return after a minimum of 48 hours, provided that they are willing to get back on track. Those requiring detox are provided with referrals.


BridgeWay Holistic Sober Living houses are in the prime neighborhoods of Austin, and are close to the Town Lake, recovery support meetings as well as local coffee shops.

In Summary

Naylor has been influenced by the work of John Bradshaw and Pia Mellody. He really believes that after clients have gotten clean and sober, sometimes other issues pop up, and that clients should take time to heal from past wounds. BridgeWay is really hands on, and staff is very passionate about helping their clients. For those seeking a healing ambience in their sober living environment, as well as a chance to really work on themselves, BridgeWay is the perfect option. BridgeWay does not like to disclose their address, for the safety and privacy of clients.

BridgeWay Holistic Sober Living Location

BridgeWay does not like to disclose their address, for the safety and privacy of clients.

Austin, TX 78704

BridgeWay Holistic Sober Living Cost

$995 (30 days). Reach BridgeWay by phone at (512) 765-5711 or by email. Find BridgeWay at Facebook and LinkedIn

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  1. Thank you BridgeWay! You guys have by the far the most staff support, best locations and nicest houses out there! Thank you Jennifer, Gabi, Thomas, Daniella, Bivi and David for all the hard work you put in every day and everything you provide.

  2. BridgeWay saved my life! Great community, support and caring staff. The locations are downtown and have great services. I am still here working on my recovery.

  3. I’ve been to other sober livings in austin that don’t give a shit. They are way out in the middle of nowhere and they don’t even have a staff. For the two people who are complaining, move the out and go somewhere else then. BridgeWay provides more than any place out there, and the locations are the best you’ll can find.

    • I agree with jason. Don’t let bitter and sick people who are angry and victims ruin what’s good. BridgeWay has been my family, community and support and I would not be sober today without such a caring community.

  4. I live here and I’m very happy, great staff, I have YMCA membership, the houses are nice. Some people in recovery come in resentful and entitled, BridgeWay goes above and beyond any sober living I’ve ever been apart of. Thank you BridgeWay, I am grateful.

  5. This place is trash and Zach is 100% right and this place only cares about your money and will kick you out for no reason just to make their profit, they just recently closed a house due to not making their desired money and not their mad because we can’t accommodate to the 13 people and 3 dogs who live there and make it our fault. Plus me and my friends have been there over 30 days and we still have to abide by the under 30 day rules AND pay the under 30 day fee. Seriously f this place and ignore all post they make trying to justify this joke of a place

  6. Either “Jeff” is a fake review from the administration, or someone is confusing me with someone else. Thomas is a great recovery coach, but he’s the only redeeming quality of the administrative side of bridgeway. people do get help through bridgeway, but I personally believe that an environment of uncertainty and unreliability is the last thing addicts need in early recovery. It has the potential to be so much more if there were principles upheld from the top down.

    • Zach is a bitter and resentful person who is not working an honest program, and blames others for his problems. I lived with him.

  7. I’m still at bridgeway, what the f are you talking about. I’ve never caused anyone to be discharged, ever, haven’t relapsed, have done nothing but try to support others while I’ve been here. I’ve been at the under 30 day house after 45 days of pure sobriety. I’m still here because I want to learn as much as possible about how to properly run a sober living program, and unlike Bridgeway, I will run a non profit and be responsible for the clients that I will someday serve

  8. The women’s houses are beautiful! I live at the Bouldin House but want to move to the one on Congress once I get enough sobriety under my belt. What I love about BridgeWay is that they have different levels of care, their homes are great location, they offer a Gym membership, Maid Services their staff is amazing. Thank you BridgeWay for all that you do!

  9. That is incorrect Zach. BridgeWay is committed to making a real difference, they have the best locations in Austin, right downtown central. I was in the house with you and you caused a real issue with everyone and had to be discharged because you were not committed to your recovery. You left BridgeWay bitter because they held you accountable. These people care, and that is the truth and their homes are the highest quality in Austin.

  10. Bridgeway shines on paper, but in reality due to their extremely small staff, and commitment to profits rather than people, this is not the gem you may be thinking it is. The people doing the bulk of the work aren’t paid, just incentivized with discounted rent. The paid staff have good intentions, but are severely limited by the rigidity of the bureaucracy they’ve created. It is that human construct they strive to uphold, not their clients. Their websites boasts “hands on and engaged staff,” but if a waiter was as unreliable on their word and agreements as the administration has been with me over trying to make sure my dog didn’t wind up in the shelter, I would have a hard time rationalizing tipping. You or your loved ones would be better off elsewhere. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to recovery, and caution that you really do your homework before choosing Bridgeway, because taking them at face value may be a mistake you don’t have the chance to correct.

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