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Bridge House is a not-for-profit, sober living for men in Shreveport, Louisiana. It offers men who are dealing with issues surrounding their addiction to drugs and alcohol a safe place to live while attending 12-step meetings and getting their lives back on track. This program offers structure and a schedule, and requires all residents follow a list of rules while acclimating to living a life in sobriety.

Accommodations and Amenities

Clients reside in a two story, single family home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The bedrooms are fully furnished, and offer dorm style accommodations. There is a huge, industrial sized kitchen on site, spacious dining room, and ample backyard space with a gazebo.

The home has several comfortable living spaces that double as meeting rooms. There is a den and living room with TV and several couches and armchairs. There are also laundry facilities on site that clients have access to.

Rules and Regulations

The first 30 days are considered a probationary period for all residents. This requires clients to limit their socialization to their sponsor or approved family members, and attend their job and AA meetings only during this stage.

During the first 30 days all new clients have to attend one AA meeting per day. After the 30 days are up, client are required to attend five meetings per week, which can include the mandatory Sunday meeting that is held at the facility. This AA meeting is followed up by a mandatory house meeting.

The curfew is 10 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends, and clients have lights out an hour after curfew. Wake up is 7 am every day with the exception of Saturdays, and the assigned chores need to be completed at this time. The men are also responsible for keeping the kitchen clean, cleaning up their meals from the dining room table, and keeping the house generally tidy at all times. They also have to clean the bathroom after each use, and make their beds every day.

Calls on the house phone are limited to 15 minutes, and no matter what, guests are never allowed upstairs.

Clients either need to be working or volunteering up to 35 hours per week, and sign in or out of the house whenever they leave and return.

If at any time clients bring drugs or alcohol into the house, or have a positive drug screen, fight, steal or gamble, they are immediately dismissed from the program and have 30 minutes to vacate.

Clients can have their own cars and personal electronic devices while in the program. They can also smoke or vape in designated areas outside of the house.

In Summary

The Bridge House is safe and requires a lot out of their clients. All the rules and regulations are established to not only keep each client safe, but also sober. This is a great program that really teaches the men how to live and maintain their sobriety while receiving a great deal of support.

Bridge House Location

426 Stoner Ave
Shreveport, LA 71101

Bridge House Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Bridge House by phone at (318) 222-9782. Find Bridge House on Facebook

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