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Bridge to Life CenterBridge Back to Life Center Review

Bridge Back to Life Center has been providing affordable and quality addiction care and treatment in the greater New York area from their six locations since 1988. Each location (Manhattan, Staten Island, two in downtown Brooklyn, Bethpage and Coney Island) provides the same courses of treatment and the same level of care. Although exclusively outpatient, BBLC does offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as detox services. Its commitment to the 12-step methodology has brought clients much success in attaining recovery and sobriety.

Treatment and Staff

BBLC offers a variety of treatment programs and services. Upon admission, clients are given an initial diagnostic evaluation to determine the level of care needed and to formulate an individualized treatment plan. Full detox services and medication management are available to clients in need.

The IOP consists of individual, group and family therapy and educational seminars about addiction. The duration and number of therapy sessions depends on the type of care deemed necessary for the individual client. A psychoeducational program is available for clients and their families.

The 12 steps are incorporated into the various services offered by BBLC and clients are encouraged to attend meetings outside of the program to support their recovery.

All BBLC staff are Master’s- and doctoral-level therapists and counselors.


In addition to addiction treatment services, BBLC hosts special events for clients, their loved ones and community members. Seminars, fairs, dinners and special outings and activities help integrate clients back into regular life. For clients requiring housing, BBLC has a network of recovery homes and assists with placement.

BBLC also offers outpatient programs specifically tailored for women and another for adolescents. Clients may also benefit from the marital counseling services offered.

In Summary

Bridge Back to Life Center may not offer lavish amenities, but their various treatment services and commitment to giving each client the best care possible is what sets them apart from other economical outpatient rehabs. At any of their six locations, clients can receive outpatient care, detox services, medication management and therapy consistent with 12-step methodology. Their committed and experienced staff make clients feel safe and open to the possibilities recovery has to offer.

Bridge Back to Life Center Location

Bridge Back to Life Center
500 8th Ave, Ste 906
New York, NY 10018

Bridge Back to Life Center Cost

$2,700 (30 days). Reach Bridge Back to Life Center by phone at (212) 679-4960. Find Bridge Back to Life Center on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn  

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  1. I had a really hard time at the Staten Island center. I suffer with anxiety and depression disorders. I went to Bridge because they have a dual program (mental health and substance). The therapists were extremely condescending. I constantly felt as if they were talking down to me. They never explained how the program worked. When I asked questions, I was often told that I wasn’t serious about the program or that it was already explained clearly to me. I became really nervous and hesitant to ask them anything. I was having a lot of anxiety attacks at the time I was attending and the tone and stress I was feeling there was definitely making it worse. I could fill up four pages with the amount of things they said and did that were completely inhumane. While I was there I was so worried about having an anxiety attack that I didn’t realize they never helped or addressed the fact that I have an anxiety disorder. They actually said several things that made me worse. I think they thought I was lying about having anxiety to get out of testing. This makes me so upset because if you suffer with anxiety you know that all you want to do is feel normal. Having therapists think that you are lying is absolutely heartbreaking and psychologically damaging. I am petrified to go to another center and I really could use the help. I’m fearful to expose myself again. I can’t imagine creating a rapid heartbeat and shaking to get out of a test but I’m sure it has happened. However, no one should be judged on what someone else has done.

  2. D. Anonymous on

    It’s so sad how an addict can actually expect to be treated with respect when some of them are a joke themselves! I applaud the staff and human being who dedicate their lives to helping others with addiction. Unfortunately, there are more people who think other people have nothing better to do but to deal with their addiction. I am a recovered addict and I wanted to get my life back on track. Bridge back to life was exactly what I needed to cross over and get back on track. There is more to life, and if your issue is Psychological, there is treatment for that as well. Us humans decide to self medicaid ourselves to forget whatever issue we can’t deal with, not realizing that eventually reality will slap you back in the face and no drug in the world will help you. You will end up either in jail, if you are lucky or six feet under! Disheartening is when someone is trying to help someone that does not want to help themselves! Keep up the excellent work to all Staff Members of Bridge back to Life! You all are truly dedicated and much Kuddos to you all.

    • Of COURSE the people that are “clapping back” at a negative review are posting anonymously! Also, just an FYI to your point that not everyone has to worry about other people’s recovery…… they DO when it’s their JOB! You sound extremely emotional & not super level headed but I hope that you also continue to get the help that you need.

  3. the staten island office is a prison it self with guards and trust me they have no problem with ratting u out. it’s so dirty in the waiting room. candy rappers floor dirty needs mopping and buffing and seats are broken and dirty. oh yeah not one window in basement. day top is better. the staff has no respect they need to understand ass any other business the CUSTOMER is always right we pay there bills

    • D. Anonymous on

      You sound like a waste of their precious time. Maybe Jail will make a difference in your life! Worry about getting your act together, maybe get a job and you can clean the floors at Bridge Back to Life in Staten Island 🙂

  4. michael Giannone on

    Since I wrote my last review there has been drastic changes to the program.The director has made many positive changes, including a full caring staff. The director maintains a open door policy and will see anyone and actually listen to them. The counselors are caring and very hands on. This program has had a positive effect on me do to the staff. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for treatment. So if you need help just go to victory blvd. And talk to the staff and they will take care of you in a caring manner

  5. Michael Giannone on

    The staff there treats each other in a disrespectful manner in front of clients. The urine process is a joke and the confidentially of the clients is very lacked…anyone can view another inmates charts. Most of the staff are great. But when you see one staff disrespecting another staff members it’s dishartening…..

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