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Brentwood Sober Living


Brentwood Sober LivingThe Basics

In Brentwood, the upscale West Los Angeles neighborhood between UCLA’s Westwood and Santa Monica’s beaches, there is a boutique sober living facility for men who are transitioning from inpatient treatment into a sober lifestyle. Opened in 2011, Brentwood Sober Living aims to create an intimate environment, accommodating just six clients at a time and each of these men must be enrolled in some form of continuing care upon admission. Life at Brentwood Sober Living is pretty exposed (lots of hardwood and big windows), so in order to keep things as safe as possible, men with severe mental health issues, sexual disorders and aggressive tendencies need not apply.

Accommodations and Amenities

Because anonymity is of the utmost importance at Brentwood—it’s the interiors that are the focus of the residence. As mentioned, the rooms are full of blonde hardwood and large windows, French doors opening on to the backyard, a patio and the basketball court. The cream colored walls are covered in framed artwork and a Buddha painting over the fireplace faces a communal table in the dining room. In addition to the requisite flat screen, leather loungers and a pool table in the front room, is an indoor Jacuzzi, surrounded by windows, in the rear of the house.

Private rooms are available for an added fee, but even the shared bedrooms at Brentwood Sober Living are spacious. Each client has a full-sized bed, covered in matching linens, with his own nightstand and a shared dresser.

Groceries are provided for the residents, based on their requests, they prepare their own meals in a kitchen with granite counter tops, often eating together in the dining room. If this house looks pristine, that’s probably because housekeeping services are included in the cost of stay. Residents also get a local gym membership.

Rules and Regulations

Incoming clients to Brentwood sober living are serious about staying sober. As a rule, residents have already completed some form of residential treatment program for addiction. If, however, a potential client has not completed a primary inpatient program but can demonstrate his sincere willingness to be sober, it’s possible he could be admitted after a thorough staff evaluation. That being said, all clients must be participating in some form of outpatient treatment and seeing a professional for medication management when appropriate. The house is staffed around the clock and residents are subject to random drug tests.

All residents must participate in morning meditation, which typically includes a recovery reading and reflection, as well as the end of the evening check in. Daily recovery meetings are required, as well.


For an added fee, organized activities may include—dining out, shopping, surfing, tennis, fishing, golf, hiking, mountain biking and live shows. As mentioned, housekeeping and a gym membership are included in the cost of residence.

Brentwood Sober Living makes a number of referrals for auxiliary services like massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and fitness trainers, in addition to therapists, psychiatrists and addiction specialists. Clients can also employ sober companions and coaches.

In Summary

This sober living focuses on the step down process of treatment, where men are coming out of primary care and into some kind of outpatient treatment and are still in need of a safe and sober living environment. Keep in mind that this is a private pay home, not a licensed facility. That being said, Brentwood Sober Living makes sure to provide access to a lot of fun in recovery activities and professional services—for added fees.

Brentwood Sober Living
138 S Carmelina Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Brentwood Sober Living Cost: $6,500+ (30 days). Reach Brentwood Sober Living by phone at (310) 382-7331 or by email at Find Brentwood Sober Living on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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