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brentwood-hospitalBrentwood Hospital Review

Not far from the shores of the Red River, in Shreveport, Louisiana, Brentwood has been the largest psychiatric hospital in the state for more than 44 years, providing acute psychiatric and chemical dependency care. Treatment at Brentwood Hospital includes inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospital psychiatric services to stabilize symptoms of depression and other behavioral health disorders in clients of all ages, while the substance abuse program specifically serves adults, ages 18 and over.

Accommodations and Food

Hospital-style institutional accommodations characterize Brentwood’s facility. With its bright exterior, the four-story building still looks somewhat inviting, located on a tree-lined corner near the 20 and 49 interstate freeways just south of the city. Brentwood can accommodate 200 people of all ages in double occupancy rooms divided by gender, treatment track and general age range. There is no escaping the hospital setting on the inside, but there are common areas for the residents to socialize and there is a basketball gym in the building for clients to use during the day.

Food is served in a central hospital cafeteria and if nothing on the menu appeals to a resident on any given day, there is always a hamburger and fries back-up option available.

Treatment, Staff and Schedule

This is an acute care facility, so the stay here is short, 10 to 14 days, long enough to stabilize the client and perhaps prepare them for another residential program. This could be the first stop for someone with a substance abuse issue and a co-occurring disorder who has had some kind of serious episode (like self harm). Brentwood’s intake center staff is comprised of therapists, psychiatric nurses and psychologists who are responsible for referring clients to the appropriate programs. The initial evaluation process includes a psychiatric and physical examination, a chemical dependency assessment and, when indicated, medically supervised detox and medication management. The medical staff is led by 13 MDs and each patient’s program is administered under the direction of an attending physician.

The substance abuse program includes both detox and rehabilitation services based on a multidisciplinary approach founded on the 12-step model of recovery. Emphasis is placed on education in all aspects of addiction, including disease concept, family issues, and relapse prevention strategies. A structured treatment environment is created for group therapy and individual therapy, incorporating relaxation therapy, family therapy, health and nutrition education, 12-step work groups, AA/NA meetings and relapse prevention groups. Family therapy and one-on-one time with counselors is scheduled on an individual basis. It is during this time that clients and counselors also discuss discharge actions and aftercare planning; counselors can make therapeutic referrals for continuing care when it’s needed.

Clients at Brentwood Hospital wake up at 6 am for breakfast which is followed by the first group of the day before recreational therapy from 9 to 10 am. After a noon lunch, there is another group, the gym and then free time for an hour before dinner. Clients spend their evenings in 12-step meetings and/or with family. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, families can visit between 7 and 7:45 pm.

In Summary

Brentwood Hospital provides comprehensive treatment specifically for people suffering through substance abuse with a co-occurring mental health issue. Often someone has endured a specific episode that has resulted in an immediate need for hospitalization and this could be the place for that person. Brentwood’s goal is to stabilize symptoms of depression, addiction and other behavioral health disorders. Without this kind of support, underlying mental health issues could potentially sabotage someone’s recovery and lead to relapse.

Brentwood Hospital Location

1006 Highland Ave
Shreveport, LA 71101

Brentwood Hospital Shreveport Cost

$8,000-$14,000 (10 to 14 days). Reach Brentwood by phone at 877-678-7500.

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