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You won’t find many rehabs treating substance abuse and eating disorders with equal emphasis; yet Breathe Life Healing Center does, possibly because founder Brad Lamm suffered from both. Before opening Breathe, he was an interventionist on Dr. Oz but before that he was an everyman in recovery from drugs, bulimia and alcoholism. Now sober over 10 years, Lamm oversees operations at both their New York facility and their LA outpost, both of which opened in 2013.

Accommodations and Food

Made up of a clinic space in West Hollywood and a 22-acre plot in Laurel Canyon, Breathe’s co-ed program boasts three luxury homes, all with modern decor and colorful interiors. They have room for 30 in private and semi-private rooms, most of which have adjoining bathrooms. Though housing assignments are need-based, private rooms don’t cost extra if you happen to get lucky. All beds are plush and have below-bed storage, but in general the space is fairly Spartan—just beds and closets, basically.There’s a pool and hot tub befitting a luxury rehab but also a biodynamic farm that’s put to good use by Breathe’s chefs (because of the eating disorder program, meals are both health-conscious and nutritionally dense).

Treatment and Staff

Breathe’s inpatient program lasts a minimum of 90 days. The staff includes psychologists, therapists, counselors, nutritionists and personal trainers, but no medical staff and they don’t offer detox. They also don’t emphasize 12-step, though their staff is reportedly well-versed in the program. Instead, their dual diagnosis approach is based on the trauma work of Dr. Tian Dayton (Breathe’s clinical director). It relies on CBT and psychodrama (role reversal and dramatic role-play), with the goal of bringing trauma and buried emotions to life in an “experiential” way that talk therapy can’t. They also have a rotating life skills workshop that covers topics like money management, healthy relationships and community service.

The overall focus here is not so much on treating addiction as preparing residents for fuller lives, something that they believe is accomplished by healing both mind and body: the “mind” part with daily group, private counseling sessions, goal-setting with case managers and personal coaching and the “body” through personal training, nutritional counseling, yoga and massage therapy. Though the two-pronged approach seems designed to tackle addiction and eating disorders separately, many of Breathe’s processing groups are mixed and all residents receive both sides of treatment.


In addition to the yoga and massage therapy, there’s equine therapy at a nearby ranch and residents are taken to an off-site for a gym (Breathe provides temporary memberships). These off-site ventures play into Breathe’s stated focus on integrating city life into treatment, which also means recreation including hikes at Runyon, trips to the beach and visits to the Getty (incidental costs are extra).

Breathe offers a 60-day extended care program for those who complete inpatient and that includes a six-month online conferencing family program that “meets” weekly with residents and family members to discuss roles, boundary setting and relapse prevention.

In Summary

Overall, Breathe’s centers are appropriately well-rounded at a lower price point than would be expected. For those looking for a hearty dose of self-improvement, especially those who are more singularly focused on recovery from eating disorders, could certainly find the breath of fresh air they need here.

Breathe Life Healing Centers Location

8730 Sunset Blvd, Suite 550
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Breathe Life Healing Center Cost

$20,000-$25,000 (30 days). Reach Breathe Life Healing Center by phone at (800) 929-5904. Find Breathe Life Healing Center on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. Just wanted to share some thoughts about my 5 days at Family Week, my gratitude for this uniquely different from 30 day rehab. events, & the chance to now develop a brand new & more mature relationship with my beloved granddaughter.

    By my calculus, everyone who attended Family Week emerged a “more evolved human being” at end of the week, b/c of the transformative power of the dynamic process that occurs within “the Breathe community.” Think we’d all agree that our metamorphosis took us from the early caterpillar to perhaps the chrysalis stages of development.

    My observation was that it b/c Life Saving for those clients who wanted to flee or were resistant to extending their commitment
    to stay in the program, until deemed “ready to leave.” It was eye opening to watch clients accepting & expressing their shame, guilt, & remorse over having caused so much suffering and grief b/c of their poor choices, that led to often catastrophic actions and behavioral outcomes.

    For Family, it was Life Changing b/c of acquiring new information & relevant concepts, learning strategic ways of “listening & communicating,” shifting “intention” in use of specific language & set roles long exercised in the Family of Origins. There was an honest recognition and agreement that we, along with loved ones, all have an inherent need to face our own “pain,” so that too we might be able to grow, heal and recover. We all left with a stronger & much more highly enriched “Sense of HOPE and PURPOSE!”

    God Bless you, Brad Lamm, for your “relentless pursuit of wanting to HEAL every life you so profoundly touch.” 🙏

  2. After 30+ years of navigating the rehab. Crisis Clouds — continued failures and repeated disappointments in progs. — I serendipitously discovered Breathe Life Healing Center.

    Breathe uniquely offers:
    ♦️ evidence – based and strategic inpatient therapies
    ♦️ an interactive “team” approach to treatment with consummate professionals
    ♦️ an online, weekly Family Class with an Addiction’s Expert
    ♦️ emphasis on holistically healing mind,
    body and spirit

    My granddaughter has been on a highly destructive path of addictions for 15+ years.
    Her early diagnosis of Attachment/ Trauma
    Disorders was never previously addressed in multiple, 30 day rehab. treatment progs.
    She’s now getting therapies to treat both of these root causes of her underlying addictions. I have never been more HOPEFUL or GRATEFUL for her REAL chance to heal and recover. Thank you, Brad Lamm and your stellar, supportive TEAM!

  3. Thanks to you Travis, and to Jay for taking such care with our daughter. She turned her life around, it seems, and now four months back to work Roger and I knew we must log in here to share what we saw. We experienced excellent clinical effort, far beyond the rehab she attended two years past.

  4. Robert Cassick on

    We had a very positive experience all around, with our loved one at Breathe Life Healing Center. Thank you for the continuing support you have given to us.

  5. Just finished second time there, and it was tough to see our son relapse a year after he started his recovery journey. He’s better again, and back on the horse. We are working to support him and us and treat it like an ongoing disease that needs to be treated and managed.

  6. We heard Brad Lamm on the radio and found our way to Breathe Life for our grandson. He celebrated 1 year clean and sober last Tuesday. Thank you Brad, Kathleen, Larry, Shane and Geoff and Rich. WE HAVE BEEN SO SUPPORTED BY YOUR TEAM. Insurance coverage was very good, and you did what you said you would on advocating for us with our insurance carrier, Cigna.

  7. AAA+

    We had a fantastic and comprehensive experience with two of our family members now with Breathe Life Healing Centers program. We can’t say enough about how much you helped, how strong Andrew was as a therapist with our son, and how Cara helped our niece so much more recently then.

    Kathleen Murphy was so strong, and I she had been my therapist several years ago at a Caron Breakthrough program.

  8. I had a totally different experience when giving my faith to Breathe. I spoke with them often before making the decision to take a leap of faith and leave my comfort zone and support system and trust my life to this facility and it’s employees. I had become a prisoner of my home because of PTSS, major depression and extreme anxiety. I had gained weight and was afraid of running into someone I might know so I rarely left home for 4 years. After telling my story to Jeff in admissions he gave me the confidence to believe they could help. It turned out to be a false security because I was not treated with the respect and care I needed in the eating disorder program. I believe they had it together in the drug addiction program but failed me miserably in my treatment. I felt disrespected and mentally abused when my medication changed and there was no one to observe changes and I felt unsafe. I was not taken seriously even though I begged to go to the hospital or let me call the police. I was denied all access from the outside world and they ran out of the most important medicine I have been on for years. I even gave them the prescription from my home doctor. They failed to have lab tests done after a Brentwood physician said it was urgent I get my blood drawn. They were unable to get a draw. When I asked to be discharged, Larry proceeded to use my past trauma against me and told me I failed my family. Although refusing to allow me to speak with my family, Larry took it upon himself to call my husband of 32 years and then tell me because I couldn’t handle being a little uncomfortable and wanted to leave, my husband wasn’t going to be there for me when I returned home. My children either because I failed everyone. I felt defeated and helpless. I was suicidal and in a place where no one would save me and would not give me my personal belongings, let me use the phone or leave. Today I am blessed to be alive. The only thing I have wanted from Breathe Life Healing Center is an answer as to why Brad Lamm can tell his story in books, on tv, and magazines how his life was saved and he wanted to save others but my life wasn’t worth saving. What did I ever do to not be worthy of his help? All I need is a why! Anytime I make a comment Brad Lamm has his attorney call my husband, not me the one he is upset with because he doesn’t want the truth known. Sounds a lot like Larry’s tactic to call my husband to intimidate me. Shame on you! It truly sets me back every time I hear his name and now I see him in People magazine and he went to the White House and met the President. I’m sure he boasts of all his great work and the lives he saved. This is one life you didn’t save, nor try, but have left a scar on my heart and a pain through my body. I’m physically and mentally damaged from my experience and a different person. I will continue to become stronger and then maybe one day face him and ask him in person, what made your life worthy to safe and what made mine meaningless?

    • I am sorry that you went through that. I had a very traumatic experience with Breathe as well regarding my healthcare and also re-traumatization that required treatment in itself upon my departure. Completely irresponsible management of Eating Disorder program. I am sorry to see that this is still going on. I thought that perhaps what I went through was because I was one of the first patients in the program but obviously the pattern continues. More than one of my “classmates” are dead now…not a great outcome for people seeking to heal from trauma,

  9. Going to Breathe Life Healing Center was the biggest leap of faith I ever took and what I received was the greatest reward beyond my wildest dreams…my life back…my passion for living reignited…the love and respect for my myself & others …truly believing I am worthy of recovery…my husband got his wife back …my children got back their mother…my family got their sister back…my parents got their child back…but the best gift of all is when I am alone with myself I do not feel ashamed of who I am! Today I smile at who I see in the mirror looking back at me. That is priceless ! I will be forever grateful to the kindness, love and care I received at Breathe. I was broken desperately looking for help when I came to Breathe ….today 1 year 8 Months later I am filled with of LOVE, LIFE & LIVING MY DREAMS!!! Thank you Breathe ! Please consider giving yourself the gift of recovery at this amazing treatment center…it was the best decision I ever made ?

  10. Jack and Jess on

    Not only was this time in a program the best my daughter has had, it saved her marriage, that is for sure. Thank you Andrew, Mackenzie and Jeff Rock for making the trudge easier. I was so scared the day I first called and talked to Jeff and then he said “breathe, you will get through this, I promise” We really appreciated the family class too with Rawley.

  11. Our son left early and you refunded the portion of his stay that was due us. We appreciate you being fair.

  12. I’m going on 6 months of sobriety after leaving Breathe for treatment of anorexia and alcohol abuse. It may not sound like much to you but for this alcoholic it’s a miracle! After almost 10 years of trying to take my life back and failing to stay sober for even one month outside of treatment or pregnancy, the treatment, tools, people and support I received at Breathe stays with me. It has impacted me on every level. I have sought lasting sobriety in countless treatment centers, doctors, people, places and things all to no avail. This time there has been a shift. A shift that I whole heartedly feel is a result of the experiences I had while at Breathe. It’s difficult to describe in words the opportunity for sobriety that Breathe provided. I was a hopeless alcoholic battling a stout eating disorder when I entered Breathe and today… I have a new found richness in life, my higher power, and in myself! I am in acceptance. Today I AM ENOUGH!

  13. I wondered how long it would take us to see the wheels fall off after the family workshop, as I admit I am a glass half full person typically but here we are six months later and still the tools we were given by Kathleen and Larry and Brad live with us today. Our daughter continues to thrive. She just celebrated six months. Fingers crossed. Thank you for changing US.

  14. Breathe changed my family’s life. The compassion and determination they have for their clients and their families is unsurpassed. This is where you go to do the hard work in an environment of complete support. The positive experience goes past the end of treatment with local alumni that act as the ultimate support system. Highly recommend.

  15. We are wondering how much your family insurance really paid for treatment here? Trying to understand the real and unexpected costs other than what we are seeing online. Thank you.

  16. Returning home from the Family Workshop we are still on cloud nine and blown away by Kathleen Muprhy’s work with us. I must say, after having four adult kids go through rehab now, Breathe’s program has been the best, bar none. – Ken & Connie

  17. Paula + Travis on

    We are just home from the Family Workshop and can’t thank Kathleen and Brad enough. It was hard and good and not once did we feel anything but supported and challenged to have as Brad says “MORE GOOD” in our lives. Kathleen, personally I have to say that you pushing me to trust and follow through with your directions have made a considerable shift in the family as a whole. Much more than we expected. WE FEEL SO SUPPORTED.

  18. My daughter is now going through treatment at Breathe. This is not her first treatment,, but it might as well have been. In fact this is probably her twelfth rehab. I have never experienced the graciousness and sacrifice this rehab has shown to my daughter. Breathe has given her a very important life changing opportunity, one that she has never had, and for that I’m truly grateful. This is just the beginning of her journey, and I pray she will continue treatment at Breathe,. What a wonderful gift to my daughter and her family. Mississippi is missing quite an amazing resource ……. Donna is a personable and comforting therapist and truly cares for my daughter and family. Again. I’m so very grateful. Saying thank you is certainly not enough, but thank you. Mom

  19. Thank you Kathleen Murphy, Larry (sorry we don’t remember your last name) and Deb Hughes for helping us navigate our fourth rehab for our son. We waited one year to see that his work and effort was continuing uninterrupted – and so THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We are at 1 year now and this is just such good news, and such a fine year. The work we did, that he did, was so unlike the other programs we had been involved in. Thank you again.

    BreatheOUT is keeping connected to him too so I must say thank you too for the alumni group.

  20. I am a mother of a newly recovering addict. My son has been to too many rehabs to count. This hell began about 6 years ago. he will turn 26 in a few days. We live on the east coast and Florida was the place everyone told us to send your child. A rehab on every corner, some better than others. On a recent visit home, doing well, he relapsed badly. This time it brought us to our knees. We were not going to send him back to Florida which seemed like a revolving door. We chose Breathe because of Brad Lamm’s reputation and committment to serving addicts in a comprehensive way. Our son stayed at Breathe’s inpatient program for 9 weeks and is now in the transitional/ sober living housing and beginning his journey again.

    I have learned to stay in the day and when I learned yesterday that he got a job in a local store that he can walk to, I had a smile on my face. It was a good day. Today lies the mystery, but that’s all good.

    Here’s a note I sent to Brad yesterday while I was streaming the march on Washington to END THE SLIENCE of this monster diesease that is like the black plague of current day society.

    Dear Brad, I have to tell you that after going through too many rehabs to count, your treatment program is by far the best we’ve experienced. Taylor’s therapist has the skills of an experienced professional. He not only knows his stuff, but I can feel his caring and concern through the phone. He said something to me a few weeks ago that has changed my life and freed me. I’m not sure why, but I’m not questioning it. He said, “You can love your son when he’s sober, you can love him when he’s not, but you don’t have to engage with him in his addiction, just as long as he knows you love him unconditionally.” I knew that before, but when he said it, it reached down to a place I needed to go and I was able to move forward in my own recovery. I can love my son as deeply as I do, but for now I don’t chose to speak with him, and it’s ok. It triggers him and me. I want him to fly on his own.

    And then there’s the weekly family class. I look forward every Monday to learning more about my own recovery as well as my son’s addiction. It is run by a very a very smart, caring, funny, engaging guy.His assistant is the same. How lucky are you to have these people working for you?

    It is with great gratitude that I write this as we all walk on into a new time and a new journey. I have hope now and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  21. Breathe saved my life. When I came to Breathe, my life was totally falling apart. I’d been fired from yet another job, and I was using Crystal Meth daily. My world was getting smaller and darker day by day, and I was living a very lonely and isolated existence. The worst part was, I couldn’t see a way out. I needed help. A friend of mine who I’ve known for years recommended Breathe to me, so I trusted his suggestion and decided to go.

    The Breathe treatment team is excellent. Both Kathleen and Larry are incredibly compassionate, generous, and insightful, and I found the rest of the staff to be generally supportive, genuine and skillful. These are people who really, really care. As a gay man, I also found the community to be incredibly welcoming and inclusive, which was a big relief. The Breathe program introduced me to many tools that I’ve been able to use to navigate life’s challenges, and I have stayed clean and sober for over a year now. Sunlight is coming back into my life.

  22. Michael & Kathleen on

    Our daughter had been to 12 treatment centers, part of a factory that we thought would never end. It did end and our girl just celebrated one year clean and sober. She quit smoking too, while she was at Breathe Life Healing Centers. As a family we honestly appreciated Breathe’s holistic approach and help much much deeper than just sending her to 12 Step meetings every day.

    We had been told our daughter was a hopeless case by some, and by others, simply a person with mental illness. You have our eternal gratitude for saving her life. She still participates in the alumni group every week, and is in daily contact with her Team Breathe people.

    God bless.

  23. Hello from Milwaukee, where we’re back home and together after our family member was at Breathe for two months. Thank you all of you at Breathe. We got so much help along the way with Family Class (we love Rawly and Lauren!) that we just keep thanking our friends who told us about this place.

    We first called Breathe almost 1.25 years ago, but we couldn’t get our son to agree to go, so here we are all this time past and we finally were able to get him into get help after his college decided he couldn’t continue in school with his problems. The financial aspects of treatment were terrifying for our whole family but we got together for the deductible and made it all work out just fine.

    Thank you to Richard Kane in admissions. Primary counselor was a fellow named Shane and he was terrific though I understand now he is back in school full time getting another degree. Go Shane! The food was a 7 out of 10 according to our son, but he did learn to cook, and look after himself so I call that a lucky 7 to me.

    The best part is that he was so distant and isolated before, and now after treatment he has found a new sort of himself that is astonishing to me each day. He is now in recovery 5 months, the longest stretch since he was in high school.

    We wish we had gone to Family Week. We are thinking of going back for that next month at their invitation. Plus they don’t charge extra for that week long workshop.

    What else? David Wiss was very helpful too, and thank you to Dr. Kariakas for helping too. That is all.

  24. I recently completed a 60 day program at Breathe. As it was my first time at a treatment facility, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations (knowing that what I saw in TV and movies was probably not accurate).

    I knew just from the phone call that I was dealing with someplace different. Compared to the other place that I contacted, the Breathe staff member I spoke to was caring, passionate and interested in my story. I didn’t feel like a number at all. Once I decided to tour the facility, that impression continued. I was treated with respect, courtesy and understanding.

    The campus where we ate, slept and attended non-clinical events is in a lovely setting. Waking up to Lauren Canyon mornings, misty and eucalyptus and rosemary scented, is a great way to start a day. Accommodations were appropriate; neither elegant nor dorm room-like. At the end of my stay, I had made my way to the property highest on the hill — the serenity and beauty there a nice “reward” for the work that I had done for myself. Food varied from cafeteria grub at the wrong temperature to tasty fare that you’d expect at a very good restaurant — apparently dependent on the number and type of guests in residence. No fault to the staff; the residential kitchen they use to create the meals isn’t up to the task at hand.

    I think it’s important for me to stress the people at Breathe. I came to understand, from speaking to the other clients there with me who had been to other facilities, that this place was different due to them. From the Clinical Director down to the mentors on campus – most, if not all, in recovery themselves; I never experienced any treatment less than respectful and courteous. My personal therapist was outstanding. Group sessions were well thought out and executed. Psycho-drama therapy with the Clinical Director was (as my husband referred to it during our time at Family Week) — a “game changer.” None of this was “easy”, but I was here to recover, not have a spa trip. Each session with Parashakti, whether Soul Sundays on the deck overlooking the Canyon Sunday mornings, Tuesday nights of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga or Fire Breathing, one-on-one card sessions…was memorable, unique and completely inspiring.

    I was most taken by the level of community. I’m blessed to live in the Los Angeles area, so I’m able to go back to campus to attend AA and CMA meetings. I go back to campus as often as I can. The support and camaraderie among the alumni, even with those who have to go home elsewhere, is present in my life daily — I just need to reach out to it. During my time there, alumni presence would inspire ME and give me a visual of the sort of life that I wanted.

    Every organization has room for improvement. Could communication between the team members be better so as to feel like everything is under control? – yes. Did the therapists appear to have too many patients and thus time with them feel fleeting and sometimes hard to wrangle? – yes. Did it sometimes feel like transgressions weren’t handled consistently client to client? – yes.

    BUT, that said, I only have my personal experience to vouch for here. I honestly do feel that I landed at the best place for ME and that my continued recovery is thanks to Breathe, its loving and caring staff, its supportive community and my ongoing gratitude for the experience it has given me.

  25. Cory and Karen on

    Thank you so much. We are so much better and stronger as the result of your help and hard lines. We needed more than most families I bet, and thank goodness you didn’t give up on Ryan. With ETERNAL gratitude, Cory and Karenl.

    • We are so happy to see you here again. Thanks for posting here too. Hope you’re doing well since we were together at the Family Workshop.

  26. My wife Caroline finished the program with Breathe West Hollywood just after they had opened I think, and we had a strong experience there so thank you so much to you all. Breathe Life worked with her insurance nicely and helped do all the paperwork to be on leave from work. Caroline and her mom and me participate in the five day family program which was super meaningful to each of us in quite different ways. She would have liked more coffee I know, but other than that, we had a strong family experience. I say this seriously, I hope we never have to do it again! Though if she had a relapse we would call you back in a moment. She still participates with the alumni programs so thanks a lot for that too. We got out family back.

  27. Thanks for helping our family so much. The weekly Family Class really helped us begin to communicate with one another differently, so that was very helpful. We didn’t really think we were going to attend the weeklong Family Workshop time but finally did with our son’s therapist Shane, challenged us to do it. See we had been to three other family programs over the years and quite frankly my husband was mad and I was just so tired by all of it from the addiction that we weren’t sure we would attend. Finally, we decided too and it helped us so very much. Thank you Kathleen Murphy for helping us so much through our anger and pain to a new beginning with our son.

    By the way, he just celebrated his one year sober anniversary so that is saying something. After all the rehabs etc, he’s finally stable and a good father to his girls like he wanted to be and we are doing well as a family. Thank you Breathe team.

  28. Kelly Andrea Ebsary on

    I found a copy of my original review which was removed by this site

    June 2, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    I do not recommend Breathe.

    They lump the Eating Disorder patients with drug addicts/alcoholics while restricting the food for ED patients and serving “unrestricted and forbidden foods” to the other clients. Our food intake was then monitored, judged by other addicts really sick situation and the worst possible case for someone with an eating disorder.

    They mix eating disorder population in with barely sober crystal meth addicts and want to say it’s innovative but it’s really just irresponsible and greedy. It is a very unsafe feeling for those eating disorders…they take ED patients to NA mtgs because they don’t have the staff or care enough to discern…regarding promises of trauma therapy …don’t count on it. Very little private therapy the clinicians are fond of saying “The community will heal you” but the ED population does not get healed by being dragged to NA meetings and not receiving individual care…also in my time there they had us waking up at 5 am and doing over 3 hours a day of cardio (aka exercise bulimia} and would not allow us to nap.

    There were no monitors for those who were cutting/self-harming and or suffering bulimia…they asked the patients to watch and monitor…so damaging and inappropriate and dangerous.

    I have no vendetta…just regret for the lies and broken contracts and promises as well as a desire to protect my fellows. Perhaps the program has developed and changed I certainly hope so but none the less I would recommend a different facility uniquely devoted to the professional and safe treatment of those with Eating Disorders.

    Kelly E

    • I agree with what you wrote. I was a staff member at the now closed NYC location and I can vouch for what you experienced. Thank you for speaking out.

  29. I wondered what happened to my review of Breathe? I left accurate information regarding my experience there which was then bombarded with planted positive reviews of Breathe all on the same day including one by Mike F? who works for Breathe in Marketing!

    Other reviews are from clients such as Rick Staula who are personal friends of Brad Lamm’s for many years!

    Not exactly unbiased reviewing.

    Please let me know why you removed my review. It was a very accurate description of my experience there, I am glad that some others had different experiences. However the facts that I presented in my review were just that FACTS not reminiscing about my feelings and relationships. They did not separate their drug from the food clients, did not have proper monitoring for clients with serious eating disorders. This is a life and death situation and people who are trusting the lives of their loved ones as well as thousands and thousands of dollars, deserve to know all aspects of what goes on at Breathe.

    So while Breathe will do anything to keep $$$ flowing

    Are you offering a platform for honest appraisal or a portal for advertising income?

  30. I had a transformational experience at Breathe! I wad an ED client for only 45 days and it turned my life around. I am abstinent from compulsive eating, healthier than I ever have been in my life and no longer sunk in depression. I credit the incredibly talented staff. The mentors are wise, loving and supportive. I came to feel they were family. The clinicians are extremely good at what they do- from the dietician to the clinical supervisor- they are all on the same page, working holistically to give each client the individualized tools and experiences they need to heal. DBT therapy and psychodrama were particularly helpful to me. I felt I got “tough love” at Breathe- which was exactly what I needed. And by the way, the campus is gorgeous and the food is delicious. Thank you to Breathe (my whole family thanks you!) for giving me back my life.

  31. Rehab Review? I am not an expert but here is what I can tell you. Breathe Life Healing Centers and the all of those that work there are saints on earth. As a struggling addict for over 10 years, getting to the root cause of my self harm has been difficult. At Breathe Life Healing Center they treat you with respect, hold you accountable and for those that want to get well, show you a way out of the hell you have been living in. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Breathe Life Healing Centers as a place where you can be yourself, do the necessary work, and begin the process and journey of healing and finding a better way to live. ***** Five Stars and much gratitude to the everyone involved with Breathe Life Healing Center.

  32. Breathe Life Healing Center is truly a HEALING place.

    Surrounded by a group of caring, FIERCELY committed and consummate professionals, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Breathe Life Healing Centers. Thank you Brad , Kathleen , David Wiss, Parashakti, Larry and others for the education, the care, the support and the passion you bring to your work.

    Attending Breathe for both recovery from drug addiction and an eating disorder, I acquired the knowledge, skills, attitudes and resiliency to live life a day at a time and apply the wonderful lessons inculcated during my time at the facility. There was a good mix of group (large and small) and individual counseling and in both settings I witnessed AMAZING work being undertaken.

    Having been to several other top-notch facilities, the holistic and comprehensive program at Breathe, when paired with the truly committed team of staff, really does stand out as exemplary. I would highly recommend Breathe for either an individual with an eating disorder or chemical/alcohol dependency issues. Since departing the facility, I have maintained my goal weight and live a clean, sober, and spiritual life.

    Yes there were issues (and there are issues at EVERY facility) – poor internet connectivity , having to go to meetings that one did not want to attend, etc… – but these irritants were a small price to pay for the passionate commitment that Breathe staff bring to their work.

    I maintain close contact with the Breathe community – WE ARE TRULY THERE FOR ONE ANOTHER and provide support for one another on a daily basis. I know that I can pick up the phone and reach out to Breathe staff or fellow alumni if i am in a bind, require assistance, having a bad day or having a good day. The Breathe focus on community goes beyond rhetoric. The bond amongst us that have attended the program is strong and shall last a lifetime.

    With deep gratitude!!!!!

  33. Rick Staula on

    I would like to leave this comment because When I entered Breathe LA i was 285 lbs , I could not walk , I could not breathe and would fall asleep while i was awake . I was not able to sleep at night , i would get 2 hours top . My doctors told me that all my organs were failing . I was in a life /death situation. I felt like i was dead but living. I came to Breathe with no expectations but determined to do whatever it took and try their way because my way had failed. I have 3 children and they did an intervention of sorts at Thanksgiving . When I heard the pain and the cries and realized how much I hurt them , Then it was Game on. I worked out with Coach Bryant everyday twice a day and i probably complained everyday but did as i was told. I liked the private chefs and the fact that i didnt have to worry what to cook and I ate whatever they said and all they said , I never ate a morsel more. The NutritionisDavid A Wiss was a nutritionist expert. I fought him to but loved him as well. He made me understand the whole food thing . I listened , bitched but did the work. Thank You David . Kathleen was the trauma therapist and all around Bad girl shrink . We did fight . she did earn my respect and i listened to her . Yes I wa angry with her for a long time . I now have grown to love her because despite me. she got through and changed my life . I was discharged on Valentines day 2014 . I have a solid food plan . a nutritionist , trainer and i work my self care balls off. I am down to 155 and have not gained any weight back. My doctors said when i got out of there they were concerned. After seeing my bloodwork , They said every Organ was better than fine . I has all the vitamins i needed from eating whole food. I do not eat any thing processed EVER,I thank Deb as she was sweet to me always , Brandon who made going in every day fun and treated me wit high respect . I liked the psychiatrist whose name slips my mind . Thank you to Chris. I could not have done the work without you . I thank Larry for listening that he was not compassionate and i hear from others he is getting better and for the awesome referral for Self care in NYC> Those people who did not do well in the program from what i can see did not do the work, I also believe their issues are compounded and they need much more help than any one facility can give them. They did not do the work and cheated , The only people , sadly , They cheated were themselves and cheating them out of a life that is happy Joyous and Free. I made a lot of great friends , Anthony , Michael , Dan, William, Susy, Troy, Sean, Richard, My doll of all dolls Kiki, Susy,Trish, Azita , Miguel and we did fight miguel, Meesh, Paul (who i miss in NYC) Manny who is my guide and my friend , Brad , Kathleen ( My sweet wonderful Kathleen , Anthony aka Tony I know i am forgetting some and i am here for you whenever you need. Today i have a killer bod , im happy , sometimes and i am doing well helping others xxxoxo YEAYYYY BREATHE

  34. I did 90 days in the binge eating disorder program 18 months ago. I also have a history of drug & alcohol addiction. My experience was positive! Kathleen Murphy (clinical director) & David Wiss (dietitian nutritionist) were the two main reasons for my success. The program was at times challenging but ultimately very rewarding as I have maintained my weight loss & feel much more grounded in my personal & professional life. Working my program & maintaining my food plan is second nature to me now. Profoundly grateful.

  35. My time at Breathe was a transformational for me. I graduated about a year ago after three months in the food program and have continued to apply what I learned. People do not take food addiction seriously and to go into a program was a hard decision to make. Addicts are control freaks and to think that it is a vacation is far from true, but they have a nutritional program which is by far the best I have encountered in years of nutritional education and a clinical program that really addresses addiction and trauma in a realistic way. The accommodations are wonderful and there is a true commitment to health (mental, physical and spiritual) and exercise. My main reason for continual lack of control around food was a chronic pain condition. I became aware that the pain and food were separate and continue to follow the nutritional guidelines I learned at Breathe. Thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping others reclaim theirs.

  36. Breathe Life Healing Centers in Laurel Canyon, CA is a unique and amazing place of healing and rehabilitation. It changed my life in a way that is indescribable. Having experienced treatment at another top facility in Palm Springs 3 yrs ago, I have a frame of reference and I can say there is no comparison in the level of treatment. Breathe’s comprehensive approach to chemical dependency and eating disorder treatment uses all the top facilitators to combine a total physical, emotional and spiritual reboot on how we handle…well, LIFE! The beautiful serene campus tucked away in a history nook in Laurel Canyon provide a quiet and safe environment to begin this healing journey. Its friendly and campus qualified mentors, nutrition and management give the right kind of support needed on off clinic downtime. The clinical director and therapeutic staff use an approach to the weekly therapy (group and individual) that uses trauma based healing: which they believe most often is the necessary work to actually do significant transformations of the parts of us that activates our addictive behaviors. And I have to say, it really works!

    The most incredible and unique component to Breathe’s philosophy and strategy is doing spiritual healing work with the clients: and they have a Shamanic healer on staff who works miracles!! Parashakti, world-renowned Shamen, is Breathe’s hidden gem! My weekly 1-on-1 sessions in the healing hut on campus, and her group experientials and Spirit Sunday yoga/mediation classes gave me the most healing and peace on my journey at Breathe. She is truly a powerful and sacred being who gives this facility its secret weapon.

    At Breathe, Some of my most important growth happens not from just the staff but from the community of clients. I learned some of my most important lessons about myself and who I am from them and I thank them for that, you are my friends for life.

    Brad Lamm (founder and owner) , who has a hugely successful career as an interventionist, performed and intervention on me as a first step to my own healing in my addiction. His knowledge, experience and dedication to the recovery world has given him a wide scope of understanding of what is needed to heal the wounds that make us addicts want to self-destruct. Brad saved my life……And I owe him everything.

    Thank You to Breathe staff! You have given me hope and joy back in my life….and the tools to approach life in a way I never could. I have undying gratitude for you all. Thank You so much.

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