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BRC Recovery‘s sprawling, manicured grounds are on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. Formally The Mark Houston Recovery Center, it’s treatment is based around the belief that in order to recover from alcohol and drug addiction, the 12 steps have to be worked and worked thoroughly.

Accommodations and Food

The program at BRC Recovery is rigid yet simple. Men and women are housed separately, maxing out at 38 men and 20 women. As far as the sleeping arrangements, women can typically expect to have two roommates while men can have up to four. There are daily bed and room checks and every client must complete morning chores. When residents aren’t being transported to outside 12-step meetings (which happens at least three nights a week), they are being diligently taken through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and guided through the steps by staff members.

The clientele at BRC Recovery has a wide range in age—from teens to seniors—but is mostly people in their 20s and 30s. There is also diversity in background and orientation and clients cook dinner together every night (the menu tends to consist of basic American favorites like steak, salmon, pork and pasta).

Treatment and Staff

BRC Recovery is a strict treatment center with a program designed to give alcoholics and addicts who are short on cash and drawn toward 12-step a thorough understanding of service work, self care, Big Book study, sponsorship, fellowship, honesty and step work.

Free time is limited so there aren’t a lot of opportunities to just lay around, but even if there were, TV watching is limited to 30 minutes during the week and a couple of hours on the weekend. Cell phone are only allowed in the context of one 10-minute timed phone call per week.

There are around 28 full-time staff members who serve as patient care coordinators and “recovery managers.” They also have access to a licensed EMDR therapist, a medical doctor, an addiction counselor and a dietician/nutritionist as regular consultants to the program.


Since sugar is not allowed, a monthly ice cream social is definitely considered an extra. On the other side of the health coin, on weekdays, clients do yoga or work out with a trainer.

In Summary

BRC Recovery believes it has a recipe for success and does its best to give addicts who don’t have the same advantages as those who attend upper-tier treatment a solid plan of action (and surrender) for moving forward towards new and sober lives.

BRC Recovery Location

11503 Parsons Rd
Manor, TX 78653

BRC Recovery Cost

$12,000 (30 days). Reach BRC Recovery by phone at (866) 905-4550. Find BRC Recovery on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. If you have a chance to go here. RUNNN! Far and fast they will scam you out of all they can get. Under the guise of AA and God they will take you and your family through the cash ringer. It’s an incredibly manipulating caniving and immoral program based on lies and deception. I should know I graduated over 2 years ago and my family is still receiving 4000 dollar Bill’s for urine test a couple times a month. SCAM.

  2. Description states: “…program designed to give alcoholics and addicts who are short on cash…”
    But then down at the bottom you say it costs $12K for 30 days. How does “short on cash” mesh with “$12K for 30 days”?

  3. Aurora Solomon on

    I don’t know of many if any heroin addicts who have $6000 unless they steal it and usually the family doesn’t have the money to pay for them.

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