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BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training


BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training Review

BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training is a neurofeedback facility that specializes in treating mental health and certain physical conditions. The organization is located in Tarzana, California, northwest of Los Angeles. It is owned and operated by Steve Parent, a certified Neurofeedback Technical Trainer.

Treatment and Staff

BrainPeaks uses the neurofeedback technique to treat ADHD, PTSD, restless leg syndrome, night terrors, phobias, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, insomnia, headaches, migraines, stress and performance issues. Neurofeedback is a system that tracks brainwaves and uses reward-based training exercises to modify thoughts and behaviors.This helps the brain self-regulate, and especially in cases of anxiety can help clients manage stress more easily. The therapy itself involves the placement of electrodes on clients’ heads and the translation of these brainwaves onto computer software, after which therapists enable or help discontinue certain brain patterns. When it comes to enhancing performance, neurofeedback works to modify the brain’s timing, focusing on it as an organ rather than on changing what we consider to be the mind. The research-backed process touts long-lasting results and can be used on children and adults alike.

Treatment begins with an assessment by a licensed mental health professional, including a symptom checklist. Progress analyses are performed throughout the treatment course, making sure that clients are successfully working towards therapeutic goals. Parent is the sole technician at BrainPeaks, ensuring that there is always a qualified professional at hand. Sessions typically last from 20 to 40 minutes, with clients requiring 40 to 50 sessions in certain cases like insomnia.

The analyses at BrainPeaks address both under-aroused and unstable brain activity, with the therapeutic regimen typically resulting in a more stable and flexible brain. BrainPeaks uses alpha theta waves to target hyperstimulated brains, a different and more effective protocol than typical neurofeedback therapy for such circumstances. In cases of under-stimulated brain activity, such as with anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, a more traditional form of neurofeedback is used (beta waves) to calm the brain. Performance issues are treated by encouraging clients to find ways of relaxing their minds to lower intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk.

Staff includes Steve Parent and clinical supervisor Tely Toumani, a Master’s-level LMFT and LPCC.

In Summary

BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training offers a variety of different sorts of neurotherapy. Each treatment course is individualized to each client’s specific concerns and struggles. It acknowledges that treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and also ensures that a highly trained professional performs every session.

BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training Location

BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training
5327 Veloz Ave
Tarzana, CA 91356

BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training Cost

$250 (assessment); $800 (10 sessions); does not accept insurance. Reach BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training by phone at (818) 925-6604. Find BrainPeaks Neurofeedback Training on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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