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Brad McLeod Recovery


Brad McLeod Recovery Review

Located in Kitchener, Ontario, Brad McLeod Recovery offers one-on-one coaching for men and women struggling with their recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. Founded recently in February of 2017, Brad McLeod is a recovery coach and addictions counselor certified in Canada. While not technically a therapist or mental health counselor, McLeod has trained in evidence-based CBT, relapse prevention and worked in a treatment facility for five years facilitating groups and creating personalized treatment plans. CCAC accredited, McLeod offers individualized online programming and a 21 day recovery plan.

Treatment and Staff

Brad McLeod Recovery seeks to help clients commit to their recovery and helps them navigate the many problems that arise. Unlike many facilities that require new clients to undergo an extensive intake health assessment, treatment at Brad McLeod begins with a simple discussion to determine the individual’s recovery progress thus far, in addition to their goals and the issues with recovery. These points serve as a baseline for comparison throughout the recovery process. While the duration and frequency of treatment varies depending on the individual’s needs, goals and schedule, clients typically engage in a private session once a week, with each session lasting 45 minutes.

McLeod offers a 21 day recovery program that clients can begin at any time. While clients work the program online, McLeod provides constant guidance through private sessions, private online groups as well as a public and private video series. With a background in relapse prevention, McLeod helps clients tackle recovery in large part through goal setting. Individuals are directed to set clearly identifiable and attainable goals. These goals are reviewed weekly during private sessions and clients are held accountable.

McLeod places a premium on daily communication and peer support. To this end, clients work in a private Facebook group where they can discuss openly the daily trials of recovery. Individuals share not only their story but also the day to day ups and downs of becoming sober. McLeod sees the community as an integral component to the success of a long-term recovery, and many topics incorporated including fear, habits as well as stress and anger management. As privacy is critical, clients are also encouraged to connect privately with their peers.

Brad McLeod Recovery is the private practice of recovery coach and addiction specialist Brad McLeod. McLeod is not a physician or psychiatrist, and thus cannot provide medication management for clients with co-occurring disorders. In addition, the 12-step recovery model is not a component of the programming.

In Summary

Brad McLeod Recovery offers recovery coaching for men and women struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. An addiction specialist accredited through the CCAC,  McLeod uses his training as well as his personal experience to guide clients through a 21 day program that focuses on building on strengths to overcome recovery obstacles. Clients also engage in weekly goal sessions, peer groups and receive daily videos from McLeod. For clients seeking a guide to help with their recovery, McLeod is a compassionate advocate and an empathetic veteran of the process. Available online, he offers a unique departure from traditional recovery programs. For many individuals, this program would be a welcome change.

Brad McLeod Recovery Cost

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