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Bowling Green BrandywineBowling Green Brandywine Review

Consisting of a refurbished barn, mansion and hotel, Bowling Green Brandywine is a sober living and treatment facility adjacent to a golf course in the small country town of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (as well as a member of the CRC Health recovery conglomerate). Since 1982, men and women have been coming to this recovery campus to get clean and learn how to take better care of themselves.

Accommodations and Food

Female residents stay in the mansion, men in the hotel and detox clients in the remodeled barn. The three-person rooms are furnished with twin beds, a desk, lamp, dresser, closet and bathroom. The television room is open throughout the day, but gets minimal use as clients are encouraged to focus on their treatment.

A group of contracted caterers prepare all meals. Eggs, toast and sausage are served in the mornings, along with traditional breakfast (e.g., bagels, juice and cereal). Lunch menus vary and a salad bar is open daily. The cafeteria is open between meals, should residents crave a mid-day snack. Further, caffeinated coffee is served during breakfast, but it tapers down to decaf during the remainder of the day. Sweeteners and sugar packets are offered, but candy, gum and soda are prohibited.

Treatment and Staff

The first phase of treatment at Bowling Green Brandywine is detox, which generally lasts five days. The 12-step based residential treatment program is designed for 28 days, with clients participating in small-group meetings and daily individual therapy. Additionally, each resident is assigned to one counselor, ensuring that they have a manageable caseload. Several doctors come on-site daily and the facility provides support for clients with PTSD.

On a typical day, residents wake at 6:30 am; breakfast is served at 7:30 am; room inspections are at 8:30 am, and community meeting and patient orientation occur between 9 and 11:30 am. Lunch is served from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm. Group meetings are offered between 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Dinner is from 4:45 pm to 5:30 pm, followed by various groups and meetings before lights go out at 11 pm.

The outpatient program meets five to seven days a week at the facility, usually from 9 am to 3 pm, and there is also an opiate program that deals with the withdrawal symptoms and the psychological, sociological and lifestyle issues associated with opiate and narcotic addiction. There’s also no shortage of assistance at Bowling Green Brandywine, with more than 100 staff members including nurses, techs, counselors and doctors, all of whom are highly credentialed.


In addition to the main treatment, residents may choose alternative therapies including acupuncture, meditation, yoga and Reiki. Recreational on-site activities include volleyball, basketball, football, kickball and horseshoes. There’s also a fitness room that clients are encouraged to use. No off-site outings are offered but residents can enjoy board games and Saturday night movies. Holiday parties and special event gatherings are also provided.

If resident and counselor deem it beneficial, a family program is available. Family members must be willing to meet with a counselor and their loved one to determine whether they are eligible. Scheduling is at the discretion of the counselor.

In Summary

For those looking for a mid-level, highly structured recovery program, Bowling Green Brandywine is definitely a place to consider. Its program and activities will keep residents focused on sobriety, health and a positive outlook.

Bowling Green Brandywine Location

PO Box 787
1375 Newark Rd
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Bowling Green Brandywine Cost

$11,200 (28-31 days). Reach Bowling Green Brandywine by phone at (888) 307-6237 or by email at [email protected]. Find Bowling Green Brandywine on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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  1. I worked there as a tech in 2010. It makes me sad to read these reviews and that things are even worse than when I worked there
    Seems CRC should get out of the rehab business.

  2. Patricia Lortz on

    if your looking for rehab romance and to get high than this is the rehab for you. also if you dont want to get clean or attend any meetings than this is def for you..

  3. I was there in 2014 I received the best care ever. Pete was #1. I may still be struggling with my addiction but some of these reviews are just nasty

  4. This place is awful! Instead of giving a prescribed blood pressure medication they actually offered to increase the dose of Methadone, seriously?? Who does that? Go in to get off come out on higher dose than you went in with??
    Do not send someone who needs real help and support! Willpower and understanding the system is not built to genuinely help is how you’ll survive a place like this otherwise your wasting your time, with in educated staff who got their drug addict experience from a book!

  5. I was just there. I have been to more rehabs than I want to admit and this place is one of my least favorites. I only stayed 3 days before leaving, but while I was there, I was not too comfortable. People complained about the food (I couldnt eat bc I was too sick,) the med line took forever (its a good 1-2 maybe 3 hour wait in line to get ur meds) it was very unorganized. There was also music BLASTING all day long. Loud rap music starting from 7am until about midnight. Youd think they’d ask to turn it off but they didnt. Very annoying when you feel like shit and want to sleep. Also, the detox portion is just one short hallway. There is nothing to do. No board games, no cards, no books, nothing. Just a tv which plays BET music all frickin day.

    Id seriously only recommend this place if you have a very high tolerance and suboxone will not work for you if youre coming off of opiates. This was the only place I could find that did a methadone detox, and still it was only 20mg. It did help me for a few hours but then I felt like complete shit again. I was coming off of xanax also but they wouldnt give me anything for that. They’d give other people Valium but wouldnt give it to me. I left after 2-3 days, I couldnt take it anymore. The detox was not comfortable for me. I also heard some girl saying her roommate snuck in needles.

    All in all, the place wasn’t the worst, but definitely not at all the best. Its a place to get clean and sober if you really want it. If you go, bring things to do with you so you arent bored and have something to do while ur there, or else youll go stir crazy during the day. If you stick with the right people and really wanna get clean, than this place is good enough. But if ur super picky and need a more comfortable detox, than Id recommend a different place.

  6. WORST rehab ever-filthy, staff are rude and disrespectful-I was open to rehab for my alcoholism and after extensive discussion with my outpatient therapist decided to give this place a try-biggest mistake ever!! I have been to three rehabs and this is the only one that was this bad-I have never been treated with such disdain in my entire life. I could not leave until completion of my stay as my family and friends thought it best for me to complete treatment and thus I was dependent on this place to drive me home–I wanted to call my insurance company in order to have them cut off funding (staff has to check in with progress update every few days) and was told I had no phone privileges since I was uncooperative-I was basically trapped forn28 miserable days in a rathole-roaches, filth that paying clients were expected to clean-hello I will do my share but to have to do everything is absolutely ridiculous. I ended up doing the stay and had the van driver stop at the liqour store on my 4 hr drive home and got drunk the entire drive.

    • I think I will be going there. Dont have much options. Im in Delaware, and Ive called a million rehabs and everyone does Suboxone. Suboxone DOES NOT work for me. No joke. I have been using heroin for 7 years, I have a very high tolerance. So I figured Id try BG since they do Methadone. Is the detox at least comfortable? Is it even worth it?

  7. Well, I see the place has not changed since I was there in 2013–WORST REHAB ever, next to Addiction Specialist Inc in Uniontown Pa, which was shut down early 2016 and both the director and staff doctor are up on charges, deservedly so-the place was a total pill mill and is in major trouble with medicaid)-Bowling green was my worst nightmare-filthy dirty, girls threw chairs in lunchroom staff refused to intervene as they did not want to get hurt-every day demanded “what are you” I said I am a human being-which they did not want to hear-I mistakenly used their transportation to get to the facility and my family wanted me to complete treatment so I could not get back to Pittsburgh, had to endure the 28 miserable days-never participated in any groups, just bided my time till I could get home-they would not let me phone my insurance company which I wanted to do to have them refuse to extend my stay (they have to check in with insurance every few days in order to get funding) to make a long story short I would never ever recommend this place to my worst enemy-GO ANYWHERE BUT BOLLING GREEN believe me-I had the van driver stop at the liquor store on the way home and got as drunk as I could till I got to my door

  8. Wow – place is a prison / can’t get a hold of a friend that is a patient there. His wife and best friend can’t either. I am an emergency nurse – I’ve never seen anything like it- counselor never called his spouse back, his daughter was denied to visit him because she was not on the ” list”. I will not recommend this place to any of my patients- staff there are clueless and neglectful!

  9. This place is awful- fights, drugs, drama. The staff are clueless and just starting out. Please, unless this is your only option on earth- do your best to go elsewhere.

  10. While I was at bowling Green, a friend of mine from school had passed away. Friends of mine had tried to contact me. They spoke with receptionists at bowling Green, and were told that the message would be passed on to me. The message was never passed on and I had missed the viewing and funeral. On top of that, the last week of my stay, we had no hot water , causing patients to not shower. To keep it short, it was am overall unpleasant experience. I do not recommend this facility to anyone.

  11. Melissa Gregor on

    I called them on 4/2/16 to get help for my son I was reassured in 24-48 hours someone would be calling me even gave me his file#. I called 4x yesterday Monday 4/4/16 48 hours after first phone call I left 4 messages still waiting for a phone call. To say the least my son is in a different inpatient program. Still waiting for the phone call. For people who need serious help they lack the support we needed in my opinion.

  12. renee shinskie on

    I’m leaving in 2 days 2 go to brandywine. i am very nervious and i so stupied i got an email page when i was tore up so i remember the name just cant remember the pass word. so i hope that when i go to this page again someone will give me some input. im over 40 never went to rehab and im praying it works. im that 1 in a million that is doing everything in there power to prove to my make shift familly but they lov holdind grugdes so even going away doesent make me feel like anyone is gonna care. i have no parents they passed when i was 36 and i have no sibblings and no-one to tell me its gonna be ok. i actually hate when they say that (cause weither its family or friends ) (which i really dont feel worthley enough to find friends) when they say it, it doestant sound very sincire. i hope to meet good people in my life im older now so i know who i want my friends to be. i just hope god puts them on my plate soon cause its really tipping over. i’ve always had & still do have the heart of a saint. not braging but everyone comes to me when they need someone to talk to maybe some food or a roof over there head. how ironic now that im homeless no cash and no phone no where to lay my head u would think god would help me by putting the thought in some 1s head that im a good person not a theith and the one that would give you the clothes on my back. ive done it i got blessed 1 time in about 6 months someone gave me 20$ cause thats all they had and he said go around to places open all night spend a dollar on coffee so i would have a safe place to close my eyes. i’ll tell u what there is a such thing as carma and if u pray enough and have faith in your prayers then belive u me some off your prayers will come true. i’m 43 yrs old & it took me 43yrs 2 find god & ever since i have he as been keeping me afloat not wanting to die & he spoke to me & said i will have good things happen frm here on out. he wasn’t lying. so i hope to go through with this re-hab & mk the best of it cause all that time my counsler had me excited i’m going something would happen & it would blow up in my face. that has been happing alot latley so for every step forword i get to take 2 back. i am going by hear say and your web site that i will make it out not do anything cause im scared enough that if & when i get out im affraid of using again & like i said i’m no spring chicken and 1 more use could be my last use. plse feel free to coment i’ll love to get feed back & because i’m not great on there computers some1 can let me know bout a web sit & can use to chat. thx for letting me vent im a nervious wreck so wish me luck put me in ur prayers thank you you are all the best 4 letting me rabble hopefully someone new friend that can releite to me . ttys thank you renee shinskie or u can be my 1st pen pal and u can write to me the address is at tope of page but here it is anyway and i waould love a letter over computer anyday. bowling green brandywine p.o. box 787 1375 newark rd. kinnet square pa 19348 plse feel free to write anything it would b nice 2 have some1 to chat with. thx again renee shinskie

  13. Was at Bowling Green Brandywine, had coat stolen first day, discharged my self becuase police were called in because of drugs coming in. Drugs easy to get along with alchol. When leaving they did not have my belongings. Called left messages, no calls back. Finally told they had my belongings and took off of work drove 1 1/2 hours to get them. When I arrived, No one seemed to know where they are.

  14. I went to boweling greens while i was pregnant and was using herion iv and i think there care was great and they had me in the methadone clinic. Before i left facility that was in 2002 and i had a daughter who had very minimal withdrawl and it wasnt easy but im still clean of heroin thank u bowlinggreena

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