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Bosence Farm Community


Bosence Farm CommunityBosence Farm Community Review

Bosence Farm Community is a small recovery outfit in the countryside of Cornwall, UK, with separate facilities for residential detox and longer inpatient rehabilitation. It first opened in 1995 to serve the homeless community in the area, but have since upgraded to include higher-end care. The detox facility, Boswyns, opened in 2010. Bosence Farm is located in Hayle, at the western tip of England over three hours from the nearest major city of Bristol. Hayle sits at the mouth of the Hayle River, a once-popular tourist spot for windsurfing. Fortunately for those seeking a quiet escape, Hayle has gradually lost tourists to its neighboring coastal competitors. Bosence and Boswyns are both only five miles from the water, which residents may get to see on occasional staff-led excursions. In terms of treatment, the facilities employ an eclectic model that doesn’t stick to any method of recovery in particular; instead, favoring meeting each individual’s needs.

Accommodations and Food

Bosence has 14 inpatient beds while Boswyns has 16 for detox. Both have comfortable interior design and house clients in single occupancy rooms with ensuite bathrooms. All bedrooms are snug with just enough space for a twin bed, nightstand and dresser; still, the furnishings are new and everything is well kept. Other amenities include a large common area with a TV where residents can play board games or watch movies. There’s also an exercise room, a second common area and a small wooden building outside with sliding glass doors and a ring of chairs for meetings or family visits.

Buffet-style food is available three times a day, with meals that can include Shepherd’s Pie, pasta bakes and soup; there are also roast dinners on Sundays.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment begins with a medical detox at Boswyns (when necessary). While there, residents work with a “key worker,” a staff member specifically assigned to them who sets up their individualized plans and helps them through this initial phase of recovery. Once they leave Boswyns, clients are assigned new key workers in Bosence’s longer inpatient program. Days at Bosence are full of various treatment options including 12-step meetings, one-on-one therapy sessions with CBT, life skills training, educational workshops, relapse prevention groups and meditation.

A typical day at Bosence means a wake-up between 7:30 and 8 am followed by breakfast, a group meeting at 9 am and possibly one-on-one therapy afterwards. Lunch is at 12 pm and is followed by another group session, possibly a 12-step meeting and an alternative therapy such as acupuncture, Tai Chi, art therapy or equine therapy. Next comes dinner at 5:30 pm, after which residents attend another group session and have time for recreation like gardening, pottery, woodworking, chess or table tennis. Finally, there’s free time followed by lights-out between 10 and 11 pm. During breaks or free time, clients can call their families if they’d like. Family visits are also allowed on weekends, pending staff approval. Finally, no electronics are allowed.

Bosence’s staff consists of social care and addiction counselors, along with a supervising psychiatrist, an MD and a host of nurses for medical support; there’s also a family dog on the premises. All are present 24 hours a day, and the staff-to-client ratio is about two-to-one.


Bosence offers an aftercare program that lasts about six months, and may include Skype or phone check-ups when needed. The staff are also happy to help with sober living arrangements for clients, or to assist them in getting further schooling if need be. Alumni are welcome to return to Bosence periodically for any life-skills workshops offered.

In Summary

Overall, Bosence seems to value mental stimulation through creative pursuits over the physical components of addiction, namely specific programming for nutrition and exercise. Still, the facility could be ideal for those who value privacy, want plenty of attention and enjoy having a considerable amount of down time for recreational activities.

Bosence Farm and Boswyns Location

69, Bosence Road, Townshend,
Hayle, Cornwall TR27 6AN

Bosence Farm and Boswyns Cost

Bosence Farm Community Cost: 6,750 pounds or $10,710 (30 days adjusted; 225 pounds or $357 per day) [prices accurate as of print]. Reach Bosence Farm Community by phone at 44 17 36 85 00 06 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Find Bosence Farm Community on Facebook and YouTube

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