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Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services, Inc.


Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services, Inc. Review

Located within the San Fernando Valley in the neighborhood of Van Nuys, California, Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services, Inc. (BMPS) treats clients of all ages struggling with trauma. Situated just 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, this boutique facility provides outpatient care that utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as alternative therapeutic methods like somatic experiencing and brainspotting to treat past trauma as a component of current mental illness and substance and alcohol use disorders. Founded by Bernie Soon, an LMFT, EMDR therapist and somatic experiencing practitioner, BMPS offers primarily outpatient-based trauma-informed care. As such, dual diagnosis support and 12-step recovery are not a part of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

Clients entering therapy at BMPS undergo an assessment that shapes a treatment program to fully meet their specific needs. Bernie Soon provides a body-oriented approach that integrates holistic methods like brainspotting, guided imagery and psychoacoustics with the evidence-based EMDR model to treat past trauma as a causal factor of current conditions. BMPS employs a host of sensory methods to treat conditions including PTSD, anger problems, anxiety, depression, phobias and grief, as well as various types of abuse like sexual, physical and neglect. In addition, these methods can also be used effectively to boost self-esteem, creativity, sports performance and personal growth.

The overall goal of treatment at BMPS is to help clients move forward in their lives by removing negative thoughts and behavior patterns including attachments to negative experiences. To this end, Bernie Soon uses forensic healing techniques to investigate the client’s energy field and find the true cause of the condition, be it spiritual, physical or emotional. EMDR therapy is used along with somatic experiencing, where clients are taught how to release trauma symptoms by becoming aware of – and removing – perceived body sensations and physical tension. Continuing with the connection of sense memory and traumatic experiences, the facility utilizes psychoacoustics to examine the connection between specific sounds and client’s psychological reactions. In addition, guided imagery therapy is employed to evoke mental images that recreate strong emotions and feelings. Finally, brainspotting employs biolateral sound to identify and release core sources of emotional and physical pain in the brain. The “brainspot” is the exact physiological symptom that is related to traumatic memory within the brain.


In addition to the body-oriented psychotherapy for trauma victims, Bernie Soon also offers classic counseling services including individual therapy, couples and marriage counseling as well as family therapy. Child and adolescent counseling is also available.

Bernie Soon is a psychotherapist, EMDR therapist and somatic experiencing specialist with over 25 years of experience in the field.

In Summary

Body Mind Psychotherapy Services is an independent treatment facility that specializes in the use of sensory therapy to alleviate trauma symptoms in clients of all ages. Innovative sensory therapies range from EMDR to brainspotting, somatic experiencing, guided imagery and psychoacoustics. All of which are employed to help remove attachment to painful experiences. For clients that have not found success in traditional therapy or pharmacology, Bernie Soon provides a lot of body-mind therapy expertise. BMPS is certainly worth looking into.

Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services, Inc. Location

Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services, Inc.
5856 Buffalo Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services Cost

Sliding scale; $160-$220 (per session); PPO out of network insurance accepted). Reach Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services by phone at (818) 997-3637 or by email at [email protected]. Find Body-Mind Psychotherapy Services on Facebook and Twitter

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