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At Bodhi Casa, the emphasis is on holistic healing and spiritual balance for men in the post-treatment stage of recovery. Located in the coastal Southern California city of Hermosa Beach, this sober living facility—opened in 2007—combines luxury recovery with a strict, regimented program. Men in recovery from substance abuse, addiction or alcoholism don’t come here to laze around the house or at the beach but to make a serious commitment to changing and improving their lives. The ocean views are calming, the accommodations are beautiful and, together with the program, send a message that is inherent even in its name—“Bodhi” means “enlightenment” or “awakening” in Sanskrit.

Accommodations and Amenities

As many as 12 men can stay at Bodhi Casa at the same time. The interview process for admission is extensive and requires a visit to the facility to meet current residents to determine if it’s a good fit. The minimum stay is 90 days, but most men typically live here for between 12 and 18 months to reap the full benefits of the program.

The ethos of the house is community rather than isolation so three or four men share a room. Bodhi is a large house and rooms easily accommodate two queen-size bunk beds along with a dresser for each resident. There is also a walk-in closet, providing ample storage space. Each room has a plasma screen TV and its own bathroom with a Jacuzzi. There is also a communal TV in the den, which is comfy with plush leather chairs for relaxing and computers with high-speed Internet.

The kitchen is very large and always stocked with fresh organic ingredients. A personal chef plans the menus and clients can expect three wholesome meals a day as well as light snacks between meals.

Bodhi emphasizes physical fitness and offers a variety of activities including beach volleyball, jogging on nearby trails, yoga, surfing, jiu jitsu, boxing, aerobics, golf, tennis and basketball. There are also corners of the house that are well-suited for contemplation and meditation, which is a daily requirement for residents.

Rules and Regulations

Initially, reflecting the philosophy that privileges must be earned, not given away freely, residents should expect to go without their cell phones and access to the Internet. They are only allowed to leave the property with a designated mentor for prearranged activities such as exercise or 12-step meetings.

There are several daily requirements at Bodhi including morning meditation, some sort of physical activity, two 12-step meetings and nightly group therapy that focuses on working the 10th step. Assigned chores are also required of each client on a daily basis.

Curfew is midnight on Sundays through Thursdays and a bit later on Fridays and Saturdays. Once integrated into the program, residents have the opportunity to seek outside employment and are allowed more free time than new residents. Random drug tests are administered throughout the course of a client’s stay and the zero-tolerance policy is non-negotiable. If a client is found in possession or under the influence of any substance, he is immediately removed from the facility.

Once a resident proves he can follow the rules and is thriving in the program, privileges such as use of a cell phone and a car are given as a reward. Once the client has been in the program long enough, he ceases to be mentored by one of the senior residents and, in turn, becomes a mentor to a new resident.


For an additional fee, clients can request a sober companion. They can also obtain progress reports that may be required by the court system.

In Summary

When it comes to regaining control of one’s life, Bodhi means business. This is not a place to lounge around and half-seriously try to recover from substance abuse, but a place to start building a better future. Days at Bodhi are long and regimented, and there is little free time, which minimizes the idleness that can lead to a downward spiral and drug use in men who are new to recovery. The time in this sober living house may not be easy, but it is most likely worth it in the end.

Bodhi Casa Location

Bodhi Casa (Exact address withheld for privacy)
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Bodhi Casa Cost

$6,000 (per month). Reach Bodhi Casa by phone at (310) 447-4534 or by email at Find Bodhi Casa on Facebook

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