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For over two decades, Boca House has been a sober living sanctuary for men who struggle with substance abuse. The facility is located in lush and tropical Boca Raton, Florida, the recovery capital of the US. Because it is not an inpatient program, clients are at liberty to enjoy the wealth of sober and recreational resources at their fingertips. Boca House’s goal is to enable clients to become self-sufficient.

Accommodations and Amenities

Boca House offers completely furnished apartments. Clients generally share apartments, but a client in a later phase of recovery may have a private room, while a client new to the house may share a room with one or two others. Each apartment is equipped with flatscreen TV, laptop computers and WiFi. With a full service kitchen and appliances, residents are able to prepare their own meals and gain a sense of independence. Comfortable living rooms with plush couches allow clients to socialize and unwind from the day together. Laundry facilities are on the premises.

Residents are able to easily walk to the beach to catch some sun or go for a swim. Boca House also offers a large swimming pool with cabanas. Located next to the pool is the on-site outdoor gym for maintaining physical health. House members participate in a weekly sober softball league that builds community and camaraderie between residents.

Boca House offers help with resume-building and job searching through a professional career development specialist. Pursuing an education and getting a GED is required if a resident does not wish to seek employment. The career center at Boca House can give guidance to residents in seeking health care and food stamps.

Rules and Regulations

All potential residents undergo a screening assessment to ensure Boca House is the proper treatment option. Clients must come into the house clean and sober, preferably after they have completed an inpatient or outpatient treatment track. A six-month commitment must be made and all rules and regulations must be followed. Clients are required to get a job, enroll in school or find a volunteer position  during the first two weeks of their stay. After that time, they are expected to maintain their outside responsibilities while steadily working through the program at Boca House. Attendance at 12-step meetings is mandatory.

Rules are enforced to encourage a sense of accountability and change the negative habits that residents may have developed over time. The program is divided into three phases. During a resident’s first two months, they live in the main apartment property, which is closest to the office and staff. Curfew is 11:30 pm Monday through Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday. Sunday night curfew is 10 pm for residents in all phases so they can attend an all-house meeting and take care of cleaning tasks.

Phase two begins with the third month. Residents move to an apartment with their own bedroom and more quiet. Curfew is midnight Monday through Thursday, and 1 am Friday and Saturday. After more than five to six months, residents are able to enter phase three when they are able to come and go as they please with no curfew except on Sundays. Living in the same apartments as phase two clients, they are able to have their own space and need only submit to a few random toxicology screenings.

During the day, 10 staff members are available to assist residents at Boca House. In the evening, at least five staff members are available in case of emergency and to offer support at all times. Residents are expected to be responsible for their own recovery, to respect the house by keeping it clean and to treat other house members with dignity at all times. Aggressive or dangerous behavior is not tolerated.

In Summary

Boca House is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for men in recovery. The house does not pack residents into close quarters but provides individualized attention, comfortable space and care throughout their stay. Boca House residents are encouraged to use staff as a resource for creating secure futures.

Boca House Location

Boca House
321 West Camino Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Boca House Cost

$800 (30 days). Reach Boca House by phone at (877)-957-8187. Find Boca House on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

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  1. Beware! My estranged brother was a resident at Boca House. I agreed to pay the deposit for him to move in. He stayed for the required 6 months and my deposit was returned. Nearly 3 months later, unbeknownst to me, he moved back into Boca House for three weeks. No one from Boca House contacted me to advise he returned. After he moved out, they charged my credit card for his visit without my authorization. I contacted them to request a refund and advised that they are no longer authorized to use my credit card. The person I spoke with took my email address and promised to email me to confirm our conversation. She did not contact me. I have called dozens of times since then. At first someone would talk to me and transfer me to her voice mail. Now when I call they just put me into her voice mail.

    When I authorized the original payment, I was not aware that Boca House felt they had the right to charge my credit card for his expenses until I canceled my credit card.

  2. I attended Boca house in 1999 and nothing has change they are the worst of the worst they are not in business to help your love ones but to feed off your insurance and to make money off their addiction theirs no difference between the drug pusher and Boca House!!! please do your home work and find another facility.They tried to milk me for more money and threaten to throw me out at 3am in the morning because they claim I owed them money but this was bull shit thank god I had a good sponser who took me in for a few weeks.I am clean and sober for over 19 years because I wanted too and found a facility which really care about me and my addiction!! so please find and do your home work when trying to place your love ones at a good clean sober living facility.DO NOT GO TO BOCA HOUSE OR SEND YOUR LOVE ONES THEIR.

  3. Christopher on

    I wasn’t at Boca house but I was at foundations I don’t have alot Bad to say about it the techs are wonderful and will do everything in their power to help you I’ve talked to many of the techs at the boca house and they seem like they’d do the same as far as the facility it’s the people who make it up you get what you make out of it like any place I was there for 3 months and I’m still sober don’t blame it on the environment take some control of your life…

  4. Stay away from this center. I am asking the state launch a full investigation for insurance and other fraud. I am a victim of their credit card scam just like the other two reviewers. Besides being crooks, the residents are using drugs right in the facility. They are there to take your money not to help your loved ones. The owner conned me into continuing Cobra coverage. “That’s good insurance” he said…ya for him to rip off!

  5. Don’t enter or commit to this facility unless you confirm with your insurance company yourself !! The care and treatment at the detox level was great but I had a terrible problem with administration there. Several others that were admitted around the time I was had similar problems. I was so excited about going to PHP but never got the chance, they told me I would not be covered by my ins.That was the reason for me going there- Was for long term care. I have to say that I was totally disappointed.

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