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Bluff Plantation is an inpatient facility affiliated with the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University, and are part of the Rivermend network (among facilities including Rosewood Ranch and Malibu Beach Recovery Center). The underlying theme at the facility is that recovery is impossible without a clear understanding of the science behind addiction. To that end, Bluff Plantation takes a physiological approach which sets it apart from its contemporaries, with holistic methods grounded in hard science. 

Accommodations and Food

Opened in 2014, Bluff Plantation sits on 178 tranquil acres in Augusta, Georgia near the banks of the Savannah River. The main building is a refurbished hunting lodge surrounded by four cottages. Each of these stately cottages has two rooms with two full-sized beds for a total capacity of 16 (though there are twice as many staff). The facility advises against having a private room to prevent isolation, though exceptions can still be made in certain cases. Overall, Bluff Plantation is disconnected from the outside world with no TVs and no Internet. The facility offers a high level of service and luxury, with the lavish amenities from the linens to the bathroom fixtures.

Food is served family-style prepared by a professional kitchen staff, including a five-star chef. Everything is organic with a focus on no white flour and no refined sugar. Meals are designed to naturally increase clients’ dopamine levels.

Treatment and Staff

Bluff Plantation uses a CBT approach to treatment that focuses on the physiological roots of addiction, as opposed to a more theoretical approach. They also use the 12-step method as an aid to their otherwise holistic methods. Detox is available at the nearby affiliated Medical College of Georgia. They offer dual diagnosis support which features individual therapy at least three times week. Typical days start at 7 am with meditation, a break, individual therapy, skills group, lunch, group therapy, a coffee social on the back porch, evening activities (such as trips to the movies) and an evening 12-step meeting.

The staff are led by medical director Dr. William Jacobs, who is board-certified in pain medicine, anesthesiology and addiction medicine. His medical team is available to clients around the clock, and as mentioned previously the staff-to-client ratio is two-to-one.


Bluff Plantation attempts to tailor each client’s experience to their needs, with additional offerings like equine therapy, yoga and hiking. These bonuses are all part of the facility’s catered approach to making a difficult process as enjoyable as possible.

In Summary

In all, Bluff Plantation is a high-end facility with a medical staff equipped to handle addiction and other mental health issues. Though the price is a little high considering some of the amenities offered by competing luxury rehabs, the facility still prides itself on fantastic cuisine, favorable staff ratios and a lush, gorgeous environment. For those in Georgia who can afford it, Bluff Plantation is a more than worthy choice.

Bluff Plantation Location

963 Bennock Mill Road
Augusta, GA 30906

Bluff Plantation Cost

$45,000 (30 days).  Reach Bluff Plantation by phone at (844) 293-5731 or by email at [email protected]. Find Bluff Plantation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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  1. DO NOT GO TO OR SEND a love one to this facility!!! This facility is doing nothing but preying on individuals struggling with substance abuse and scamming insurance companies. The staff is NOT medical professions. The people that are employed at the Bluff Plantation are addicts with lengthy criminal backgrounds. They accommodations are below standards and not luxury. They mismanage dispensing medications. And their “equine” therapy consist of a man from TN bringing two wild horses every two weeks. Their are NO stables, rolling hills or exercise facility. It’s nothing but a marketing scam to get your money. I’ve reported this facility and Dr. William Jacobs to the medical board and insurance commission. This place needs to be shut down before another individual dies!!!

    • I agree with everything single word you said with your complaint. I too am filing a complaint against the Bluff and it’s staff members who locked me in a room injected me with drugs and held me against my will. I was able to break free and grab an office phone to call 911. I thought I was going to die there and my family would have never know. What happened to me. Their stock photos and fake claims about the programs and gardens that don’t actually exist, lures vulnerable people in the ho are looking for hope and health and they just rip them off and screw their brains up with psychiatric drugs.

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