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Located in Danbury, Connecticut, Blue Sky Behavioral Health is a state-licensed and accredited treatment center. With a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that offers a residential component and outpatient services provided, Blue Sky has been treating the greater Danbury community for over 10 years.

Accommodation and Food

The residences at Blue Sky are apartment-homes that are specially rented to clients, three or four at a time. Women and men are divided into their own apartments, and clients sleep in private or semi-private rooms. All furniture is provided, as are linens and laundry facilities.

Food is not included in the cost, and money for this is given to either the client directly, or to the client’s assigned life coach. Grocery shopping is completed with roommates and the supervising life coach, who also assists with meal planning and making appropriate choices.

Treatment and Staff

Clients attend clinical treatment Monday to Friday as part of the PHP. All transport to and from treatment, shopping and any other necessary excursions is provided. Upon admission, clients are drug screened and provided with individualized treatment plans. A life coach works with all clients and is available 24/7 for emotional and practical support, and also coaches clients through paying bills and looking for work. Medically monitored detox is not available, but medication management can be offered for those requiring dual diagnosis support. Clients must also meet with their prescribing psychiatrist weekly.

Treatment length varies, but typically lasts at least 30 days. Blue Sky offers a variety of treatment modalities, which include individual therapy twice a week, and daily group therapy. Introduction to 12-step programs is also facilitated, with meetings occurring daily and attendance highly suggested. Individual therapy utilizes DBT techniques, and is performed by licensed therapists. Group sessions are gender-specific, and focus on trauma, relapse prevention, and gender-specific issues.

The outpatient clinical services range from single-session individual therapy and medication management, to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This consists of up to five hours of treatment, two or three times a week. The multi-disciplinary treatment practices are incorporated through group and individual sessions.

The staff of Blue Sky consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, CADCs and LCSWs.


Blue Sky also provides Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), which is a unique, one-on-one desensitization program. This is only offered once the client has at least a week of sobriety and no more cravings, and is performed by a licensed therapist. Not for everybody, it is only offered if the client’s clinical team believes it will be useful.

In Summary

Blue Sky Behavioral Health provides substance abuse treatment in an unusual setting. With clients allowed more autonomy than most residential facilities, those at Blue Sky can take walks or complete chores alone. While food and medication is not included, the low cost of housing and treatment means that clients will enjoy a comprehensive treatment experience at a price that won’t break the bank.

Blue Sky Behavioral Health Location

52 Federal Rd, Ste 2A
Danbury, CT 06810

Blue Sky Behavioral Health Cost

$8,000-$10,000 (for 30 days). Reach Blue Sky Behavioral Health by phone at (888) 822-7348 or by email.

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  1. Blue Sky is threatening clients just like SLS residential, their brother company they went by long before Blue Sky and are the farthest from a treatment center that I can think of. Staff are poorly trained In my opinion, they are scamming everyone. the therapists rush members instead of listening to them. Jimmy one of the drivers threatened me.
    Staff Shanda does not listen. They also scam the insurance companies, and the courts. There website states all the wonderful things and treatments that they offer…Nope instead they are threatening me and other clients again like SLS. In my opinion they actually encourage relapse for Blue Sky to get more money. This office is a poor excuse of a treatment center. My advice is to look else where if your a person looking for support.

    • This place is the WORST treatment center ever. All they want is your money. It’s the old SLS from Brewster, NY. Now they are so desperate, they are running adds on WCBS News Radio 880 .

      • what questions should I ask about the place to see how sincere the staff and treatment that is offered at this facility? What should I ask the in take person about the facility that you recommend and what you did not like about the facility?

  2. I agree with the above. A total sham! Everyone in inpatient and some in outpatient are actively using, they only kick out select people who don’t deserve to be, and their clinical staff is beyond awful. I’m laughing looking at their website full of lies! The only good thing about this facility is that you can keep your cell phones. That’s about it. I had issues from day 1, and it just went downhill. They have ruined my life even more than I did, and I’m so sorry I found this debacle. I must say tho, ROB IS GREAT, his groups are great, and it ends there. A true, for/profit sham, making money off addicts and mentally ill people, “nobody stays for JUST 30 days” keep getting those insurance payments! The psychiatrist has it like clockwork/ 15 minute slots, in and out, get as many as u can. I hope the place burns down, and karma gets the people who screwed me.

  3. Blue Sky is the farthest from a treatment center that I can think of. In my opinion, they are scamming everyone: the clients, their loved ones, the insurance companies, and the courts. There website states all the wonderful things and treatments that they offer…NOT SO! They do not even check the bags of those coming in to make sure that they are not bringing in contraband. In my opinion they actually encourage relapse to get more money. This rehab is a poor excuse of a treatment center. My advice is to look else where!!!

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