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Bloomington Meadows Hospital, located in Bloomington, Indiana on seven acres of rolling, green hills, specializes in treating adolescents ages 12 to 18 for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Services include detoxinpatient treatment, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and general outpatient services. It also provides limited services for adults including detox, dual diagnosis support and outpatient treatment. With two additional clinic locations supplying outpatient services in the nearby towns of Terre Haute and New Albany, Bloomington Meadows has all of southwestern Indiana covered when it comes to adolescent addiction and mental health care.

Accommodations and Food

Bloomington Meadows is a private hospital located on a beautiful campus. There are 56 beds, 16 of which are designated for adolescent inpatient substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. Boys and girls are separated and rooms are shared with clients of the same gender. The medically monitored detox unit can accommodate 12 and is open to both adults and teens.

The rooms are furnished with twin beds, dressers and small cabinets to store personal items. The rules are pretty hard core, for the safety of clients. No jewelry, electronics, hair dryers, curling irons, mirrors, nail clippers or dental floss are allowed. Residents are expected to bring three or four changes of clothes and laundry service is provided. They are allowed to use the phone in their unit during allotted times and they can receive incoming calls during breaks.

Meals are served cafeteria style and the food is prepared by a team of nutritionists, so special dietary restrictions are accommodated. Caffeine, gum, candy and tobacco products are strictly prohibited.

Treatment and Staff

Each client at Bloomington Meadows receives an individualized treatment plan. The medically supervised detox caters to adults and adolescents with alcohol or benzodiazepine addiction. The detox program generally lasts one week and does not include the use of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) like Suboxone or methadone. Clients are stabilized on essential and psychiatric medications, if necessary, and weaned off everything else. Adults who complete detox are referred to an adult residential facility or the Meadows’ outpatient program.

The adolescent inpatient program includes an on-site school staffed by state-licensed educators. Clients participate in daily classes, individual and group therapy and recreation. Treatment is based on CBT and DBT models and the 12 steps are not included in the curriculum. Typical length of stay is 30 days, after which clients usually step down to a different program.

The adolescent PHP is for those who do not require 24/7 monitoring, but need serious treatment. It takes place Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. A snack is provided during the day. On the first day of treatment, a parent or guardian meets with the staff to discuss any specific concerns, along with medication recommendations and goals of treatment. Parents and loved ones are also given weekly updates and included in family therapy sessions. Discharge depends on the individual client but, typically, the length of the program is seven to 10 days.

The eight-week outpatient program meets two nights a week for three-hour group therapy sessions. Adolescents and adults are separated. Individual therapy is scheduled as needed. An IOP program is offered at the New Albany location only, meeting three nights a week for three hours. It also includes an hour of individual or family therapy per week.

The clinical staff of Bloomington Meadows includes psychiatric nurses, physicians, CSACs and Master’s-level therapists trained in dual diagnosis.


Clients are offered both music and art therapy as well as extra classes that focus on stress management, effective communication and drug and alcohol education. Time for recreational therapy is provided and there are walking paths and an outdoor play area on the campus.

Free substance abuse assessments and referrals are offered by phone around the clock.

In Summary

Bloomington Meadows Hospital is the one-stop shop for adolescent addiction and dual diagnosis treatment in southwestern Indiana. With a range of services and a staff that specializes in young people, this is a great option for parents who can afford the best care for their kids. The adult programs are more of an afterthought, but for those who live in the area and need a seven-day detox or an outpatient program that won’t push the 12 steps, it is worth checking out.

Bloomington Meadows Hospital Location

3600 North Prow Rd
Bloomington, IN 47404

Bloomington Meadows Hospital Cost

$27,000 (30 days). Reach Bloomington Meadows Hospital by phone at (812) 331-8000.

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  1. april smitley on

    I agree my 15 year old has only been there 3 days and i hear that his therapist constantly yells at him because he cant tell him why he was doing the things he was. i am ready to sign him out tomorrow unless someone actually speaks to me tonight and gives me a damn good reason why you belittle ANY child especially one in that situation. i would not recommend this place they are not as advertised.

  2. This place was as big a joke as the Harsha center in Terre Haute. Less than 5 days after my son’s release he was rehospitalized at Methodist for having a major crisis meltdown that required police intervention. I and his therapist begged for Bloomington to keep him for long term care, but they said he didn’t qualify. 3 hospitizations in less than 3 months yet he doesn’t qualify? What exactly are the qualifications, for an adolescent with a mental health disorder, to quaify for treatment at a adolescent mental health facility? They did prescribe medication for him that was working at controlling his mood swings, but then closed their office in Terre Haute and offered no advice or referrals. Nor would they prescribe the medication because he’d missed 2 appointments 6 months before when he wasn’t on medication and refused to go in for treatment. They went as far as to set up the appointment and then canceled it at 5 pm the evening before we were to make the drive, after I’d requested the day off work. My son had a major setback because it took us a month and a half to find a new psychiatrist on our own. My 14 year son who doesn’t “qualify” was diagnosed with ODD,ADHD, and parnoid schizophrenia. And we wonder why we have so many with mental health issues committing crimes. There is no help for them, because of places like this.

  3. I have a 16 year old boy who has been diagnosed as byopolar and scitophrantic for almost six years hatsawat centet more than once and juvenule alot with his anget issues i dont have transpertation and hes not willing to go to any hospital for hekp i think meds arent helping anymore and they seem to never have beds at harsawt center i need to talke to who to see about your programs and what i can do for him . My name is beth mckee my numbet is 8122811732

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